10 tips to improve managerial skills.

10 tips to improve managerial skills to become a great team leader or manager. To teach or manage others, the especially human being is the most difficult task. Because they have their feeling or emotion. Which restricts them to follow anyone’s orders or advice.


 A leader is a dealer in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte

Because when you teach or advise anyone. He feels that you direct him or order him. There are three reasons behind this.

1. People do not want that anyone directs them or order them.

2. People’s ego. All people live in the illusion that. I am perfect, right, and smart. So why do we listen to someone?

3. No one accepts that or tell that “I do not know”  we generally think that we know everything. Let me tell you one fact. Whatever research has been done so far about the hidden secret in the universe.

We have not even completed zero point half per cent of research on hidden success. And we brag that we know everything. So how it will be possible?



10 tips to improve managerial skill.

According to Chested I Bernard the basis of legitimacy of the superior authority is the acceptance of it by the subordinate.

Bernard stated that subordinates accept communication. When the four conditions occur simultaneously

1. He understands the communication

2. The communication is not inconsistent with the purpose of the organization.

3. Communication is compatible with his interest.

4. When he can comply with communication mentally and physically.

He called the four conditions a “zone of indifference”. When the communication lines in this zone. It will be accepted by subordinates.

This means the whole summary focused on satisfaction.

If the advice, order, and communication satisfy you. You accept it or if not satisfied you. You will reject it

If we searched these questions. Like, how is a good team leader? And what are the best managerial skills?  In the book of management or on the internet.

All answers would be revolving around these conventional concepts. To be a good team leader or manager. You have the following skills

1. Qualitative communication skills.

2. Decision-making power.

3. Being a good leader

4. Being a problem solver.

5. Take responsibility.

6. Team management skills.

7. Teamwork.

8. Conflict solver.

9. Time management.

10. Critical thinking.

11. Delegation of authority.


Yes, no doubt these are all the basics for being a good manager. If we look at these topics all are taking improvement in our personality as a manager or team leaders.

But the real task of the manager is to get output from the team. The whole success and failure of the team is the success or failure of a manager.

A leader is that, which conveys his vision and makes many leaders. which have his vision.

According to me, A good leader or manager has the quality to take responsibility. which Means responsibility for the team. Not his personal doing.

A good leader does not manage the team members but guides and motivates them to solve their problems himself.

was ” In my one hand I have a branch of olive (represent peace) and in my another, I have the gun (represent violence). It,s my request don’t let fall the branch of olive from my hand” 

 I take the example of one of the famous leaders of the world Yasser Arafat. In his speech at the UN general assembly in 1974 (the first one who gave a speech without having a state head).

His dialogue After the speech, the PLO was granted observer status at the United Nations, and its right to self-determination was recognized.

This dialogue plays a vital role in the relationship between Israel and Palestine and ends the violence for several years.

I am going to explain. 10 tips to improve managerial skills that are, help you to build the best team and motivate them to give their best.

10 tips to improve managerial skill to became a great team leader or manager.


These 10 revolutionary tips to improve managerial skills. Which helps you to become a great team leader or manager.


1. Learn self-discipline-

There is a myth about self-discipline. It is genetic and congenital. But it is not right. Anyone can learn it anytime.

To learn self-discipline is like learning a new language. You imagine that your company transfers you to France. Your work is related to a field job.

So, You learn French before going to France. But your speaking fluency increases. When you talk more and more. Means by practice.

For that, if we practice more and more self-discipline. We will become proficient in that.

Encourage your team member to learn self-discipline. You tell your team member that. You all have the quality to be successful.

So, come out from your comfort zone and hesitation and learn the art of self-discipline.

Because it does not only help you but helps the whole team to improve productivity. And it is one of the best managerial skills.


2. Be a listener before becoming a speaker-

A lot of managers are in the illusion that. Managerial work or the best managerial skills is to give orders and supervised the team members who follow the order. And accomplish the target.

But it is not right. If you do not listen to the words of the team member. So, they also do not want to listen to your words. Which creates a communication gap.

For example, we take the example of two managers one is  A and another is B. Works according to conventional methods. Give the task. Supervised that, they do or don’t. Blame them if they fail.

He never takes interest in them, why they do not fulfil the task? Never taken feedback by doing one-to-one sessions.

But B takes a one-to-one session with every team member. Show interest in their losses and comforted them. Appreciated their success.

So, it is that manager B team’s performance will be greater than A team’s performance

Because B team member has full trust in their member and they share their problems without hesitation. Therefore they work with a free mind and give their best.


3. Stop criticizing upper management-

Did I notice that? Many managers criticize the upper management. To make a bond with their team and to win the confidence of the team.

In the short run, this method gives you profit. But in long run, it affects your team and your organization.

By criticizing your organization or top management. You give three massages to your team.

First, You demolish the goodwill and strength of the organization in front of your team.

Second, your management is against you.

Third, as a team leader, you are weak. Because you always play the victim card.

As a manager or team leader, you play the role of the bridge. Which fills the gap between management and your team.

Never use the word like they or those people for upper management. Because these words we use for others.  And affected the morality of your team. So, use we or we people words. It shows belonging. So these are not managerial skills.


4. One work at a time-

Always focus on one work at a time. I noticed that at the workplace we all are confused and stressed. Because of hectic schedule and bunch of work or file.

So, we want to do lots of work at one time.

Which is not easy for a common person.

Amid all the work, we are not able to do one work.

On one occasion I saw my wife humming when she washing the dishes. I thought how she enjoyed doing the same work for 10 years.

When I strain my mind. I noticed that she never think that, she will wash the dishes for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow on the same day.

She washed the dishes for today and did not think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This means she divided his washing task according to every day. Means one work at a time. These are the best managerial skills.


5. Keep giving feedback-

My little one is three years old. I noticed that when I do not notice or do not give feedback on his actions.

He tried to draw my attention to him by naughty doing. But when I ignore him, he gets angry.

So, if a three-year-old child gets angry. When we do not give proper feedback. Then how much does it affect the team performance?

Because when you do not give proper feedback to your team member. They will never complain to you. But the performance of your team will be suffered.

The anger of your team will come out in form of bad performance. Feedback is needed by people for their improvement and in time.

Therefore keep giving feedback in time and reward them for their best doing. Make yourself a mentor and guardian of the team. These managerial skills not only help you to manage your team. But help in your day-to-day life.


6. Get input from your team-

A good managerial skills and leadership skill is to take input from his team member on regular basis. This practice is not only good for the company but also for the motivation of employees.

A good leader will be asked these types of questions by his team. What we will do to improve our customer service? And how we will achieve our goal? How we will attract more customers to our product?

These are some questions. Which a good leader will put in front of their team member. To know the ideas of team members.

This will not only improve the productivity of the company. But it will also encourage the team member.

The company value their ideas. And want their participation in the management and productivity of the company.


7. Prepare your team to adopt changes and be optimistic-

As human beings, our psychology hesitates to adopt changes. So, we are happy with the status quo.

But change is a natural phenomenon. So we will adopt change optimistically.

Like our life, organizations also go through a change cycle. Which is common. Employees hesitate to adopt the change cycle.

As a leader or manager, you have to guide your team member to accept the changes and use-to to changing situations.

In an organization, the change cycle is going through four stages. First, objection: it is not right. Second, reduced consciousness: I do not want to do. Third, exploration: what we found from this change. Buy-in: I know that, what I and my team will find from this change.

Many people take a long time to come from the first stage to the third stage.

So, a good leader does not force. But guides his team members to accept change themselves.


8. Know your owners and victims of your team and try to change them-

There are two types of members in your team. One is the owner and another is the victim. Owners are those who are self-responsible for their happiness. Victims are always walking around with a bunch of complaints. Always tell you a sad story. Blame others for their situation.

Recently my right hand was broken. It affected my task. So I manage to write this blog with the help of my left hand and with the help of Google speaker.

From my right hand, I write a blog in one day. But from my left hand and by the use of other tools. I manage to write a blog in two or three days.

My productivity is affected. Because of my broken hand. So the victim of the team affected the productivity of the whole team.

First, identify the victims of your team. Then try to change them.

Several questions where arise here. What we will do with the owners?

You have nothing to do with the owners of your team. Keep regular feedback to them and Appreciate them.

How we will change the victims?

When they do not play their victim card. At that time, you show them. You are happy in front of them.

You make them feel that. When they solve their problems themselves without complaint. It,s feel proud of them.

This is not one-day work. It demands a lot of patience and hard work as a leader.


9. Recognise your strength-

Steve Chandler (author of 100 ways to motivate others)says that. Always during the training sessions, people tell about their limitations. They think that their limitation stops their potential.

Steve always trying to understand them there is no limitation. You can do anything and everything. Which do you want to do?

On one occasion Steve was in a session with a salesperson. He tells about his limitation. How his limitation limits his potential?

After a few times, Steve stops him and tells him that he lies to me.

The salesperson, shocked and reply, No

Steve replied, Yes, never say you can do anything. Say, I can do anything and everything. Which I can want to do.

You will accept the truth as soon. You will find success that much soon.


10. Have a big heart-

A great leader has a great heart. So, add some value to your team. And take responsibility for the failure of your team and give the recognition of success to your team.

After all the leaders knew, because of their followers and team member. Not instruct them to motivate. Leave them to motivate themselves. So, only guide them and show direction.

In the end, If you want to be a great leader or manager then always be self-initiative.

You cannot change people, you must be the change you want to see in the people.”Mahatma Gandhi

So, in this article. I will try to explain 10 revolutionary tips to improve managerial skills to become a great team leader or manager.

Instead of conventional methods.

Best of luck.


100 ways to motivate others- Steve chandler

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