7 booster which change bad mood into good mood.

 7 booster which changes a bad mood into a good mood. Are you one of those people whose mood is not always good? Do you think that nothing good will ever happen to me? Is a bad mood surrounding You? Then this article will help you as a mood booster.


7 booster which change bad mood into good mood.


Before we try to get out of a bad mood, it is really important to understand the reason behind it.  And in turn, we can find the best way to change it.  Once we do this over and over again, it becomes a habit to not be in control of our mood.

Have you ever thought about why our moods get off? What is the reason behind this? The main reason behind this is the ruminating thoughts of our past and worry about our future.

Reasons may be many but the root cause is our thoughts. Why do I say this? Anything from which we deal is started through our thought process in our brain. 

Like when we see a snake. Our reaction depends on our thought process. We know about snakes, due to studying about it, to see in pictures or any program, and previously to listen about snakes.

Our brain recalls all the previous thoughts and decides what this thing is? and How do we deal with it?

7 booster which change bad mood into good mood.
The idea was taken from feel good:new mood therapy.


So we can’t skip thoughts or try to suppress them. It is an inbuilt behaviour of human beings.

 To identify the cause and find the remedy for the bad mood we should work on another front.

We work on the factors responsible for bad thoughts like our weak emotions, negative attitudes, and mental and spiritual weakness.

When we work on the above factors. We will self learn to manage our thoughts. 


  The causes for the bad moods-


1. Emotion-


Our emotions affect our thoughts. Some people are so egoistic. That their ego always creates problems for them. Like, some people need help. But do not ask for help. 

But their problem increases gradually. Which creates a bad mood. Some people are so Emotional that they take any decisions Emotionally. Their decisions create problems for them in future. Like guilty feeling 

Emotional weakness leads to failure, regrets and losses, past and future thoughts, and personal and professional problems.


2. Spiritual-


 It is the cause of a bad mood rather than a bad mood.  There are some questions in our life that cannot be answered by the normal logical reasoning of our minds.  

These questions can be related to any dimension of our life and every time they arise. We may be forced to come again and again in the cycle of these bad moods. 

 And no physical and mental activity can effectively eliminate the stress caused by these questions.

Spiritual weakness leads to weak insight, hopelessness, and impatience.


3. Mental-


We feel mentally weak because our emotions are not in our control and spiritually we are weak.

We indulge ourselves to earn the metaplastic world. So we look physically strong but mentally we will be weak.

When a simple ripple happens. We collapse like the house of playing cards collapse with a light touch.

Mental weakness leads to anxiety, depression, fear and other mental disorders.


4. Do not know about our pain-


We never try to let know or understand about our pain. We surround ourselves with the dazzling world.

We searched for our pain outside. We try medication and took help from a psychiatrist to find relief from the pain.

But not try to find it in our intuition. Because if we feel well from inside, all the world looks good.

If you never understand your pain you face distraction.


5.  Negative attitude- 


Mostly our negative attitude demoralizes us more than other factors. If we release negative vibes in the universe. We found a negative response from the world.

This means, if we think negatively always, we will not achieve any target. Because negativity indulges in our minds. This work I will never achieve.

So, our minds never respond when we do that work. Whenever we do that work, the fear of defeat will always haunt us.

These are five reasons for the occurrence of bad moods. Which I try to explain in a holistic view.


How to change a bad mood into a good mood-


To answer this question is very difficult. Because every person has a unique ID. So, they act, deal, and think differently.

Therefore my explanation helps you or not. I don’t know. So I am going to explain what I do when I feel bad or if I am in a bad mood.


These are 7 mood boosters.

7 booster which change bad mood into good mood.


1. Walk-


  I have found walking to be the biggest stress reliever and mood changer.  When I’m in a bad mood, I often go for brisk walks.

  I also think deeply about this issue during the walk.  I try to understand the reason for my bad mood and the lessons learned from it.  

I try to make up for the mistake by making a suitable strategy for the future. 

 At such times my mind works very fast and walking helps me to concentrate fully on the problem.  Soon I am sweating profusely and my bad mood is washed away by it.

The speed of walking is a good indicator. To know the level of bad mood. When your mood is off, you start walking at full speed. When you deeply think about the issue. 

Your speed will fluctuate according to your thoughts. In good thoughts speed will be down and in bad thoughts speed will be increased.

 When you reach your conclusion slowly and slowly your speed starts decreasing.


  2. Sharing-


  We are so conservative about this matter. We always put the ego in front of us. When we want someone to help.

Various questions arise in our minds. Like, How do I ask someone for help? Will he help me? Is it ok to ask for help or not?

A better way is to come out from your egoistic nature. Ask for help without hesitation, if you need help?

I have some friends who are mood changers.  They are so positive that just talking to them on the phone absorbs all your negativity. 

 They make you laugh and they make you cry.  You get refreshed quickly.  There are some issues that I discuss with my wife and she has been able to ease my anger and change my mood with her sympathetic listening.


  3. Mental Distraction-


Sometimes mental Distraction is good for us. Especially when we are lost in the maze of bad thoughts.

  When you are in a bad mood, your mind is completely focused on the issues that have upset your mood. 

 You are extremely angry and in a state of high emotional arousal.  The result is that you lose the power of your rational thinking.

  The more you think about the problem, the worse your mood becomes.

  The best thing to do is to somehow divert your mind towards some activity that you enjoy.

  You can read books, listen to music, play games or go shopping.  

Once you get busy with something you love, you forget your bad mood and get refreshed.


4. Meditation-


Meditation is the panacea cure. When you are mentally and spiritually weak and do not understand your real cause of pain.

What can be effective is to train your mind.  Meditation is a great way for this.  Know yourself first and then observe your thoughts.

  Try to control your thoughts after a long time.  The things you cannot change, let them be as they are and try to focus on the things that are within your control.

It is as simple as taking a breath. On two things you have to focus, first on your breath and second inhale and exhale, your breath deeply. When you start meditation three things which I guaranteed you.

 First, When your focus on your breath increases. Your focus on your work will also increase. 

Second, when you exhale and inhale your breath. You release positive vibes in the universe and the universe connects it from others positive vibes of the world. Which gives you energy.

Third, peace

Especially, when you do it in the morning, it makes you feel positive and makes you energetic for the whole day.

  First, it starts as an act, then it turns into a habit.  And someday we become the master of our mood.


5. shout, shout and jump-


  If you’re at home, lock your door and shout and slap your hands on your chest.  

This is the most hilarious thing you can do.  It releases a lot of stress and makes you feel alive.  

You mustn’t direct the shouting at anyone.  It’s about releasing energy, not letting your anger out.  

6. Reward yourself-


When I am in a bad mood, I reward myself by thinking about my past good thoughts. Which increased my dopamine levels.

The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behaviour. The anticipation of most types of rewards increases the level of dopamine in the brain that makes us feel pleasure.

You should be rewarded with a cup of tea or coffee with a pastry in a crowded place. Which helps you to distract your mind.


 7. Response analysis-


  Once I’m back to my normal self, I introspect and try to figure out why my mood broke down.  I believe that everything in this world happens for a reason.  

If you can identify the cause, you can prevent your mood from getting worse next time.  You can do this by avoiding situations that often cause your mood to deteriorate. 

 You can also change your reaction the next time it happens. For this, you prepare an emotion Vs reason chart in notebooks. 

For this, take notebooks on one page of the write emotions or thoughts you feel and on the other page write reasons why they come to mind.

7 booster which change bad mood into good mood.


It helps you to evaluate in which condition how you react. Help you in self-awareness.

So, these are 7 booster that changes a bad mood into a good mood. Which I use to get rid of bad moods. To change bad moods into good moods is like changing clothes. 

Just as you can’t keep wearing the same clothes, so your whole life can’t be spent in the same mood. So bad or good moods are phases of life.

What we have to do, to continue our life journey. Keep consistency in your life. They come and pass away. You never know. Because the hindrance of life creates negativity in us.

I concluded my part with the hope that this article adds some value to your life. Please it,s my humble request that pleases answer the above questions.

 If you like or dislike please comment. Your comment will give me the motivation to improve myself.

I want some other information or article on other topics please suggest.

Your suggestions will be an honour for me.

Best of luck.

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