God of love: The story of a young girl.

God of love: The story of a young girl. This story is edited excerpts from the story of famous Urdu short story writer and novelist Qurratul Ain Haider. His famous works include ‘Aag Ka Dariya’, ‘Mere Bhi Sanamkhana’, ‘Chandni Begum’, and ‘Yeh Daag-Daag Ujala’.


God of love: The story of a young girl.


She was born in Aligarh, India. Her father was a famous Urdu writer and diplomat under British India. She grew up in a rich western culture since childhood. At the time of partition, she flew to Pakistan.


When she visited India in 1956, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, an integral friend of her father asked her. If she wanted to come to India.


After that, she stayed here and started living in Mumbai and since then she has remained in India.  He didn’t get married. She died in 2007 in Noida.


In the last two years, the world has faced many challenges and learned many lessons. In such strange times, it is love that makes life worth living. Love has been a favorite subject in every genre of literature and art.


Love teaches the lesson of unity and brotherhood. It helps to connect in adverse situations. The whole world comes on one platform to fight these worst situations and forget all their grievances. Let’s start the story.


God of love: The story of a young girl.


This story is about the young girl Carmen and his god of love (who is his boyfriend). One day I decided to go for a tour of Manila, Philippines. It is my passion to visit different countries and learn about different traditions.


I was selected because there are many families. Whom I knew and they also invited me to visit Manila once. So I packed my backpack and Set out to meet the beautiful plaintiffs of Manila. At night at nine o’clock, I will reach Manila airport.


Where I took a taxi, and with hesitation. I asked the driver to give him a visiting card. That he could take me to that place. He was very kind and knew English. He said, yes madam, I know this place, and I will take you to that place, do not worry”

This word was soothing to me. Because I was in a new country. And in a new town.


“At eleven o’clock the taxi stopped in front of an old gate passing through the quiet streets of the city. The driver opened the door with great confidence, took off my suitcase and placed it on the pavement, and handed for the money.  


 ‘Normally, passengers are not accommodated here, but where will you go in the middle of the night?  Come on 


I said, jumping inside the window with the suitcase, ‘ let me stay tonight.  Will call friends tomorrow morning.  ‘ 


We climbed the stairs. And reached the balcony. The girl carried up a thick curtain and said, I live here, you can also sleep here. 


She put the briefcase on the chair and started taking out a clean towel and soap from Almira. There was a mosquito net.


The girl took out the bedsheet and spread the discolored carpet on the bed and dropped the mosquito nets.  ‘The bed is ready. She said,


I said ‘ I will go to sleep on the ground ‘ 


She said, ‘ you will be bitten by so many mosquitoes. That your condition will get worse. We are used to it.  My name is Carman.  


I am working in the office during the day and do research at the university in the evening. ‘


I told her about myself.  We slept. When I woke up in the morning, the smell of kahwa was coming.  


‘Let me show you the bathroom,’ said Carman.  It was like a broken pot. The floor was cracked.  Standing in the bathroom, I thought, what a strange thing, this bathroom is situated in this country, in this city, in this building and I am here now, unaware of my personality.  


What a foolish thought. When I came out after taking a bath, there was breakfast in the hall.  Carman introduced everyone. Soon we were talking.  ‘ Shall I call my friends?  ‘ I said.  


Carman smiled mischievously, ‘Yes, call the big and great friends and go away.  See, who cares about you, why fast?  ‘ Everyone started laughing. 


 ‘Well now let’s go, we will meet in the evening.  ‘ said Magdalena.  ‘Hey, in the evening it will be in a country club. said Amelia.  After going to Carman’s office, I started calling.  Medical Chief of the Army Major 


General Camo Gildas, who had lived with my maternal uncle during the war.  Mrs Antonia Costillo, the wife of a millionaire businessman, who was a philanthropist and whom she had met at an international conference.  


Finally, I called Don García del Fedos.  He had been the ambassador of his country to a country in Western Europe. There I became friends with him and his wife. His secretary told that he had gone to the mountain. 


After a while, Mrs Costillo came to pick me up in her Mercedes.  When he came to the room and picked up my suitcase, I was shocked.  ‘Let’s be there, let’s see in the evening,’ I said.  When I returned at night, Carman and Amelia were waiting for me. 

 “We have arranged a room for you.  ‘ said Carman.  There were two beds in the room.  Mrs Saurel, aged forty, was smoking a cigarette there. 


The next week was spent talking about art and culture. Stayed out all day and returned at night to tell the story of the day.  ‘What do these rich people do with so much money?  ‘ Amelia asked. 


She used to teach in the school.  Rosa was a stenographer in a government office.  Magdalena and Barnard were pursuing higher education in piano and violin at Music College.  


On Sunday morning, Carmen was preparing to go to church. When I opened the drawer of the Almira to remove something. A woolly rabbit fell.  When I looked up to put it back, I saw a lot of toys in the cupboard.  ‘My child has toys.  ‘ said Carmen.  ‘Your children?  ‘ I was surprised. 

She laughed gleefully. Took out a bright blue baby book from the drawer.  ‘Look, it’s my child’s anniversary book.  


When he is one year old, he will do it, when he is two years old, he will do it.  I will paste his pictures here.  ‘  She said, 


 ‘ My nose is so flat and Nick has gone to me too.  ‘ she said

I replied ‘Who is this Nick? 


Nick went out for higher studies in heart surgery and loved him very much.  I went back into Carman’s room at night, and I asked Carman, ‘Where is Nick now?  ‘ 


She replied ‘ I Don’t know.  I don’t write him a letter.  I have faith in him like God and does anyone write a letter to God?  “


The wind lights went out. The trees in the courtyard were rustling. The red flower curtain lying on the door of the room was fluttering with gusts of wind. I got up and slid it aside and said, ‘It’s a beautiful curtain. 


Carman said, ‘ I and Nick once went for a drive of several hundred miles through a mountainous area. On the way, he took his father’s friend and cabinet member Don Remo to his house to meet him.  

He had built a new house. Their bathrooms were of black tiles and the diwan beds in the guestrooms were covered with veils fringed by red-flowered tapestries.  


Nick said softly, ‘The climax of a bad test.  ‘ But I said, I will buy such a bed in my house, I will make such a pillow. I bought this curtain after saving money from my salary.  


I asked, ‘Why didn’t you marry Nick?  “I had to live with my father on a distant island for ten years. Earlier we were in this city. During the days of the fighting, our house was burnt in the bombing.  

The mother and both brothers were killed.  I and Baba survived.  He got TB, then was sent to the sanatorium.  The treatment was expensive.


I got a job in the same sanatorium office. In the village, my Pineapple garden is mortgaged.  I Met Nick ten years ago in a fiesta (troop).  


Three years ago she asked for marriage, but how would I leave Baba?  I refused Nick’s proposal. I said I need some time. 

Nick understood it. Nick had to leave to pursue his higher medical study in America. But unfortunately, Baba was no more.  I started working here.  I will submit the dissertation next year.”


Now I went to visit the former ambassador Don García del Fredos for two days at his hill station.  

He had a magnificent house on the top of the mountain. The mountain flowers of white, purple, red, and yellow were blooming amidst the fog in the valley. 

The car stopped on the porch. The house was decorated with white carpets, golden furniture, and valuables. After some time I went to the top floor with Dona Maria. 


There, in the corner of the balcony, in a delicate cane basket, I saw a sweet six-month-old baby girl, I began to cuddle her.  


The American girl got up from the sofa and came towards me and shook hands. ‘This is my daughter-in-law,’ said Donna Maria.  


His son also came for lunch. ‘ This is our son.  ‘ She said. Jose will be around 35 years old. At night I went to the grand bedroom.  


Two days later the Fredos family returned to the capital with me. Jose came to the hostel to drop me off.  

Jose and his wife Garuthi had returned from the US two weeks ago. A lot of his belongings were lying in the custom house, which he had to go to get rid of.


Jose stopped the car on the street corner.  When I reached the hostel everyone was asleep. I secretly went inside the mosquito net.  Waking up at four o’clock in the morning, I went to the bathroom.  


When I came back to the room, Carmen was missing.  After some time she came and said ‘Breakfast is ready.  ‘ She had called for a taxi.  ‘How was the journey?  ‘ he asked while giving tea. 


Then it came and I quickly extinguished the room.  Were appreciating the red flowers.

Then suddenly I remembered something. I quickly went into the room and opened the suitcase.  

Taking out a new Banarasi saree, it was written on a leaflet – ‘My advance gift for your marriage.  ‘ The sari and pamphlet were placed under Carmen’s pillow. 


I sat in the taxi, and then Carman shouted, ‘You haven’t even given your address.  If I send the wedding card, you will have to come, I understand.  ‘ I dragged the address on a piece of paper and handed it over.  


Suddenly I heard Garcia’s voice at the customs counter of the airport, ‘ Nick, can I get the cigar?  ‘  ‘Hey daddy, look at what time we’ve arrived,“ said Jose, looking at me.  Jose, I asked him with a sinking heart, ‘Your name is Nick?  ‘ 

‘Yes, dad fondly calls me Nick.  ‘ replied Jose.   I said ‘What did you go to America to do?  “‘ is to specialize in heart surgery?’ 


Hearing the loudspeaker, he said, ‘Oh departure time has come so early.’ The ship started taking off. 


Far from here in the East Sea surrounded by dangerous storms, There is a bunch of lush green islands called the Philippines. In an old building in a colourless neighborhood in its sparkling capital, Manila, lives a Filipino girl with a flat nose and an angelic heart, collecting toys for her child and  Waiting for the return of his God of love, in whom he has full confidence.


Best of luck.


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