About us

Name- Gulam Sarwar Khan

About us

Profession- consultant by profession, Blogger by passion

Resident- Mughalsarai, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh,India

Education- Commerce graduate

Aim-  This is the paradox of success.We live in an interesting time in that, materially, things are arguably better than they have ever been before, yet we all seem to be losing our minds thinking the world is one giant toilet bowl about to be flushed. 

we are more educated then past history, our living standard is high, Purchasing power high, extreme poverty is low from past, death rate is low medical facility is on hike.These all show. That our Progress has continued and uninterrupted. But on another hand if we show the statistic of government and different mental and health institution. A surprising data comes out.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are on an eighty-year upswing among young people. Men and women have reported lower levels of life satisfaction. Drug overdoses have recently hit all time record.

Social trust and harmony is come down. voilance on women are on hike specially in covid-19 era.Being a part of society I also come in the influence of these demons. but by the god grace and mental stength these demons not affected me that much. So I think that as human my first responsibility is to work for humanity

my aim behind starting this blog is to Thrive people mentally,physically and spiritually. And try to over all changes the mindset of people by motivation, spirituality, health and social tips. which i experience in my life

” we are what we think. All that we are arise with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” Mahatma Buddha