When life is changing every moment. what should I do?

When life is changing every moment. what should I do? At times the things around us are changing very rapidly.  The ground under the feet starts to feel raw and it becomes difficult to work with the mind fixed on one thing.


When life is changing every moment. what should I do?



  It is not easy to control oneself amid anger, annoyance, and fear.  How is it that we learn to create focus even amid changes?  Instead of being stiff, be flexible.


There is a very popular story. A monk wanted to meditate alone. He went towards the river to meditate away from the noise. They boarded a boat and came to the middle of the river.  


The river was still, he stopped the boat there and started meditating. Everything was going well.  

Then he felt a stir. It felt like someone was rocking their boat, hitting it again and again.  His anger started increasing.

 He was about to gaze at the other with his eyes open and saw that the boat in front was empty.  


If someone was in front, he would have got angry, but what to do now? That’s when he felt that anger, fear, restlessness was within him, the boats outside were empty.  He corrected himself and sat back in meditation.  


When plans are changing every moment, it is okay to get angry. We also start worrying. But this is the time when we should try to balance with change. 

 At times, the need is to adjust oneself to the changes and keep going with the flow, rather than juggling and grappling.  


Every change is an opportunity to learn.


 When someone changes plans again and again at the last minute, one gets angry.  When we complain, there is an argument amongst ourselves. But, sometimes changes are really necessary.  


Changing at the last minute is not the right approach. Because it reflects a confused mind. But what can you do? When life makes your way hard and sometimes jokes with you.


You have nothing, just to change your plans or sit thereby putting a hand on hand. So sometimes changes are necessary and also it gives opportunities to learn.

We all admit one thing. Every event ( good or bad) of life teaches us a lesson of life. It depends on us how much we profit from them.


The academic lesson vanishes from our minds. But life lessons always remain in our minds. In the future. when we do that work, our experience guides us.

If we do anything wrong, our mind warns us. So accept any chance of life with both hands like you hug your loved one.


If you can’t run, then walk.

If you can’t walk, then crawl.

If you can’t crawl, then move your eyelid.

If the chance is not according to you, still accept changes.

God is so merciful, he never gives you those things. Which has no purpose in your life.


Live in the present


we get angry when there is a change because we want things to be our way. We wanted to see things happen differently. 


We want the status quo in our life. The whisper of change fills us with the menace of the future. Like what will happen when change occurs. Whether we are ready for it or not.


But thinking about the future is not the right approach. Because we cannot know about our future. We are blank about the future.

One day my eyes went to the clock in my room. The time on my clock was 2 p.m. I thought that, if I turned back the needle of the clock and set it to 2 p.m yesterday, I would turn the needle forward at the same time tomorrow.


My position could not be changed. Because by doing a change in the clock needle. I can amuse my heart, but that won’t change my present. so, why are we engulfed amid the past and future?


 One way to keep your focus amid changes is to practice mindfulness. Let us leave ourselves open to the experiences of the present. 


Connect ourselves to whatever lies ahead, the uncertain, the unplanned. Once you connect yourself with the flow, you can live comfortably amid uncertainty. 


 Like a skilled sailor, even amid big waves, his boat can move forward, find the shore. 


 Learn to concentrate.


 It is difficult for the mind to stay focused amid changes. The necessary focus is not able to be done to do the work. 

The greater the space for restlessness in the brain, the less space for focus.  

Better take some time and take deep breaths.  Calm down your worries a bit. There needs to be a system for this to work. 


 But, when everything is changing rapidly, for some time the systems and the way of working have to change. 

 According to the time and situation, take the right decision. Remove the useless things.   Have intentions to take your life with you, you give yourself a chance to know about yourself.


Because if you once know about your doubts, fear, and pain. you know about the reason behind your distraction and try to get rid of it.


The best thing you do is to know yourself. Do meditation or mindfulness practice. It helps you to retain your focus on your work and avoid distraction.

For meditation, you exhale or inhale your breath deeply. Try to focus on the breath, not on anything else. By doing this regularly your concentration levels increase day by day.


Affirmation is one of the best tools for concentration and helps you to know yourself. It helps you to remind yourself of your power, purpose, and strength.


Like, Change is always good.

I am a fighter.

I won all the fights of my life.

I am not afraid of challenges.

I live in the present.

I have the power to change my hard days into my opportunity

Of course, change can be difficult, but I will choose to fight and win.


You will repeat every sentence three times, in one session. Do it every day, especially in the morning. At least for 90 days. After 90 days you will find changes in your attitude and approach.




So, in the answer of when life is changing every moment. what should I do? At that time controlling Yourself amid Changes is not easy work. 

Because of uncertainty and menace about the future. The past or future is not in our hands. So why do we worry about it? so live in the present.

Welcome the change with both hands.

 Take it as an opportunity for yourself. Out of the past and future whirlpools. Live in the present. 


Doubts about the changes affect our concentration. which affect our progress, so meditation and mindfulness practice help us to retain our focus and avoid distraction. It protects us from making atom bombs. 


By doing practice, affirmation helps us to know about our power, strength and purpose in life.

Best of luck.

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