• 7 benefits of power of silence.

    7 benefits of power of silence

    A fool man knows what to say, but a wise man knows what not to say. Yes, we know what we have to say. But learning what not to say takes a lifetime. The tongue is only 2 inches long and made of flesh. But it is more dangerous than an arrow. An arrow can take one person’s life. But the tongue can destroy an entire community or nation. Like Hitler, who may not have personally shot anyone. But his venomous words ignited the fire of war that engulfed the whole world. That’s why Acharya Chanakya says that “if a person knows when, where, and what to say. Most of…

  • The power of silence.

    The power of silence.

    The power of silence. From childhood, we listen to that. Do not be silent raise your voice. Against wrong, for our right, or answer to anyone. Silence is a sign of weakness. This is right,But does shouting loudly do us justice, correcting the wrong, and satisfy us that, we give the best answer?     According to me in most cases, it is counterproductive. Because being louder is make a unit of measurement of our character in society. Because we live in a civil society. Where people do not look at the person with good eyes. who makes a lot of noise. Adopting silence here will bring us three benefits.…