5 steps which give you the sense of fulfilment.

5 steps that give you a sense of fulfilment. After acquiring all the amenities in our life. We do not feel satisfied and happy. The simple answer is that our thinking decides our happiness. “If our wants or desires are uncontrolled then they increase day by day like mount Everest. Even if we get money, a house, and a car, we are not satisfied.

5 steps which give you a sense of fulfilment.



In the book A MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI, Robin Sharma told about the character of Julian Mental “I was surprised!!  It was astonishing to see the person who had earned their name and fame all over the country by standing in court and winning countless legal cases.  


Today the same eminent lawyer was lying on the ground in the same full court. Those people who were famous for their work and success, whose glories were discussed, today the same person was suffering on the ground, all efforts to give them rest seemed in vain. 

And I was sitting and thinking, ” he can not die” The person who has lived his life. The person who has written his destiny, that person cannot die like this. 


The person who has got so much success and fame through his skill, ability and hard work, is so easy. Can’t die from it.  

My relationship with the great Julian Mantle dates back to 17 years when I started working in his office.  

Gradually, our relationship became good, perhaps I had started getting to know him the most. Couldn’t believe that this is the same Julian Mantle, who was in his eyes 17 years ago!


As if the whole world depends on them. Doing everything on your terms. Or should I say that it was their habit to keep every situation under their control?  

Maybe there must have been something in me too. That’s why he chose me among so many people, a modest boy who had nothing to do with cleverness even remotely, just that I had come from Harvard Law School on my own. It was my pleasure to work with Julian.  


You might be surprised to know that, as much power, as he used to show the world, a soft heart was hidden in him as a child.  

Which was sentimental and also innocent. But the one who was tied to the concern of worldliness.  


There was some mystery behind his splendidly opulent bungalow or the gleaming red coloured Ferrari which despite all this a strange loneliness began to develop in him.  

There was some secret whose effect was visible on both his work and behaviour and perhaps this was also becoming the reason for his restlessness.  


Perhaps he did not want to be left behind in this race of the world, that is why the hunger for fame and success was swallowing him up day by day.

What are you doing Julian? You had everything, yet how were you hungry? Did you want to get something?  What did you want?  What were you looking for? 


Even though he was half his age, he looked old. Deep tiredness always remained on his face. And at the same time, he started forgetting to laugh, I still remember, when he used to complain to me about his emptiness, he used to say that now he is tired of advocacy.  


Today, due to a heart attack, the same great man was lying on the ground as if nature had merged him with the real meaning of life. 


When travelling with the thought that “living for others” has now turned into the thinking that one has to “live for oneself”. Julian did not know this. Because of his desire for success and money.


 I wanted to know what happened to Julian that day. Who did this condition to my best friend?  And today. Julian was lying in front of me and I could not do anything as usual.

Now the company was becoming paralyzed without Julian and an emergency meeting was called immediately, whatever was said in this meeting left me stunned!  


At first, everyone was informed that Julian Mantle had suffered a heart attack and that his condition remained critical. I still remember the words I heard next.  “I am deeply anguished to announce that Julian Mantle has decided to say goodbye to us and retired from our company.” 


 It felt like a burden, but I had no idea that this would come so soon. Yes! It was true that one of the greatest lawyers of the country, the great Julian Mantle, will never be a lawyer again! 


Today it has been 3 whole years. All we know about Julian is that he sold his luxurious bungalow and that red Ferrari and left for India for peace of mind “perhaps to find answers to some of his life’s questions”.


I have started to understand the importance of my family and sometimes even today I take time out from my busy schedule to remember Julian Mantle. 

But if this life leaves me by surprise, how can it be called life? A young man came. Although I rarely not meet people due to more work, there was something about that person which attracted me.  


But as soon as I saw it, I was very fascinated, there was a different comfort on his face which was separating him from the rest. 


It was as if I was mesmerized by his presence when suddenly that person very politely said to me.

“Do you treat all your guests like this? Even from those who taught you the tricks of the court?  

I was blown away when I heard this!  I was shocked, Julian. It’s you? Yes, that young-looking man is Julian!!  

A wave of enthusiasm was rising inside me.  How can this be possible? Took me time to believe this but it is true. 


 A changed Julian mantle is standing in front of me as if even the angels would blush at the sight of him!  

This honey-sweet voice, this loud, this pause.  After all, what did Julian do in these 3 years that it was becoming difficult to even recognize him? And once again Julian Mantle astonished me.

After all, which Sanjeevani herb did they eat from the Himalayan hills? I started thinking about this in my mind. Is there a magical well that makes a man young?  

How did this elderly looking Julian turn in such a way that all the gods and goddesses have been kind to him?  

After all, many questions: sake under my mind where was Julian in these three years? And what was he doing?  All these questions were making my expectation high to know the mystery. 


 But before I could ask anything, Julian had read all my questions as if I had read through my eyes. Julian was the first to admit how wrong he was, how his life had strayed from the path of happiness and significant success.  


After falling ill, the doctors advised him that he would now have to give up his hunger for success. 

Because this thing had now become the enemy of his life. At that time Julian took the biggest decision of his life. This decision was to choose his life, not his career. 


From this story of Julian’s mental, I only want to tell you. If you get something like money, a house, or an expensive car, then you will be happy. You think so. But the truth is that real happiness or self-fulfilment in life does not come only from material things. 


Real happiness is found only when you keep a feeling of happiness in your mind. We always. Search for happiness materialistic world. But is it in our mind and soul where you easily feel happiness, peace, satisfaction and a deep sense of attainment? Here are 5 steps that give you a sense of fulfilment.


Celebrate your achievements


In the story of Julian mental, he achieved everything he wanted, he had a name and fame in society. But he is now habituated to these things. 


There is no cheer left in him after any victory, and no enthusiasm left in him for any case, that was in him when he started his career. 

So he lives a boring life schedule. Which never produces a spark in him. The main cause of that is that he forgot to celebrate his success. Which he did in his starting career.


When you achieve success and reach your goals, no matter how big or small they are, celebrate that victory. 

It is important to celebrate and reward yourself in some way. First, when you celebrate your success, you create a situation where your subconscious mind awakens that feeling that drives you to achieve more success. 

Second, it fills you with confidence that you can achieve everything. The confidence gives you the satisfaction that I am not a loser. And make your part easy to achieve others’ goals in life.


Take responsibility for your own life 


No doubt, Julian mental was a responsible lawyer and householder. But when he loses his values and ethics. He somewhere turns his face from his responsibility.


He started his career with the belief that he will ” live for others” but because of his desire for fame and name it changed to “live for himself”. 


So, ethically he loses his responsibility for others. Which involves him in corrupt practices. No doubt it gives him a lot of money and money gives him respect in the eyes of others but his respect in his eye is Deteriorating day by day. He feels hollow from the inside gradually. 


Generally, we always blame others for our distortion but in reality, we are responsible for that.

Instead of blaming other people or things for your lack of happiness, take responsibility for your hand. And try to solve your problem on its own. It changes your whole mindset.

First, it improves your level of confidence, Second, it gives you a chance to look at your life closely. Third, when your closely watch yourself then you know your weakness and strength. Fourth, when you know about your weak and strong points you take the right decision or select the right alternative. Fifth, you live your life as an owner, not as a victim.


You can apply a single trick for reminding yourself that you are the master of your feelings. Begin it with a simple exercise, ‘I am the doer of what I feel. 


Help others


As I mentioned above, John’s Mental motive for being a lawyer was to help others. But when his motive gradually blurred. His happiness and satisfaction also Deteriorate slowly-slowly.


An appropriate way to think fulfilled is to share what you have with others. This may involve sharing your time, money, talents and even skills.

 If you are using these resources to benefit others, you will surely not only help them but also increase your happiness. 


The world is working on the law of reciprocity. Means what you invest in the world, the world return you as much or even more. So, share what you have, you found more than that.


 So the next time you get a chance to do something for someone, think about how someone else’s happiness will bring you lots of happiness and fulfilment.  


Focus on taking care of yourself 


Do doubt John Mental focuses on taking care of himself. He had a bungalow and Ferrari. He is the topmost advocate of America.

But he was not satisfied and happy from the inside. He was so weak from the inside. By a little blow of miseries, he collapsed down.


He loved his outer appearance. But never paid attention to his inner conscience. So his body became weak from the inside. 

But he did not know about it. Because his mind did not hear the message of his conscience and intuition. Which tries to tell about his inner weakness.


So, Give yourself the time, care and love you deserve. Spend some time in activities that help you feel relaxed. 


Meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice, walking, exercising, getting deep sleep, keeping yourself well clean and groomed, and eating healthy food are all ways by which you will keep yourself physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.  


If you are taking care of yourself if you love yourself. You will be able to influence other people around you more easily.  


Keep ourselves with positive people 


A positive environment helps us to experience happiness and fulfilment in life, as energy is everything and the universe responds to our energy and vibrations.  


The frequency of energy flows from one person to another. If we spend most of our time with people who have a negative outlook on life, we lower our moods. 


 On the other hand, when we associate with people who make us feel good, we experience positive feelings like fulfilment, which bring positive results in our lives.  




So, In answer, how do we feel happiness and satisfaction from the inside? The main reason is our thought process. Therefore first we change our thought process. For this, we can follow the 5 steps which give us a sense of fulfilment.

We give equal importance to our inner and outer structures. Love ourselves.

Always try to make friends with a positive attitude, and celebrate every achievement of your life whether it is big or small. Take the responsibility for your doing. And always try to add some value to another life. 


Best of luck.

Thrive your mind, and thrive in your future.

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