10 powerful tips for success.

In this article, I am going to share 10 powerful tips for success with you. Which is very important for your success. It may sound very simple, but it is very lethal. This means if you fail even in one, then success will go far away from you. That’s why please listen to these 10 tips for success patiently.


But before we move forward. Why not know about what success is?  By the way, I believe that the definition of success is different for every person. Like for a student, success is passing the exam, for a graduate getting a job, and if you are hungry for 2 days, then a piece of bread can be the measurement of your success. That’s why, according to me, success is our satisfaction. Because the purpose of every achievement in life is to satisfy ourselves.


10 powerful tips for success

10 Powerful Tips for Success. 


So let us now know those 10 powerful tips for success. which attract success in our life.  


First, Courage


There is no boon greater than courage, and no curse greater than cowardice. Whatever successful people are in your eyes? You will definitely look back at the previous pages of their life. Their story of defeat must have been written behind their victory. That’s why l always said that. There is only one step between your fear and victory. And your courage is the bridge to it. That gives you victory. It gives you the power to absorb your defeat and fight for your identity and existence.


Make courage your charger. Which always recharges you to fight.


Second, Flexibility


You must have seen it many times in storms. Big giant trees fall. But the same bamboo tree does not harm. Because bamboo has that flexibility in him. Which gives him the strength to stand firm. That’s why make yourself flexible.  By which you will be saved from the storm of life. Which makes you indestructible. This is life, my friend, keep walking in the journey of life by leaning a little, turning a little, and bowing a little.


Flexibility makes your water. Which may be flowed in the river as well you keep it in the pot. This means flexibility helps to adjust your behaviour and action according to your situation.


Third, Patience


Just as courage is necessary for life. Similarly, you should also know how to keep patience.  Courage gives you the strength to fight. And patience saves you from falling. Your courage and your patience make the cocktail. That is the flexibility of life. Many people have the courage. But all have no patience. Because fighting is easy. But it is very difficult to digest the defeat. That’s why in whom, these two are found. Only they can be successful in life.


Patience makes you a mountain. Which stays adamantly in life. Whether it is sorrow, failure, and miseries in your life.


Fourth, Passion


Sometimes the series of defeats in life is like. That it Doesn’t take the name to end. Because of this, we break down. Here your patience and courage keep you from falling. But to stand again you need guts and passion.  Because until that passion will not arise in you. Till then you will not be able to fight any battle.  Without passion, you are just like that warrior.  Who has all the weapons? But you don’t know how to use it. So your passion encourages you to acquire knowledge and sharpen your skill. That you fight your battle of life. Your passion gives you the strength to turn around the lost game. 


Passion is the fuel. Which combustion your engine to get up after the defeat.


Fifth, clear vision


The reason behind many people’s failure. They have a confused mindset. Unless you have no clear vision. You will have to face defeat in life. Because before starting any work. We don’t even know this. what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Our whole life is spent in solving the mystery of these three questions. And we go on climbing the stairs of failure. That’s why you have to prepare a clear plan for this. And then move on.


Clear vision is the fog light. Which helps you to show the way forward in the fog of difficulty of life.


Sixth, Honesty


Be honest with others and be honest with yourself too. Because we behave honestly with others. But not by ourselves. Whether it is about hard work, or about ending your bad habits, or about your ability. We sometimes fear failure, because of our worthlessness, or to hide our weakness. We keep lying to ourselves. Because of this, we keep on weakening ourselves. And the condition becomes like this. That we do not have the strength to bear the miseries of life. So first of all be honest with yourself. Admit your mistakes. Correct it. And then see, success will kiss your feet.


Being honest is not only ethical value of life. But it bisa good behaviour. That you will be honest with yourself, your goal, and your action. Because your honesty determines whether you find success or not.


Seventh, Try to learn.


Often I have seen, we got a little success, a little money came, and our days changed a little. We start considering ourselves as the deity of knowledge. It seems to us that knowledge starts with us and ends with us.  Others are fools and illiterate.  Because of this, we stop learning. That’s why when the cycle of failure starts again. We freak out. Our intoxication ends. And then we come to know those whom we considered stupid. They become our fathers. And this is the biggest reason. Because we have stopped learning.  And there is no way to learn and teach in this world. Sometimes illiterates are also taught a big lesson in life. That’s why always keep the door of your mind and heart open. Keep learning what life teaches you.

Your learning makes you the next Einstein.


Eighth, Time


Always respect your time. Because in this world you can buy everything. But not the time has passed. So we have to spend our time as we spend our money thoughtfully. And use every single moment of yours at the right place and for the right work. Because time tells that I am the king. Not run and stop according to any one will. Not to be caught in any trap. And not to be reversed I only go forward. And if you want to run with me. Then understand my speed and run according to it.


Time the free, but it is precious.


Ninth, Make life your teacher


There is no better teacher than life. Life teaches us lessons. In front of those lessons, all our studies and education become incorrect.  But the lessons which teach us of life are always correct. And there is one more goodness with this lesson. That we can never forget it in life. Whether that experience is good or bad, bitter or sweet. There is some lesson for us in every experience. That’s why keep learning it and moving forward. 


Sometimes life beat us and sometimes life treats us. It is upon us that we learn from it rap or hate for it. Even if you hate, you cannot harm life. You only will harm yourself. So take the rap of life as a lesson for you. And improve yourself.

Tenth, Added some value to the lives of others.


It does not mean to add value. That you do charity, or you always help others. But you at least stand in the happiness and sorrow of others. That is why it is said, happiness increases by sharing, and sorrow decreases by sharing. You have to learn to share the sorrow and happiness of others. So that someone can share your sorrow and happiness.


So these are the 10 powerful tips for success. Which you have to follow in any condition. If you want to be successful. First you have to be courageous and patience. Which blend makes you flexible? That helps you raise up and fight. Then you have clarity in your planning, you have passion for your goal. Be honest with yourself and others. Do not make yourself dite of knowledge. Try to learn. Make life your teacher and try to add some value to the life of others. At least we have to stand firm with our loved ones in their sorrow and happiness.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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