Motion & Emotion – The Mind and Body Connection.

The body and mind connection is like connection of motion and emotion. Our mind and body are more connected than we think. Whatever the mind thinks, the body feels. It is applicable in every situation. Human emotions control his behaviour. Those emotions are influenced by their current state. The state I am talking about now is not just a state of mind. It is about the state of both the mind and body of man. The emotions of a person depend a lot on his current state. If you are in a positive state then you are happy and if you are in a negative state then you behave negatively.  


Motion & Emotion - The Mind and Body Connection.


Let us understand the concept of the mind and body connection and its impact on human beings through an example. Joan and her boyfriend, Brad, were having lunch in the company cafeteria. While they were eating, Joan notices that a beautiful woman is looking at Brad.  The woman was smiling looking at his boyfriend and trying to get his attention.  


But Brad’s eye did not fall on him. Joan’s reaction depends on her current mood. If she is feeling negative. Then there is more chance that she will argue with the bard and fight for hours. But if she thinks positively, she will completely forget about the incident. And see it as a compliment to her boyfriend.


You can quickly know in which state a person is by their body posture and the way they talk.  Usually, people tell their feelings through their body language and tone. To understand it better about mind and body connection, let’s experiment.  Suppose a man is sitting alone in the corner of the bar. His head and shoulders are both bowed down. He has been drinking alone and looks sad.  Now, what can you say about that?  Do you think he is happy?  No, isn’t it?  It is clear that he is sad, but how did you guess?  You didn’t even talk to him.  You are just watching him from afar.  


His body posture is telling that he is sad at this time. From this experiment, we can easily conclude that the mind and body are reflections of each other.  The body shows what the mind feels.  


Who do you think influences whom the most in the case of mind and body connection?  


Does the mind bring about physical changes in a person or does body posture affect the emotional behaviour of a person?  So the answer is, both.  Both body and mind easily influence each other.  Sometimes the mind controls the body posture of a person. And sometimes body posture affects the mind.


A study has shown that people who maintain a good body posture have less cortisol, a stress hormone.  You can practice some powerful poses that will help you improve your stat every day.  


But how will you finally practice powerful poses?  


Well, very easy.  You start by standing up straight.  Avoid dropping or bowing your shoulders.  Go in front of the mirror.  Smile at yourself and punch in the air with a fist.  By this, you are convincing your mind that your body is happy, confident, and powerful and that you want to be emotionally like that too. You don’t have to just focus on your body posture to get a positive state.  


Your physical aspect is only half of the whole picture. You also need to work on your mental aspect. Your emotions are not predetermined.  There is something in this that you can control.  But then why do people find it difficult to manage their emotions?  The answer is simple, their habits make it impossible for them to control their emotions.


The first thing you need to control your emotions is awareness and discipline.  Without them, you will never be able to control how you feel.  First of all, you have to be aware of your feelings. You have to keep in mind when you are sad and what bad habits you use to deal with that sadness.  


Next, you have to forget all those bad habits and then adopt new habits that can help you deal with them in a better way. During this time you have to maintain discipline and focus. You have to make a new habit by applying it continuously in your everyday life.  


How do we keep ourselves aware of our mood? 


Well, this is the most difficult task to measure your mood. Because you also notice that in a few minutes we are in a happy mood. And after a few minutes we are in a blue mood. This is because different types of incidents happen in our life. Above we did discuss about  awareness and discipline. To know our mind and body connection. So to make this discussion continue.


First, we know about some techniques from which we keep ourselves aware.


Write down your day-to-day life events daily- 


For this, you can write a daily diary or start a blog. Which helps you to do an introspection of yourself. Because in our full-day activity we are so busy. We can not evaluate anything that happens to us and in that surge, we do any reactions. Which is not our predetermined action. And this type of reaction we give when some unexpected, unpredictable, and unwanted incident will happen in our life. Like death, loss, and break up.


So by writing down these incidents in our diary or notebook. We can better evaluate it. When we write down anything. We first think about it. And we start thinking about all the aspects that come in front of us. Like our faults, others’ faults, the cause of incidents, and our reactions. So by writing down your own thoughts you better know about your emotions. And what is your reaction to different events? This activity can make you aware of yourself.




Meditation not only helps to keep your brain relaxed but also trains your brain. It thickens the pre-frontal cortex. Which manages the higher-order brain function. Like awareness, concentration, and decision-making. 


It increases the higher-order brain function and decreases the lower-order brain function. In a study conducted by Harvard medical school. The person of 40-50 years who does meditation has the same amount of gray matter as at the age group of 20 to 30 years of person. So it will be scientifically proven that. Meditation is good to increase our awareness. 


Pause between your activity-


As I above explain, mostly when any incident knocks on our life. We react immediately without thinking about it. Whether our reaction is appropriate or not. So if you want to be aware of your motion and emotion. You can first pause and then evaluate the condition and after that react. It is difficult to do. But by keep doing practice you can easily do it.


Stop being prejudiced-


In our life many times we are so prejudiced for any circumstance. That without anything to listen to and understand. We make any decision or react in any situation. But when we make that decision in a hurry. We regret it later. Because it is contrary to our thinking. So it is better to first know and understand anything. And after that, we make a decision.


Take responsibility- 


Many times we are not aware of our activities. Because we do not want to take responsibility for anything. We tend to assume that what is happening to us or our reaction is because of others. And not because of our shortcomings. That’s why we are not aware of anything. So if we want to be aware. First of all, we have to take responsibility. That I am responsible for anything that happens in my life and no one else.


So these are some measures from which you can become aware of yourself.


Second, we make ourselves self-disciplined people.


In our childhood, our teachers, parents, and elders always instructed us to be disciplined. They always taught us the lesson of discipline. And if we did not follow it, we also got punished for that. But self-discipline is just the opposite of it. In the case of self-discipline. We are both police and robbers. No one stops us from doing any work. We are the master of ourselves. So to make ourselves a self-disciplined person is a very difficult task. Because there is no one to stop us here. We have full authority over ourselves. That’s why there is more chance that we get procrastinated and distracted


What makes you a self-disciplined person?


First, being aware of yourself means when you know about your weaknesses and strengths. Then you better evaluate your position. And take the right decision.


Second, when you know your purpose in life. This means when you know what is your goal, what is your planning, and how to execute it. Then you do any work with a clear mindset.


Third, when you have an interest in the work. This means if you have no interest. Then you have no self-discipline. You are like a wandering kite that has been cut from its thread. No one knows where it will fall. So do that work in which you have an interest.


Fourth, you have to be determined. This means that only knowing about your goals does not make you a self-disciplined person. But your determination level determines how much you are a self-disciplined person.


Fifth, be consistent. You must have seen that many people start some work with great enthusiasm but leave after a while. This happens because those people are just not disciplined. They don’t know that to be self-disciplined it is necessary to be consistent. So be consistent.


So by curing these five things we change ourselves into self-disciplined people.




New patterns open the way for new opportunities in the future. It keeps you from focusing on negative things and makes you feel good about what is to come. A negative state forces you to live in fear and anger. It makes you accustomed to choosing the wrong path in life.  Life is easy if you let it be.  All you need is your mind and body to be happy.  Learn how to use them wisely to your advantage.  Once you learn to use both, it will be easier to find a way to peace.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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