Why you can not believe in yourself?

Believe in yourself, my friends. How nice it is to hear and this sentence. But when it comes to trust in you. You can’t believe in yourself. Or when the time of trouble comes. You have to face defeat every day. You have to listen to the taunts of family members and outsiders. No one else shows faith in you. And you fall down with troubles from all sides. At that time this sentence in itself seems very meaningless. Even if you want to believe. But you cannot believe in yourself. Why does this happen, what is the reason behind it.


Why you can not believe in yourself?


Is it not like that instead of trusting ourselves? We start taking pride in ourselves. Because trust is not going to be built and destroyed in 1 day. And secondly, belief in ourselves is the fundamental form of our existence. It is the root of our origin. It is the faith of socrates. Which Led him to happily drink hemlock and give up his life. If he wanted, he could save his life by running from the prison. If he wanted, he could have apologized in front of the council. That the philosophical theories given by him are pointless and wrong.

But his believed in his thinking. His believed in his work. And his believes that. Today his views are being called baseless, futile, or anti-government. But tomorrow his thinking will make him the great philosopher of the world. So he chose the path of death for himself. Which made him immortal even after his death. And which gave that authenticity to his thoughts. That his thoughts were 100% correct.

But if he had pride or ego. So first he chooses his life. Because pride can survive till then. As long as we keep climbing the ladder of success. And that’s when the phase of failures begins. Where does the pride go then? We don’t even know. And your believe in yourself automatically starts getting snatched away.

Now here the question arises. After all, how do you start feeling proud of yourself instead of believing in yourself? It is not that we do this on our own. The main reason for this is that we believe in ourselves. But on the wrong things. Due to which our faith turns into pride.

Like by believing in yourself. We understand that believing in our wealth, muscle power, beauty, and our position in society. Which is only a way to satisfy our ego. Because it has the ability to change according to time and situation. Like when you are healthy your body has strength. But when a disease catches you, your strength will decrease. If you are young, you are beautiful, but when you move towards old age, the wrinkles on your face will destroy your beauty. Similarly, money is there today, it is not known whether it will be there tomorrow or not. That’s why one who trusted or believed in all these things. His trust definitely breaks.

To truly believe in yourself means. To believe in your consciousness, to believe in your values, to believe in your actions, to believe in your shortcomings and goodness, to believe in your potential, and finally to believe in your God. Because all these things create our personality and thoughts. Without this, we can not continue our fight in life. And make a way forward for ourselves.

As Socrates did. Because if he had pride in himself. He would have earned money, increased his glory, and would have chosen the way forward by keeping collaboration with the rich. But his faith in himself made him great among the common people.

Because the person who has faith in his consciousness. He knew how to differentiate between good and bad. In the same way the person who knows his weakness and strengths. He can make the situation favorable to him. Where he is weak, he can get his work done peacefully. And where he is strong, he can get things done with his own strength. In the same way who has faith in his ability. He can distribute his work according to his capacity. He can complete it slowly or quickly. And the last is to have faith in your God. Because trusting God is equivalent to trusting yourself. Those who have faith in God never break. Because their faith always keeps a ray of hope alive inside them. That if not today then tomorrow you will definitely get success.

That’s why if you want to believe in yourself. So do those things from which your personality is built. Not from the things that you have found.


Quotes on believing in yourself.


Believe in yourself, means believe in your God, believe in your existence, believe in your success.


Your belief in yourself breaks until then. Till we have not believed in our consciousness, weakness and strength, ability, and work.


Whatever massive support you have. Whatever you surrounded with your loved ones. But if you have no belief in yourself. Then you will be alone in a crowd.


Failure and success are a part of life. And your belief in yourself is that ventilator. Which gives your mind and heart support. When you break down. To get up and walk again.


You act positive to get positive. And your act of positivity is your belief in yourself.


Belief in yourself is the inspiration to yourself to keep going.


Believe in yourself is believing in your dream, action, and hard work.


Believe in yourself is the best answer to self-doubt.


Believe in yourself is believing in your worth, dignity, and identity.


If you want to win. You have to win yourself. And to win yourself you have to believe in yourself.


If someone asks you how to trust yourself. You tell him to look your inside. Because that is the place your belief will be hidden.


When you call your conscience and it gives you an answer. You accept that you believe in yourself.


Consistency in your life shows that you have trust in yourself.


Believe in yourself to conquer your limitations.


Do not let others decide about you. Do not let others hurt you. And do not let others down you. Because your belief in yourself makes you confident, doubt-free, and invincible.


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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