If You Don’t Share Problems Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

 If You Don’t Share Problems Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

If You Don't Share Problems Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later.


This is called life, some people are always ready to help others when needed. They do not hesitate to ask for help from others. 

 But some people completely cut themselves off from others when they are in trouble. They do not know. How to seek help or ask for advice?

Meditation, yoga, a balanced diet, exercise and good sleep are very effective in relieving stress and depression. 

 But, by increasing the scope of your thinking, you will understand that it sounds good to say, but it is not necessary to do it every time and even not possible by many people.

What problems are faced by people in sharing problems?


Many questions are remunerated in your mind. Like, Is problem discussion with anyone possible always? If the other person does not take interest in our problems? I think that the person will help me, but his intention is not like that? And so many questions. There is an old saying, burnt by milk, drunk buttermilk carefully.


1. Safety and privacy concerns- By sharing the problem with others. People are surrounded with the fear of passing out their secrets to others or revealing them in public.


2. Faith and trust in people- it is right that we do not have faith in others quickly. It takes lots of time. But problems do not wait for this.


3. Introvert nature- Some people are so introverted they can’t want to share their problems. On behalf of that whatever consequences they face.


4. Past Trauma- Generally people got bad results from sharing problems in their past. So they hesitate in sharing problems.


5. Egoistic nature- Some people thought that asking for help represents weakness. So they generally do not ask for help. Their ego comes forward when they ask for help.

These are some problems that restrict people from sharing their problems with others. But it’s not mean that we never share our problems.


Because if you want to correct any disease without doctor advice. Only based on yourself. You never found Success. And there is a possibility of mishap.


So, before the problems hollow you from inside like termite. It is better to share your problems with others.


  Apart from this, it is also necessary to bring some changes in your life, so that the situation of adversity can be overcome instead of facing it alone.

  It needs to be understood here that there is a difference between being self-reliant and putting the responsibility of every task on oneself. 


 You can of course be independent in your everyday life. But, there are some occasions where we have to seek help from others along with helping them.

  But, doing so does not make you weak. Man is a social animal, which cannot survive alone. 

 Anyway, loneliness is considered one of the main causes of depression, which can make us physically and mentally ill. 


 Now the question arises how to avoid it?  So the solution is very simple.  By making changes in your nature and thinking, you can lead a normal and happy life.


Just close your eyes and think of that person whose name brings a smile to your face when it comes to mind.  Or someone you miss in trouble.

  It can be a friend, relative or acquaintance.  You will find that you think of different people on different occasions.  This happens because we feel connected to different people at different levels.  

And it is also very good for health. So stay connected with your loved ones, friends or acquaintances with whom you feel good. 


 Express Yourself Openly. Some people have a habit that when there is a problem, they do not like to talk to anyone about it. 

 But, the truth is also that sometimes the mind becomes lighter just by telling it to someone else.  


And, it may be that his solution may also come out in the same things. When we get worried about what other people will think after hearing about our trouble, will not make fun of it, or else we will not be harmed more, in this way instead of reducing the problem, it starts taking a formidable form. 


 Conversely, any of you sharing a problem with a well-wisher instils confidence in the mind that we are not alone in times of crisis.

  There is someone who has stood with us as support.  So don’t hesitate to express yourself at all.  Tell your truth, Talk to your loved ones too.

who leaves some things on time, sometimes something happens in life, which is not in our control at that time to improve. 

 So do not worry unnecessarily about any such problem, about which you cannot do anything.  Some problems are treated near the time and those problems also go away at their appointed time.

  This does not mean that we should divert our attention from those problems, but by thinking about them, do not get so upset that your present starts getting affected. 

 Connecting with new people and meeting new people always teaches us something and gives us new experiences.


Ever wonder who are the people with whom you like to spend the most time?  

After all, what is the quality in them that attracts you towards them?  Maybe you will find the same qualities in a new friend or relationship as well. 


 The best example of this is children, who very quickly form friendships with any unknown child of our age. We need to learn these qualities from children. 

 To meet others with an open heart and see how beautiful changes take place in your life.  Meeting new people enlarges our inner world.  If you want, you can join a yoga class or laughter club, where people laugh and live happy moments, forgetting all their worries and tensions, even if for a while. 

Benefits of sharing problems with others.

There are a lot of benefits of sharing problems.


1. Sharing your problem protects you from making atom bombs. It helps you to release the tease in some corner of your heart.

You feel relaxed after sharing your emotions.


2. You can’t take anything in this world without paying a price. The world is based on giving and taking. Only you have some relationship that gives you unconditional support. You only have to identify it.


3. You open a wide range of actions towards your problems by sharing. The old saying is fit here, two heads are better than one. By sharing, your pain is also shared. Two minds can make better solutions to problems.


4. By sharing the problems, you release the level of stress. Which protects you from mental and soul pain.


5. Sharing problems helps you to generate moral support. 


No doubt while sharing we face many types of problems like trust and faith loss, past trauma, egoistic nature, more introverted nature, and Safety and privacy concerns.

But prejudice is not the right way to tackle any problems. To be self-reliant is a good thing. But you do not implement it in every situation of life.


In some conditions, especially in Emotional and personal issues. We need others ‘ support. We accept our human nature that we are social animals. 

To judge that, whether you have the needs of others in difficult situations or not. Close your eyes and think about the people. Which helps you in difficult situations. You noticed that in different situations you need different people.


If there is not, why do we live in a relationship of mother, father, husband, wife, friend. Because we need unconditional support. 


By sharing our problems, we open a wide range of actions towards our problems, moral support, unconditional support, decrease the level of stress, make us Emotionally strong.


So, the best way to identify the people. Which helps you in your difficult conditions. And share your feelings and problems. It works as a healer of your wounds. Because If You Don’t Share Problems Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Best of luck.

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