• Self-development

    Why you can not believe in yourself?

    Believe in yourself, my friends. How nice it is to hear and this sentence. But when it comes to trust in you. You can’t believe in yourself. Or when the time of trouble comes. You have to face defeat every day. You have to listen to the taunts of family members and outsiders. No one else shows faith in you. And you fall down with troubles from all sides. At that time this sentence in itself seems very meaningless. Even if you want to believe. But you cannot believe in yourself. Why does this happen, what is the reason behind it.     Is it not like that instead of…

  • Habits

    10 powerful tips for success.

    In this article, I am going to share 10 powerful tips for success with you. Which is very important for your success. It may sound very simple, but it is very lethal. This means if you fail even in one, then success will go far away from you. That’s why please listen to these 10 tips for success patiently.   But before we move forward. Why not know about what success is?  By the way, I believe that the definition of success is different for every person. Like for a student, success is passing the exam, for a graduate getting a job, and if you are hungry for 2 days,…

  • How to remember what you read

    How to remember what you read?

    We all know student life’s the most precious moment of our life. But one question bothered all the students. How to remember what I have read? What I do, even after reading everything, I can’t remember anything. Or I forget all I have remembered after going to the examination hall.  Even when the condition becomes worse.  When the design of the page and paragraph of the book is remembered. But the content is forgotten. So if you are also a victim of forgetting what you read. And want to know how to remember what you study? Then this article is for you.      In this article, I am going…

  • Habits

    5 bedtime routine help you in fast sleep.

    5 Bedtime routine for better and fast sleep at night. Which I can follow. Because I have to fight with sleep every day in my bed. Are you also a victim of sleeping sickness?  Do you sleep less during the night?  Or the night passes by changing sides in bed. And because of this you can’t wake up in the morning, feel irritable throughout the day, or your performance level will be down.  So I am going to tell you about five such habits or bedtime routine in this article.  After following this routine you will get sleep, and that too of Kumbhkaran.     We all know this. How…

  • Am I the sum of memory?

    Am I the sum of my memory.

    Am I the sum of my memory? This question raises many questions in our minds. Like what is memory? Is our memory the past incident of our life? Is our Memory the bunch of only bad incidents or is our memory the bunch of only good incidents? And does memory make our character?      So according to me, memory is the sour and sweet phase of our life. Which teaches us the lesson of life. It is the experience that characterizes us. And impact most in building our personality. So rather than memory being an accurate video recording of our moment of life. It is a fragile situation in…

  • 5 remedies to overcome fear.
    Personal development

    5 remedies to overcome fear.

    5 remedies to overcome fear. Our fear is such a thing. Because of this, we have to face failure many times in life. Whether it is fear of defeat, fear of losing something, or fear of uncertainty. Fear is the shackles of our feet. That who stops our steps from moving forward. Our fear may be our selfishness or greed, sometimes it may be our unbridled ambition, and sometimes we may be the cause of our fear. Therefore our fear is our ambition, longing, greed, and doubt. Which makes our minds confused, frustrated, and restless. We are not in a condition. That we make the right decisions for ourselves. Basically,…

  • Thoughts

    Depression: Symptoms, Types, Causes, & Treatment.

    After all, what is depression? Is it our sadness or upset? I ask you a question. When we cannot find the answer to a question or fall into trouble. But at the same moment, when we get the solution to our problem. Or we get out of that trouble. So our sadness or frustration disappears automatically.  So is it called dipression?      I know you think that. After all, what kind of disease is depression. which goes away on its own within 2 days without any treatment?  And here the biggest twist comes in the story. Because depression which we consider a disease is just a downfall of our…

  • How to stop overthinking?

    How to stop overthinking?

    Overthinking is like a looter. Who stole all our peace and happiness. And left sorrow and frustration in our life. So here a  question arises: how to stop overthinking? But before you know how to stop overthinking. You have to ask yourself some questions. To know whether you are a victim of overthinking or not. These questions are as follows.      Are you also a victim of getting stuck in your thinking? Do you also think too much about any issue?  Is it causing you sleepless nights and frustrated days?  Are you also unable to ignore small incidents that happen in your life?  And because of all these things,…

  • Positive affirmations: For positive attitude.

    Positive affirmations: For positive attitude.

    If troubles have started knocking in your life. You can’t understand what to do next in your life. Darkness is visible all around in life. Your negativity is dominating you. Anxiety and depression victimize you. So read these positive affirmations for 21 days, whenever you get time, morning or evening. These positive affirmations for anxiety or motivation help you decrease your anxiety and boost your motivation level.      But here two questions must be arising in your mind: why should we read this affirmation only for 21 days?  And the second question is what is going to happen with the affirmation? So in this article let us first learn…

  • Is law of attraction is useless?

    Is law of attraction is useless?

    What is the Law of Attraction after all?  Is this the lamp of Aladdin?  Can we achieve anything in life just by thinking?  And if this had happened. Then the thing called problem or trouble would have ended from this world.  Because just we think from the heart and all our troubles end. And if by visualizing something, it can actually happen in our life.  And if it were so, we would have dreams every day.       So it means that all our dreams will start coming true. Therefore what work will be left for us to do? For this reason, many such questions keep arising in our minds…