A story of an overthinker, how he stop overthinking?

This is the story of mine. A story of an overthinker. A confrontation between his heat of overthinking and the heat of the sun. And how he stop overthinking. One day Confused and distressed by thinking. A storm of thoughts is coming to my mind. Sometimes I would remember a new problem, sometimes its solution, and sometimes my mind would put that solution in the dock.


Whether it is right or wrong. Like, the race of unbridled horses is going on in my mind. Those who do not have any destination. Trapped in these confusions, when I came out, I saw.  Suraj Bhaiya (sun) was showing his fierce form. It was such a heat that if you stood for 2 minutes, the whole body would get scorched. But the heat of my overthinking was no less. After all, I will be the best overthinker. My overthinking is like a volcano erupting inside me.


A story of an overthinker, how he stop overthinking?


Today I have also decided to challenge Suraj Bhaiya. I also wanted to see that they have more heat. Or my confusion or overthinking has more heat. So I went out on the road and started walking. I did not realize when the journey of a few steps turned into miles. There was no sunlight, no feeling of heat and thrust.  


I was thinking about what remedy I should apply, and what efforts I should make. To get rid of my overthinker nature. And stop my overthinking. So after thinking a lot, I realized this.


That’s the reason for my troubles today. It was yesterday. Regret not being able to do anything, regret the mistakes I made, and have some other complaints. Somehow it was affecting me today. And I believe this. That most of us are troubled by our past. And to solve these problems. We think too much.


This is the biggest reason for thinking more.  We want to fix yesterday in our today. If there is any mistake, we want to rectify it today. And if we could not do anything at that time, we want to complete it today. But we forget that neither that era nor that time will come back. What mattered to us yesterday? It has no meaning today.


Like the job that mattered to me yesterday.  Today, after turning 40, it means nothing to me.  Because neither will I be able to fulfill its eligibility criteria. Nor will I be able to live the student life. Today my family is more important to me than my dreams. So come out of your yesterday and learn to live in today. Whatever possibilities you have today. You should find your destiny in it. So I always say,


 Past is not for execution, the past is for analysis.


When I came out of this confusion, another confusion surrounded me. And my overthinker nature pushes me to think more. That I have to send children to good schools, houses have to be bought, and some money has to be saved for the future. And the biggest thing is to save my job as well. So the thought of what will happen tomorrow bothers us a lot today.  All the time we keep getting worried thinking about it.  How can we make our tomorrow better? The apprehension of tomorrow does not let us live.  and affects us today.  


Yes, this is the condition of us. We don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow. But we pass our today by thinking about tomorrow.  So control your thinking.  And start thinking about today.  Our tendency to think more will automatically reduce.


Then I remembered that yesterday I had a small argument with my wife. On the point that the neighbor Mishra ji has bought a new car.  And also going on a trip to Goa next month.  And this is our third tendency. Which bothers us the most? That is comparing yourself with others. Due to this, we are forced to think more. We make our life a wrestler’s arena.  In which we play from both sides. That’s why even after winning, defeat is always ours. It has become the nature of humans. That we are more happy in the sorrow of others than in our own happiness. And our own sorrow is always visible more than others.


One thing we have to notice is that. Although we try a million times. We cannot fit our feet in the shoes of others. That’s why it is better to get new shoes stitched for yourself. Both time and effort will be saved.


In the midst of all these questions and answers. When a bump in a pothole on the road made me realize about myself. Then I realized what I was doing on this hot afternoon.  But now the curiosity about this was in my mind. What should I do with these thoughts now? If I keep it inside, it will become an atom bomb.  And if I take it out, how can I take it out?  With all this uproar, I turned towards home. And when I reached home, my wife was waiting at the door.


There were many questions in his eyes.  Which were about to explode on me like a bomb. She said that you have gone mad, where did you go on this harsh afternoon? I didn’t think it was right to answer her. Because now I was not left fit to face the second world war.  One was already running in my mind. I said softly to her, please give me a glass of cold water. It would be a great kindness. I Don’t know why my wife looked calm and didn’t ask me more questions.  I quietly sat down at my study table.  Because many questions and answers were in my mind.  The flow of thoughts was increasing very fast.


Then I found the most wonderful way to control my thinking. That was my pen and paper.  I took out all my anger on it. I wrote everything that I am telling you in this video. So I felt a strange relief. The restlessness inside me began to subside.


I let out the lava inside me by giving it the form of words. And finally realized that no matter how many storms are raging outside.   Well, there is no meaning in front of the storms rising inside. And Suraj Bhaiya and in my fight. I won as the best overthinker. 


So if you want to stop overthinking.  And do not want to be an overthinker. You have to come out from the past but never enter into the future. Try to live in the present moment. Never do comparisons and write down your apprehensions, doubts, and confusion in your diary. Or try to make a journal. You see your overthinking may stop automatically.


Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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