Sleep better: guaranteed good health and happiness.

Sleep better: guaranteed good health and happiness. If you do not sleep better. Then despite all your efforts, the mind cannot remain happy. Meaning the more sleep-deprived you are, the more likely you are to feel sad or stressed.  

Sleep better: guaranteed good health and happiness.


One such research has been claimed. What to do amid all your busyness. So that you do not have to compromise on sleeping better.


According to different research, lack of better sleep not only reduces concentration but also increases the level of stress hormones. Which can also affect your happiness level. 


Not only this but a lack of better sleep can also give rise to many major diseases, so sleep must be complete in every situation. But for this, you have to remember some things.

How to sleep better: guaranteed good health and happiness.


Fix a bedtime.


In the absence of a fixed bedtime. We make ourselves victims of bedtime procrastination. We have essential work in the early morning. And for which we have to get up at seven in the morning, it is midnight like this. 

But we want to check our Facebook account.  Hey, that important e-mail is not only checked, just let me see that too. This is our habit too, so change it.  


These all habits lead to procrastinating our bedtime. And the result will be that we do not sleep better.

So, Fix a bedtime and try to sleep at the same time in any case. To get up early, pay attention to sleeping early. 

Because if there is better sleep then there is health and if there is health then there are other things too.


The bedroom environment should be good.


A whole day’s work, office stress and if you’re a housewife then the children make your schedule hectic and stressful. In between all this hectic schedule, you get only one or two hours to relax. 

But, when you go to rest during the day. All worries come into our minds. And the relaxed time changed into puzzle solution time. 


So during the day better sleep is not possible. Yes, if you are a housewife, then you take advantage of it. 

Because they have to stay in the house. They use one and two hours for deep sleep. They should take a strong nap. Which helps to recharge themselves.

The common problem, which we face night or day is that. Our bedroom environment should be good. so that we feel relaxed.


If you also have these few hours in the name of sleeping, then use them. Sleep in the room completely dark. Along with this, it is also necessary to organize the room.  


If the pillow cover is dirty. There are non-essential items lying on the bed and there are webs in the corners of the room. Then the time available to sleeping better will also be wasted. 


So always keep the room clean. Bedsheets, walls or any showpiece will all be clean, the atmosphere will be good, and then even two hours of better sleep will refresh you. 


You can also use the karma tree of life. Which helps to relax when you enter the room. The positive vibes come out from the tree leaves. Gives you a feeling of relaxation.


Due to the reflection of light from the leaves made by various types of stone( Tiger eye stone, Rose quartz stone, Citrine stone, Aventurine stone etc.)

So these positive vibes relaxed your mind. And the relaxed mind is key to sleeping better.


Sleep better, and be a king of good health.


In most patients with sleeping sickness, the sleeping disturbances begin with body pain.  Then it becomes common to have sour belching, tiredness and always feeling extinguished.  


But if this is not taken care of, then the small problems become big. King George Medical University, Lucknow Prof. Dr D. Himanshu Reddy believes that mental confusion and depression reach the problem of hypertension. 


The pressure on the people has increased more because. They have blended their personal and professional life. That even they have not differentiated between them. Which work is professional and which work is personal.


Due to the high workload of the office. People take their office problems with them into their house. And spoils their personal life. For their high degree of wants and success. Which makes them exhausted.


Due to the tension created in all this, they have to compromise on sleep and this affects their health. They do not sleeping better.

Not only this, acne and dryness of the skin can also be the result of not sleeping better. When along with the brain, the skin is also repaired.  


When you do not sleep better, the repair will not happen and the effect will be visible on your skin. 


Sleep better to make your brain is like supercomputer.


According to research, sleep repairs the nerves of our brain, due to which our memory is saturated, we get energy and protection from eating disorders.  

The research was done at Roster University in New York to understand sleep. According to Dr Macon Nedergaard, a researcher involved in this research.


Sleep cleans our brain in the same way that a washing machine cleans clothes. That is, when we are awake, during the full day, many types of the garbage get collected in the brain.  


The work of cleaning them is done by the brain when we are sleeping. In this sequence, the fluids go into the brain. 

And they take out all the dirt with them.  It has also been emphasized in this research. That better sleep also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s manifold.


How to improve your sleeping habits.

1. Take a hot shower bath:


Take a bath before going to sleep at night. Will make your tiredness of the day go away completely. And you will get a very sound sleep.  


If you want, you can also add some aromatic oil to your bathwater.  This will not only give you a restful sleep, but also you will experience a different peace. It helps you sleep better.


2. Fix the same time to sleep:


Fix a time for sleeping and waking up and follow that timetable. With this, your body’s biological clock will start working automatically and your sleep will not be disturbed. It helps you to sleeping better.


3. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption: 


Say no to caffeinated items and alcohol. It’s not a bad idea to have a couple of cups of coffee before bedtime, but don’t do it just before bedtime.  

Smoking is also an obstacle in the way of good sleep. You can take some liquids, such as milk, before bedtime.


4. Do not sit in front of the computer or TV for a long time: 


Turn off the TV and computer about half an hour before bedtime. Sitting in front of them for a long time causes headaches, burning in the eyes, etc.

Which are a hindrance to good sleep. Do not watch TV while sitting on the bed, it disturbs sleep. It helps you sleep better.


5. Listen to music before sleeping:


Anyway, it is said that music has the cure for every fun. Listen to the music of your choice before sleeping. But don’t listen to music with earphones. It helps you sleep better.


6. Do not bring stress to bed:


Do not bring any stress of the day with you to bed. For this, you make a diary.  Write your day’s stress on it and also write that tomorrow. I will find a solution to this stress.  


This also helps in getting sleep. If there is any tension and you are not able to sleep, then do not think about it lying on the bed. Read a book or do something that distracts you from it. It helps you in deep sleep


7. Use book:


Instead of using a mobile use book on the bed for better sleep. It gives you two benefits. First, it protects you from screen addiction. And second, it gives you valuable knowledge.


Home remedies or Ayurveda for better sleep.


There is a common myth prevailing in society that home remedies are different from Ayurveda. For the home remedy, there is no need for medicinal expertise. These are our grandmother’s recipes.


And for Ayurveda, there is a need for medicinal expertise. Yes, it is right. But the home remedy and ayurvedic recipes are the same. The only difference is that ayurvedic medicine is one step ahead of home remedies.


The home remedies are ayurvedic recipes, which have been common in people for various years. And now we will be used to that. 

We all easily use it without any medical prescription. So you can understand it as a home remedy as well as an Ayurveda remedy.


1. Oil massage-


Before going to bed, massage your head and feet with mustard oil. I use it when my leg and foot muscles feel pain. I rub it on it. It relaxes my strained muscles and helps me sleep better.

You also apply Bhringraj oil on the head and feet. And massaging helps in getting good sleep. Massaging with this oil relaxes the nervous system.

2. Drink hot milk before sleep-


If you are habituated to tea or coffee before going to bed. Try hot milk instead of tea or coffee.

Milk contains tryptophan and serotonin. Which helps in promoting sleep. Drinking hot milk daily before going to sleep. Helps in getting good sleep.

If you have pain in your body. Apply half a tablespoon of turmeric powder into the milk. It helps to relax your strained muscles and helps you sleep better. Also, it will improve your immunity.


3. Use nutmeg powder-


Consumption of hot milk is beneficial and if you mix nutmeg powder in it and drink it, then the problem of sleeping disorders will also go away.  


Make the power of nutmeg. Mix half a teaspoon of nutmeg powder in the hot milk and drink it before going to sleep. If you have a lactose issue. 

Then you can drink it before sleeping by mixing nutmeg in fruit juice also. It helps you sleep better.


4. Use saffron-


If you want to rectify your sleeping pattern, then saffron can help you to get a better sleeping pattern. Sprinkle saffron in a cup of warm milk and drink it. It helps you sleep better.


Saffron contains components that benefit the immune system. But use it in winter. Because its prosperity is very hot. 


5. Cummins-


Cumin is rich in medicinal properties, it is beneficial for sleep better in Ayurvedic medicine.  

You can try Cumin tea before going to sleep. It improves your sleeping pattern and helps in good sleep. You can also try a mixture of banana, common powder, and milk. 


Make a blend by crushing a spoonful of cumin powder and a banana in milk. And consume it before sleeping at night. 


Cumin contains melatonin which fights insomnia and other sleeping disorders.  Melatonin is a hormone that helps with sleep better.


6. Cherry-


Cherry is also rich in melatonin. Which helps you sleep better. Experts believe that consuming a handful of cherries helps you sleep better.

You can also use it in juice form. Mix it with milk and drink it before sleep.


7. Bananas-


Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium. Which helps you sleep better. Bananas are a good source of vitamin B6. 


Which also helps in the secretion of hormones related to sleeping. It also decreases hamstring strain. Because of magnesium.


So sleeping better is the guarantee of good health and happiness. From this article, we know why sleeping better is essential for good health.

Because a better and deeper sleep helps our body. Do all cleansing and repair work efficiently and effectively. 

As much as our body is in deep sleep. That much of our body repair work will be done efficiently.

It helps to improve our performance and focus capability. It improves our concentration level.

It improves our retention power. So if our health will be good, happiness will come to our faces and in our hearts automatically.


Best of luck.

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