Compromise is a weakness or time essentiality?

Compromise is a weakness or time essentiality? It is a pity for such people around you. Who have made compromises on every step?  We think that people who adjust with each other and with people are weak.  There is also another side of the coin. 

Compromise is a weakness or time essentiality?



Meaning of compromise


When we heard the word compromise, suddenly we made a conception. That compromise relates to weakness. This means if any person does compromise that person should be weak.

But till today when I am writing this blog.


I have never met a person who does not compromise in his life. Some may do more or some do less.


I give you a simple example, to better understand my words. There are two people, one is Jack and the second is a sparrow.

Jack has $100 and sparrow has $10.


Both have gone to a restaurant for lunch. Because Jack has $100 he buys any food from the restaurant. Which he wants to eat.


 But sparrow with limited money of $10. He has to compromise from his wants and even the quantity of food also. Because his primary motive is to survive.

It is not that Jack has not compromised. Because some food is more expensive than his budget.


 The world is like a restaurant. All types of food are there. But we buy the food according to our capabilities. Not according to our desire. Because desire has no limit it is infinite and always more than needs.


 Yesterday while reading an article on the internet, my eyes stopped on the word ‘Adjustment Disorder’. 

 That is, constantly making compromises and keeping oneself low is also a kind of disease.  The article was written about the disadvantages caused by it.


  Due to this, the patient can be troubled by depression, stress, frustration, and heart disease. 


 This article was written by Dr Woolen Patch, a renowned psychotherapist in America.  He wrote, quoting a recent survey at the University of California. That the number of patients with adjustment disorder has increased by about 28 per cent in the covid period. 


 To get more information on this topic, I consulted Psychological Consultant Dr Suresh Singh, he said, ‘There is a different view of agreements in our country. 


 We are taught from childhood that compromise is a part of life. Those living in a joint family, surrender to the wishes of the elders of the house.  

But yes, many times a person starts falling ill from the inside after compromising for wrong things.  But, in my view, knowing, listening to the side of others, and working with the consent of others can also benefit. 


  It’s not wrong to express your opinion. There is a path between the two, which is easy for everyone.

See if you’re guessing, do what you ought to do or Willing to do.  People who compromise or submit to the will of others are not always losers.  


Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev says, “Your happiness, sorrow and pain are born within you.  At least everything should be born according to you.  ‘ 


Girls are specially taught here that they have to adjust in any case. Doctor Suresh Singh says, ‘It is not a compromise, it is a defeat.  You can’t teach your daughters to lose before playing the game. 

Teach them to differentiate between right and wrong.  Teach them to be flexible, but never give up.  This lesson should also be equal for boys and girls.  


 The bright side of agreements is that it is easy to see and understand the perspective of others. We also benefit from their experience.  Compromising doesn’t always mean giving up or giving up.  It tells you how much ability you have to receive. 

Compromise teaches us an important lesson of survival. Because life is sometimes hard and unfair. The skill of compromise helps us to Trumbull down the bad condition into good. So, I think that compromise is a weakness or time essentiality is better understood by a questionnaire.

Some Q & A about compromise

Q: Is compromise good or bad?

A: According to me, there is a very fine line, which defines compromise as good or bad. If compromise is done to achieve any goals for you or find any solution to your problems, it is good. Like, husband and wife compromise in their marriage life because of children. Students compromise from their night sleep, for their study.


When compromise is done due to greed, procrastination, and a negative attitude, it is bad. Like many people do compromise to fulfil their unwanted desire, some do not want to do hard work. That is why they compromise with the situation.


Few people are so negative. They think that we are nothing for useless fellows. So they depend on others for everything and make regular compromises. 


So, in short, if your compromise makes your life’s journey continue. It is good but if it puts obstacles in your path it is bad.

Q: What are the disadvantages of compromise?


A: When we are habituated to compromise. It has a bad influence on our lives.


  • We lose our self-esteem.

  • It kills our humanity. It changes us into a greedy men.

  • It makes us cowardly. We have no power to face unpleasant situations.

  • It makes us procrastinate, we always depend on others for any work.

  • It engulfs us in negativity.

Q: What are the advantages of compromise?


A: Many times nature teaches us the lesson of life. Bamboo trees teach us the lesson of flexibility. The more you bow the bamboo tree, the more it will bend. And as soon as you left it went back to his place again.

So, we make our life flexible, not rigid. Because there’s an old saying that who doesn’t bend, it breaks.


  • Make you flexible.

  • Teach you the art of handling tough situations. Means help in conflict resolution

  • Fast issue resolution.

  • Lower the level of tension and stress.

  • Give a chance to survive.

Q: How can I avoid compromising? Or How to stop ourselves from compromising too much?


A: To avoid and stop ourselves from compromising too much. We have to follow some steps:


  •   Please get to the root of your need.

  •   Accept that you deserve more.

  •   Surround yourself with true friends.

  •   Share with yourself a little bit of your 

  love for others.

  •   Learn to differentiate.

  •   Seek truth and meaning rather than 

  emotional gratification.

Q: What is the difference between sacrifice and compromise?

A: compromise is between two people, compromise is to fulfil self needs or wants. In a compromise, we earn some things. Compromise does not give satisfaction.


Sacrifice is done by one person, sacrifice is done to give something to others. In sacrifice, we only lose. Sacrifice gives us satisfaction


According to me, in answer to compromise is a weakness or time essentiality, my opinion is that, if our attitude is practical in life, compromise is not a weakness. It is the tool, which helps you to convince others that, in dividing the cake. you have the big piece of cake.

Compromise is not always an ornament of weakness. From history to that all the great personalities have been compromising with their situation. But they are great because they compromise to be in the game.

Because once you are out of the game. The possibility of winning or losing both ends. You have no purpose in life

Best of luck.

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