What should I do when nothing in my life is going right?

What should I do when nothing in my life is going right? This question is not new to anyone. Because when we fail, this question arises in our minds. We are nothing to be useless. This is a reality of life. Which we cannot deny.


What should I do when nothing in my life is going right?


But when these thoughts will be remunerated in our minds. It engulfs us in big problems professionally and personally.


Our life is like a chessboard. The black and white boxes on the chessboard are the different phases of life.


The White box represents good days and the black box represents bad days. The chess pawn represents our resources for survival and winning the life battle.


Here I ask two questions. One, would we have discretion that, we will only move our pawn in a white box? Second, would we have declared ourselves defeated? until our king is checkmate.


The answer to the first question is. When we play our game, we move our pieces without seeing them, we plot them in a black box or white box.


Because our ultimate goal is to win the match.

We move according to our opponent’s moves. In our life, we plot our resources according to the condition of life. But we haven’t control over the events in life.


We use our means according to the events. Because our ultimate goal in life is to find success in the battle of life. If we don’t do it, there is a full chance of defeat.


The answer to the second question is. No buddy says that on which move we will fail or pass. But if you want to play the game then you have to move. 


So, we continue our play. Whenever we win or till our king gets a checkmate whether any pawn is left or not. we are in the game.


So, our life is like that, as long as we are alive we should not give up. And never think that there is nothing in my life that is going right.


To understand my thoughts. I would like to tell you an inspiring story of a hockey player. He is one of the best drag flickers in the world. When the accident happened he was on top of the carrier.


How one incident changed his life. His all dream is flushed out in one pinch.


He is Sandeep Singh Bhinder an Indian professional hockey player and former captain of the Indian national team.


He made his international debut in January 2004 at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Kuala Lumpur.


In 2009 he took over the captaincy of the Indian national team. At a time when he was at his peak, he was said to possess the world’s best speed during a drag flick (speed 145 km/h).


 On 22 August 2006, Singh was seriously injured in an accidental shot at a Shatabdi train, while on his thanks to joining the national team two days later due to the World Cup leave in Germany


He was almost paralyzed and remained in a wheelchair for two years of his life.


But these two years were very hard for him.


When Sandeep saw hockey for the primary time after being shot, he said to his brother, “Bring my sports implement, I would like to roll in the hay my sports implement, and I want to be a hockey player again.”


Upon further information, I learned that Sandeep had lost 40 per cent of his body weight and muscle mass and weighed just 55 kg.


 And did not have the strength to stand upright and needed help to do anything. 


We all know, at that age and after an event like this, it’s really hard on the field and plays professionally.


In these two years, he suffered a lot mentally and physically. Physically he was dependent on others for his daily activities even for biological activity.


Mentally he was more tortured. All dream was shattered. Those distances from him, who once stood with him, like his friends, colleagues, and federation.


But he was not one to give up his passion. being the tough guy. He came back.


Sandeep Singh Bhinder not only recovered from that serious injury but also re-established himself within the team.


Under his captaincy, the Indian team was able to win the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in 2009 by defeating Malaysia in the final at Ipoh. 


India won the title after an extended wait of 13 years. Singh was also the tournament’s top goal scorer.


The India men’s team qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London after a niche of 8 years. 


The team registered a resounding victory over France after beating France 8–1 in the final of the Olympic Qualifiers.


 Ace drag-flicker Singh scored five goals – including a hat-trick – all from penalty corners (19th, 26th, 38th, 49th and 51st minutes) in the final against France. Singh was the highest scorer in the Olympic Qualifier tournament with 16 goals.

How to get rid of the thinking that nothing in my life is going right?

Everyone in this world, whether he is a billionaire or a beggar, has problems in his life. You will not get a single person on this earth. Who will tell you that, I don’t have any single problem in my life?


If there is a problem there are solutions. Believe me, god does not make anything incomplete in this world. Like day and night, men and women, light and dark, and good and bad.


The whole concept of the world is based on completeness. Always compare your problems with someone who is having more problems than yours, then only you will realise that your problems are not bigger than their problem.


Our joy and Sorrow is moveable like our life. The sorrow which you had faced in your childhood, you may find that sorrow does not matter to you today, and the sorrow you are facing now, you may find smaller tomorrow.


Every difficulty in your life makes you stronger day-to-day and one day you will find that your strength is much greater than every difficulty in your life.

You will become the superman of your life. Who fixed any problems of life in one pinch.


Your strength level depends on your patience, and how you tackle the problems in your life, in your worst phases of life. And to do uncountable sacrifices to chase your dreams. When a cyclone of difficulty comes into your life.


Your positive attitude helps you to learn new things and Never let your hard work and your sacrifice go to waste. Always keep in mind that if you have worked hard.


It never goes to waste. Because your sacrifices and hard work give you the confidence to fight life’s problems like superman.


Your hope is like the anchor of the ship (life). Which makes your grip stronger in the wave of a cyclone (problem). The hope doesn’t let you move and keeps you in place. 

Hope has to see your path. When your life is wandering in a maze of difficulty. 


Your perseverance gives fuel to your determination toward your goal. It never lets your vehicle engine shut down until you reach your destination.


Negative thoughts come because we do not have perseverance. There is disorientation inside us to get to our destination. Disorientation leads to Distraction. So, perseverance is essential in life.


Make yourself consistent. I saw a lot of people tired of a single defeat and sitting down. They had no energy. To continue their fight. 


This is where they made a mistake. Because if you kept a piece of iron for some time, iron would get rusted.

So, make your life consistent.

Try and try to climb the mountain of your dream. One day it will come that you will climb the mountain of your dream and you will not even know.


Overcome your selfish nature. We all are selfish from nature. We want more and more from the world. But the real fact is that We will get as much as written in our destiny. Because of our selfish nature, we transform our world into a battleground.


There is violence everywhere in the world, somewhere in the name of religion. Somewhere in the name of the nation, and somewhere in the name of establishing emperorship.


Our selfish nature never satisfied us. Our mind demands more. To acquire these desires. We lost everything from our life which we have.


 So, make yourself a giver. Try to add some value to others’ life. You will see that the world will return to you in a few days. Because the world works on the principle of reciprocity.


Rejuvenate peace in yourself. The reason behind all the misery is that you don’t know about yourself.


So first know about yourself, and do meditation. Which grows you mentally and spiritually. Which rejuvenates peace in yourself.


Help you to identify your pain’s reasons and find its solutions. Because all the solutions of life are hidden in your conscience. Sometimes we are not able to make any decisions in life. 


At that time our conscience shows the right path and helps in taking the right decision. The peace of our mind helps to hear the decision of conscience.


So these are some tips which help you to come out from the thinking that nothing in your life is going right in. And help to solve your question. What should I do, when nothing in my life is going right?


Always focus on one thing. Never stop yourself because of the ups and downs of life. Always maintain constant continuity in your life. Because if kept, iron also gets rusted as I mentioned above.


Best of luck.


Sandeep Singh Bhinder: reference is taken by Wikipedia.

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