why do I feel disgust?

When I opened my Quora account. I found a question: why do I feel disgust? What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?

 why do I feel disgust

At least thousands and more followed this question. I realised that this is a big problem for our society.

So, I come on the topic directly without wasting the time.



What is the meaning of disgust?

Disgust is a feeling of strong dislike or disapproval.

Disgust is an emotion of strong dislike and disapproval or something considered offensive, dissatisfied or pleasant.

Charles Darwin wrote that disgust is an emotion. Which refers to something revolutionary.

According to previous studies, it believes that disgust emotion has evolved in response to harmful things. Which harms the organism.

For example, when we see contaminated water, moulding milk, and rotten meat. We feel disgusted.

It appears that disgust is caused by objects or living things, who have qualities that are infected with diseases. Like, animals (lizards, cockroaches, snakes etc), human and animal feces and urine, rotten food items, cleanliness or hygiene, death, and chronic diseases.

The above main discussed stimuli are similar to each other.

In the scene, they can all potentially transmit infection and are cross-culturally the most referred elicitor of disgust.

Because of this, hatred is believed to have evolved as a component of a “behavioural immune system”

After entering the body, the body tries to fight disease-carrying pathogens.

New research carried out by the psychological department of kent university has shown.

The emotion of disgust depends on the motives a person seeks to communicate.

The expression of disgust, therefore, signals different information to an observer than an expression of anger.  

Then perhaps, people express disgust rather than anger when they want to show that they are motivated by moral concerns.

 Two further experiments confirmed this: participants themselves chose to express disgust. When their goal was to show that their condemnation of an act was morally motivated.

While they chose to express anger when they sought to oppose that act.  Harmed his interests.

 The findings suggest that disgust is not simply an expression of internal emotion.

such as nausea or contamination, but a sign that advertises a moral position.


So, we have two findings. Why do we feel disgusted?

In one case when we face a pathogens problem. This means, from the object or living things, have the quality of infectious disease to others. Because We have a threat to die and a desire to survive.

In another case when we face moral circumstances. This means when we face moral threats. A motive to seek to communicate our moral dislike.

Tubular divided the disgust emotion into three domains.

When I opened my quora account. I found a question: why do I feel disgusted? What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?

1. Pathogen disgust


It arises because of wanting to survive and fear of death. It is like the “behavioural immune system” which means the first line of defence in our body.

When any foreign objects enter our body. Our immune system is active to fight unknown objects. To protect our bodies from outsiders.

You observe that when you eat rotten meat or rotten food. your body gives signals of vomiting.

Because your body gives signals to your brain that something unusual is happening in your body.

The same condition applies when we smell moulded milk. Our brain suddenly reacts and we give an expression of disgust.


2. Social disgust-


The social disgust emotion occurs. When we see broken rules and regulations from anyone. Which our society, country, and family make.

As I mentioned above, when something does not directly affect us we react to that thing as morally disgusting. When something directly hurts us we react to that thing as anger.

We define social disgust based on race, caste, religious beliefs, and society-made customs and taboos.

Interesting thing is that social disgust changes according to time, person to person, and society to society.

For example, according to time patriarchal society changes into a matriarchal society.

Some people agree with communism and some people agree with secularism.

In some societies, People accept homosexuality, in some societies people do not accept homosexuality.

So, social and moral disgust is changeable.


3. Sexual disgust-

Sexual disgust desire is rising because of body colour, attractiveness, face, and sexual desire.

A simple example of sexual disgust is gender inequality. This is both social and sexual disgust.

The other examples are physic, fairness, disability attractiveness etc.

How do we get rid of disgusting emotional thoughts?

All emotions and thoughts are part of the natural process. These are inbuilt features of human behaviour. The thoughts and emotions are a continuous process.

When, how, and what thoughts come into our minds. We do not know that and we have no control over that. So, these are some tips to rid of disgusting emotional thoughts.


1. Do not stop your emotion or thoughts-


We have to assume our emotional thoughts are like rivers. Which flows without stopping.

If you construct a dam on it. There is a great possibility of overflow, floods, and other disasters. That’s why water is released from the dam at a regular interval.

So keep going with your thoughts and emotions. When you do not stop it, it ends selfly. Or if you will try to restrict it. Your emotions and thoughts pinch your mind and soul.

Welcome to all types of thoughts. Do not make an effort to flush it. They will come on their own in your mind and automatically leave your mind.


2. Make a report or chart of emotional thoughts versus reason-


The best way to understand your thoughts and emotions is to note them down in a notebook. 

Which helps you to evaluate yourself about pinching thoughts and identifying the reason behind the emission of thoughts and emotions.

You make the chart like this on notebooks.

When I opened my quora account. I found a question: why do I feel disgusted? What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?


So by this chat, you identify in which condition. How do you react and what is the cause behind this?

This gives you a holistic view and helps you to make a strategy. How to manage your emotions and thoughts.

3. Fill your life with positive vibes-


To discourage the disgust of thoughts and emotions. You have to fill your mind with positive vibes.

For this, you have to do mindfulness practices. You start your Mindfulness practice. From your bed. Inhale and exhale your breath deeply.

Maintain your focus on your breath. Release positive vibes from your mind into the universe. In return, the universe connects your tod to the positive vibes in the universe.

You also do physical exercises which make your body healthy. A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Both work as a complement to each other.


4. Understand the emotions of the other- 


The best way to suppress disgust thoughts or any other bad thoughts. By mastery of self-awareness and social awareness.

This means, understanding the emotions of yourself and understanding the emotions of others. This will give you exposure to managing the emotional situation according to your needs.

For example, if anyone squeezes his nose by looking or smelling rotten meat orseesg death.

This means that he is feeling disgusted. 

When anyone puts his eyeglass on the table. During the conversation many times. This means that he does not take interest in your talk.

When you lose eye contact with the person to whom you talk. This means there is an obstruction in your conversation.

So, these are somebody’s postures from which you understand the emotion of others and act to manage them.


5. Distract your mind- 


The simplest and best way to get rid of disgusting thoughts and emotions. Distract your mind from the root cause.

As I discussed above, by Emotion versus reason charts you evaluate. What is the reason behind your specific thoughts ( sorrow, anger, disgust, and guilt)? After this, we know how to handle the situation through Social awareness.

So, after knowing about the cause and how to manage it. You only have to distract your mind from the main cause or reason behind disgust thoughts and any other thoughts.

For example, your boss is disgusted about your play victim card behaviour. This will make your reputation a failure to your colleague.

You have two ways. First, maintain the status quo. Second, change your attitude by Distracting your mind from procrastination and maintaining focus on your activity actively. Take responsibility and accept your faults.

Your boss will like you, your colleagues will like you. Because no one likes crying kids.


So, these are some tips to get rid of disgusting thoughts and emotions. But in the end, I will want to advise you on that. Overthinking, disgust feeling and intrusive thoughts are natural processes and they come. You want or not want.

So do not worry about these thoughts. You should worry only when these thoughts ruminate in your mind. Then apply these tips. It will help you.

These are my view on the question of why do I feel disgusted? What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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