How to avoid distractions.

How to avoid distractions? Focus and distraction the first one give success, the second one gives failure. Focus is like a hull in a boat. Which helps the boat to guide in the right direction.

Distraction is the hole in the boat. Which sink the boat. 


How to avoid distraction?


To be an ambitious person is not wrong. But to stifle under the burden of your ambition is wrong.

So, to follow our dream. We run recklessly behind our dream. For like, the habit to do all the work at one time, do not understand our capability and focusing on means instead of an end.

These all activities exhausted and overhaul our mind and leads to Distraction.

Our condition is like a rabbit, in the story of the rabbit and turtle race.

When the race starts rabbit recklessly starts running towards his target. Turtle start also with his speed.

When the rabbit saw behind and did not find the turtle. He felt relaxed and thought to rest for some time. Because he felt exhausted. While resting he got his eye.

But the turtle never loses his focus and continues his race. Unless he has not finished his race.

So, because rabbit was overhauling himself due to recklessly running and his overconfidence. That Distracted the mind of the rabbit from the race towards the focus on rest and turtle deficiency.

So, In this article, I am going to explain the 5 revolutionary rituals. Which helps you to solve how to avoid distractions.


5 rituals help you to solve how to avoid distractions.


5 ritual to maintain focus and avoid distraction.


1. Focus on ends rather than on means-

We start our race for success. We run towards our success or dream recklessly or breathlessly.

But after some time when we fail, we get scared.

We try several means for success and distracted our minds from searching for different means. And because of that we can not focus on our goals. So, we get confused about how to avoid distractions.

We keep ourselves in the trap of means and distract ourselves from the end towards means. So, to avoid the distraction and maintain the focus on ends.

You should use the Rest- Think- start (RTS) technique.

When we feel distracted. Rest, for some time. It helps you to regenerate your mind. Help you to heal from the bad experience.

Think, Start thinking or identify the reason behind your failure. If possible rectify your present means. Because you know about it.

If not possible, then choose the best alternative.

Start, when you choose the best means to start your journey towards your end devotedly to your plan.


2. Be emotional intelligent-

We are human beings. So, we have emotions but sometimes our emotions put an obstacle in our life.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotion, assess and generate emotion to assist thought, understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and reflectively regulate emotion to promote emotional and intellectual growth (Mayer and Salovey)

In simple word emotional intelligence allow individuals to recognise, connect with, and learn from their own and other people’s mental state: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy for others, and social skill. And It is the perfect solution how to avoid distractions.

We understand this through the story of Jhon and his client hunter. John was a consultant and worked with several companies. One day he got called by a new client hunter.

Hunter company was in trouble. Because of various reasons like fraud cases and employee mass movement.

So hunter wanted to hire a new consultant for his company.

One day, when John was visiting the hunter’s office. He was met by the hunter. During the conversation, the hunter told him that. I hired various consultants before him. But they were not able to rectify his company’s problems.

He (Jhon) was also not rectified it, so after him, he will hire the next consultant.

These all conversations did not like Jhon. When Jhon come out of the room. He phoned his friend, to discuss all the conversations and expressed his inability to work with the hunter.

That time his friend teach him a life lesson. Why do you talk about it emotionally? Your work is to give consultancy to the company and earn money. You have nothing to do with his owner.

If you take a decision emotionally. How you will survive? Because this type of basic problem is faced by anyone in day-to-day life.

So, rather distracted your mind from the expression of the other. Focused on your task.

After this Jhon accept the proposal from the hunter and work for him for several years. Later, both will understand each other.

So, if based on sudden emotional thoughts you take any decisions. There are great chances that you fail.


3. Focused on four elements of your life-


Focus on four elements

We live in a competitive world, so we think to do a lot of work at one time. But due to a lot of work.

After some time we feel blank. we are not able to choose the right direction or path. So, either we stop the task and wander into the trap of means.

So before we start our work, we just focus on the four elements.

1. Identify your strengths– When you know about your strengths. You improve it to the level of mastery. Your probability of success is increased.

If your strength is? you have command of words and fluency in speaking. You try to improve your communication skill. Apply it to influence your customers and client.

2. Identify your weakness– Do not run from your weakness. Identify it and try to eliminate or improve it.

If you have no fear about your weakness nobody will defeat you.

For that, if your communication skills are poor. You try to improve it if you avoid it. Your business or job will drastically be affected.

3. Identify your uniqueness– Every person has some unique potential or skill. Which makes them different from others.

If you identify it and start carving it. You have a full chance of success.

If you know any foreign language. Try to master it. Make a tool for your cognizance.

4. Identify your passion– If you are passionate about your work or goal. You will pass all the obstacles in your path. Your passion motivates you to stick on your path.

Passion is the best tool. Which you use to overcome your weakness and fear and for mastery in your strength and uniqueness. It keeps you energetic. These four elements help you to maintain focus and avoid distraction.


4. Design your calendar and to-do list-

In an ambitious era, we have a lot of work to do in 24 hours. The 24 hours is less to accomplish the whole work.

But we have recklessly run to accomplish the full task. Because others also do it. This is our mob mentality, which causes distraction.

If we want to be successful people and maintain focus and avoid distraction. We have to protect ourselves from our mob mentality. Successful people’s paths would have been different from others.

We have to understand that, we are human beings, not a machine. We have some limitations.

So the extra burden of work is stifling us under the bunch of presents and past work. Which leads to distracting us from our goals and exhausting us.

So, to overcome the problem we have to redesign our calendar and to-do list.

In this redesigning, we fast make a long-term goal. Means a yearly calendar. In this calendar, we select five goals three from our profession and two from our family goals.

Now we make our to-do list for every day. In which we select five tasks that come under the 5 goals of the yearly calendar.

You have to select which tasks are important and which are not. Eliminate unimportant tasks from your schedule.

As much your schedule will be light. Your distraction will be that much less. Help you to increase your productivity and focus.

This method helps us. In decreasing exhaustion and stress of work. Relief from the burden of overloaded past due to task and maintain focus and avoid distraction.


5. Accept your fault-

Our pride and ego protect us from accepting our fault. But acceptance of fault is one of the best factors. Which helps you to succeed.

If you will not accept your fault. You will not able to identify your weakness and deficiency. Which leads to Distraction.

If you do not know about your weakness. You are like an ostrich. When she saw the hunter. She put her head under the sand and think. If I do not see the hunter, he does so not watch me.

Accept your fault, and side your pride and ego. Help you to improve yourself and help to maintain focus and avoid distraction.


So these rituals help you to solve the question of how to avoid distractions and get the right thing done in your life

Life is full of distractions. Do not try to eliminate it. Because it is a natural phenomenon. For several years thinker, scholar, and Rishi Mahatma. Researching to eliminate it. But not found success.

So they gave remedies to manage it or reduce its effect. So you also try to avoid your distraction and maintain focus.

Best of luck.

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