How do you break bad habits? (7 Scientific tips)

How do you break bad habits? (7 Scientific tips) Many times we know that some of our habits are holding our lives in one place, but we do not feel compelled to improve them. 



Habits are the behavior that we do continually in our daily life. Due to continually doing. The behavior saves in our subconscious mind and our body automatically performs that work.


Like, as our sleeping habits. If you wake up daily in the morning at 5 o’clock. Your body’s biological clock automatically sets your wake-up time to 5 o’clock.

If someday your sleeping time will be disturbed, it means you go to your bed at 1 or 2 am in might but your sleep will be a break at 5 o’clock morning.


Because your biological alarm sends a wake-up alarm to your brain. So in layman’s words habits are behavior that we do continually.


How do bad habits affect our life?


Habits are the behavior that we do continually. So habits impact our life more. It plays a key role in our success. If we are owners of good habits.

We win any battles of life. Because good habits are like a bulletproof jacket on our body. That protects us from failure, anxiety, overthinking, and depression.


Like, if you include meditation in your habits. It helps you to calm yourself. Retain your focus and boost your concentration. If you wake up early in the morning. You include more hours on your to-do list, you include physical training, and improve your health.


But if you are the owner of bad habits. You invite various types of miseries into your life yourself. Like if you sleep late, you will wake up late. This affects your health and professional lifestyle. You go through revenge bedtime procrastination.


Because of that, you wake up late in the morning. you can not add extra time to your to-do list. You can not do physical training and meditation. Which affects your mental and physical health.


By not adding extra time to your to-do list. You always have a scarcity of time. Second, late sleep and early wake-up affect your mind’s performance. 


You can not easily concentrate on your work. You can’t retain anything easily. The workload gives you stress. So good habits make you a perfect man. If you want to break bad habits of yourself, then follow these scientific tips.


How do you break bad habits? (7 scientific tips)


You spend too much time on social media or playing games. Even knowing it’s not good for you. There will be many other habits that you would like to break. But may not have been able to break those bad habits.  


It is not that easy to break any old habits and bad habits immediately. It needs more patience and passion. But with some time and effort, you can easily break bad habits.  Try these scientific tips for this:


1. Make a list-


Make a list of the bad habits you want to break.  Listing your habits isn’t meant to make you feel bad about yourself, but to make you more aware of the things you want to break.  


I know nothing your bad habits will be a very boring task. But it is effective. When you make note of the bad habits.

Which you want to break. Your mind will start to notice it. You will slowly-slowly start to avoid it. Because your mind knows that these habits are bad.

Instead of trying to replace them all, just pick one or two. Because breaking bad habits is a very boring and exhausting job. When you are doing this exercise, be honest with yourself.  


2. Now write the opposite of bad habits-


Take one or two habits at a time. And write the negative and positive sides of that habit in a notebook.

For this, you can use an excel sheet or google sheet or you can use a simple notebook.

Make two columns. In the first column, write about bad habits. And in the second column, write about the positive side or good habits.


For example, if you wrote, ‘I eat unhealthy junk food, which makes me feel sluggish.  The positive side of this would be ‘That I like to eat healthy foods, which energize my mind and body. 

Once all the positive statements are written down, start working on one positive habit at a time. Try to evaluate it daily, which keeps you reminded of whether you are on the right path or not.


First of all, take the good habit which you want to incorporate into your life immediately. And which you want to avoid. Set a reminder in your phone or diary to take action against it or break your bad habits.  


3. Reprogram Your mind-


Every morning when you wake up, write down all the positive habits you want to develop in your life. Write them down once again before going to sleep at night.  


Gradually these habits and thoughts will take root in your subconscious mind and take away the power from your old habits. 


This practice of writing down positive habits will allow the brain to build stronger neural networks, which will drive your behavior and make these desirable habits a part of your life. And helps to break bad habits.


4. Stay connected to yourself-


Most bad habits originate from a need within us that has remained unfulfilled. This is the reason why people often lack the motivation to change old habits.  

Whether we talk about indiscipline in eating or other addictions, to overcome these habits we have to deal with our inner feelings.  


Sit in silence for 15-20 minutes daily. After a few minutes of conscious breathing, acknowledge any negative emotions you feel.  


Now remind yourself that you don’t need to hold on to these negative feelings, because you are beautiful, loved, and deserve it. So by applying these, you can break your bad habits.


5. Positive thinking-


Positive thinking is the key to breaking bad habits. Because your thought is that thing, which became your action.

This means your thoughts determine your actions. If you can not think positively, how do you think that you can act positively? And if you can not act positive all the negativity engulf you.

For example, we all hear that after doing lots of treatments by the best doctor the patient has not recovered. When you ask the doctor why he or she did not get well.


The doctor simply replied. That patient does not respond to medicine. Because he does not want to be healed.


To listen to it, you feel awkward, but it is right. Going through various types of drawbacks and critical diseases in life. Sometimes people lose their desire to live. They think ” that death is better than so much suffering.


So the negativity engulfs them and they slowly go into the mouth of death. But when the patient is a fighter like cyclist Lance Armstrong and ice hockey star Mario Lemieux. They defeat the disease and win the battle of life.

So positive thinking helps them to overcome all the barriers and emerge as a winner. 


Positive thinking shows you a path. When you are lost in the maze of negativity. Positivity gives you a push to continue your journey in breaking bad habits.


6. Self-discipline-


Self-discipline is one of the essential behaviors. You have to inculcate it in your life. If you want to break bad habits.

You write down your bad habits and how you make them good in your notebook. This means you make a plan. But to do planning is one part and its execution is another part. 


Because when you are going to implement it. You face various types of complications. Like boredom, exhaustion, and discontinuation.

At that time your self-discipline will protect you from discontinuation. Self-discipline will help to keep interested in it. And protect you from exhaustion.


Self-discipline will help you be too strict on your plans. It will protect you from distractions and help to maintain focus on your goal and help to break bad habits.


7. Passionate-


Passion is the fire in your heart. Which gives you the power to fight any battle of life. Planning is one part and executing the plan is the other part.


Passion is the fuel. Which will give power to your life engine. To run fast and not be derailed from the track. Just imagine you will make an engine by assembling the best parts from the world. 


But you have no fuel to run it. So what is the use of making the best engine when we do not have the fuel to run it? So if in our life, there is no passion. We will not be able to achieve a single target.

So be passionate, break your bad habits, and be active in your dreams.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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