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    A story of an overthinker, how he stop overthinking?

    This is the story of mine. A story of an overthinker. A confrontation between his heat of overthinking and the heat of the sun. And how he stop overthinking. One day Confused and distressed by thinking. A storm of thoughts is coming to my mind. Sometimes I would remember a new problem, sometimes its solution, and sometimes my mind would put that solution in the dock.   Whether it is right or wrong. Like, the race of unbridled horses is going on in my mind. Those who do not have any destination. Trapped in these confusions, when I came out, I saw.  Suraj Bhaiya (sun) was showing his fierce form.…

  • How to stop overthinking?

    How to stop overthinking?

    Overthinking is like a looter. Who stole all our peace and happiness. And left sorrow and frustration in our life. So here a  question arises: how to stop overthinking? But before you know how to stop overthinking. You have to ask yourself some questions. To know whether you are a victim of overthinking or not. These questions are as follows.      Are you also a victim of getting stuck in your thinking? Do you also think too much about any issue?  Is it causing you sleepless nights and frustrated days?  Are you also unable to ignore small incidents that happen in your life?  And because of all these things,…