7 benefits of power of silence

A fool man knows what to say, but a wise man knows what not to say. Yes, we know what we have to say. But learning what not to say takes a lifetime. The tongue is only 2 inches long and made of flesh. But it is more dangerous than an arrow. An arrow can take one person’s life. But the tongue can destroy an entire community or nation. Like Hitler, who may not have personally shot anyone. But his venomous words ignited the fire of war that engulfed the whole world. That’s why Acharya Chanakya says that “if a person knows when, where, and what to say. Most of their troubles will be resolved. So, measure and choose your words carefully before speaking. But before we know the benefit of power of silence. We should know why we keep silent? 


7 benefits of power of silence.


Why we keep silent? 


Why keep silent?  This question is as serious as that it answer is equally interesting. We understand the state of being silent by being silent. But it is not so. Silence means our awareness of our thoughts. That keeps us awake. When we talk to someone. What are we speaking, to whom are we speaking, and when are we speaking?  


Osho says that the root of our 80 to 90 percent problems is our speaking. Our speaking confuses us. Because when we speak. Our attention is not on ourselves but on others.  At that time our consciousness is just like that arrow. Whose back end is towards us? And the sharp end is towards whom we talk. That’s why when we talk. Our full attention is on others. And what do we say because of our confusion and unawareness? We don’t even know. So the regret of which haunts us for the rest of our lives.


You must have noticed this too. Often we speak too much either in anger or in joy. Like when we are very angry. Or do we have to take revenge on someone? We prepare many scripts in our minds. That we have to take our full revenge today. But we forget that. We will also get a reply for whatever we say. And May that answer push us into misery again?  Because in a fit of anger, we often forget the script we have written. We don’t even know what we say. We reveal so many of our secrets. And the others take advantage of it.


Same when we are in joy. We make so many promises out of happiness.  Like I will break the moon and stars for you or I will be with you till death. But my friend we do not know about it. What will happen to us in the next few minutes? How will we promise for tomorrow? Like a middle-aged woman asked her husband. I feel that the love between us has reduced. I don’t attract you anymore. And I don’t see the same love in your eyes as before. At the time of marriage, you had promised that I would support you.  So that man said, I am keeping my promise.  I stand with you in happiness and sorrow. I don’t even look at any other woman. But where did I promise that I will love you till old age?


Which can be a bit funny. But we make many such mistakes in our life. Which happens only because of our useless words.  We don’t even know. How much energy do we spend throughout the day? In gossip, meaning less conversation, and in confrontation. Because what we speak should increase the sorrow of others or not. But It definitely increases the load of thoughts inside us. Because we do listen to what we speak. 


Our silence doesn’t just calm us from the outside. It calms us down from the inside as well. It helps us in the way. First, The load of thoughts does not increase in our minds.  Second, it helps to make us aware. what are we speaking, to whom we are speaking, and when we are speaking. 


You must have heard a saying. Hit two targets with one arrow. But with Silent you hit three targets with one arrow. Where on the one hand it is a useful answer for others. On the other hand, your patience and calm mind keep peace in your life. And on the third hand, it protects you from vain thoughts. Its other advantage is that all our decisions are made judiciously. Without being swayed by any temptation or swayed by our own thoughts.


Silence inspires us to listen and understand something within us. Prompts us to use our discretion. That’s why whatever decisions we make are mostly correct. Or even if we are wrong. So we don’t feel regret for them.  Because we are aware of this.  What consequences we will have to face in the future because of our decision?


So silence makes our consciousness a double-edged sword. Which result falls on us as well as on the person we talk to. We are aware of this. That is what we are talking about. And to whom we are speaking. Due to this, the chances of regret are less. And we are saved from worrying unnecessarily. So after know why we keep silent? Now, let’s explore the 7 benefits of the power of silence.


7 benefits of power of silence. 


First, Silence is the best way to answer:


You may have heard a proverb, ” A snake will die but the stick doesn’t break.” Yes, silence is that stick which doesn’t make any noise but inflicts a blow. When someone attacks you. Their intention is to provoke a reaction from you. And they wait for it. So they can vent their anger. But when there is no reaction from your side, their frustration increases, and as a result, they start harming themselves.


Second, Silence boosts our memories:


According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA in 2014, it was found that ten minutes of rest in a quiet, dark room can improve memory by 14% to 49%. The study also found similar results for healthy participants. Their memory improves by 10% to 30% after just 10-15 minutes of silent sitting. This can be beneficial for people suffering from memory-related disorders like dementia or those affected by conditions like neurological stroke


Third, Silence relieves us from stress:


Stress can disrupt the natural processes of our body. But taking breaks and adopting the power of silence can reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels in the blood. Silence provides relief from stress.

Just five minutes of silence not only reduces the stress process of the amygdala. But also releases serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin – known as happy hormones. This improves your overall well-being and brings peace to your mind.


Fourth, Silence makes us a focused person:


It is clear that silence brings peace and patience within us. On the other hand, unrest fuels frustration or distractions within us. When peace and patience are integrated into our personality, our focus increases. It helps us concentrate on any task. Because a calm mind attracts positive thoughts, enhances creativity, and boosts our intellectual level. This keeps our interest alive in our work. And prevents us from becoming victims of distraction.


Fifth, Silence helps you increase your respect:


People do not like violence. No matter which society we live in or what we are internally. Everyone values peace, and everyone wants to live their life in peace. When your behavior is peaceful, your acceptance in society gradually increases. Because silence adds many virtues to your personality. Silence makes you a wise person, enables you to listen to others, and awakens compassion within you. These qualities make your personality attractive. And people are drawn towards you and respect you. 


Sixth, Silence sharpens your decision-making ability:


People who speak less often have good decision-making abilities. Most of their decisions are perfect because they have a high intellectual level and possess a creative mindset. They can solve a problem in multiple ways due to their high IQ. On the other hand, due to speaking less, they avoid many negative thoughts, think purposefully, and conserve their mental energy. Their positive thinking, creative ideas, and intelligence combine to make their decision-making effective. Hence, the chances of their decisions being successful are significantly higher.


Seventh, Silence increases the power of our thinking and understanding:


Many times in life, we make decisions either in hesitation, without any understanding, or under the influence of others’ temptations. As a result, we later regret or fail. However, silence keeps our minds calm, nurtures our patience, and enhances our ability to focus. Therefore, every decision we make is wise and well-thought-out, free from any external influence.


So, if you want to become great in life, embrace the benefit of power of silence. Its power will upgrade you.



I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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