4 tips that help to understand your true value and self-worth.

  4 tips that help to understand your true value and self-worth. it is more important that you consider yourself valuable, and recognize yourself. 

4 tips that help to understand your true value and self-worth.


I meet with various people every day. Most people have one common problem. These people underestimate themselves.  

Because they do not know about their strength. If they fail in any task and game they think, I can not do this.


When you think that, I can not do this. From that moment on, the cycle of defeat start in 

your life. Because after one failure, your self-power decreases. 

And when you accept defeats from inside. Your self-power decreases more. A time comes like that when with self-power, your self-esteem also ends.

Let us understand that God gives us the power of uniqueness. Every human being in the world has a unique identification. So their destiny, behaviour and capacity are different.


 It is not possible that. If a person is perfect in some work, then we too can be perfect in that work. We have to try our level best. But when we find defeat.


Never Demoralise yourself. Because not everyone can do everything. For example, take the examples of two famous personalities. Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo.


If we expect that Bolt dribbles with a football better than Ronald or no doubt Ronaldo runs behind the ball very fast. But not faster than Bolt in the 100-meter race. This in itself is a ridiculous topic to think about.


They are best in their field Because they know about their uniqueness, capabilities, strength and restriction.

So without Demoralising on your failure you have to know your strength, uniqueness and restriction (pain). Search for the root cause of the problems and try to eliminate them.


Remove the inferiority complex from inside you. For this, treatment has to be done by going to the root of the problem.  Surely you can do this. Healing the Root of the Problem.


After a sad and disadvantaged life, much o people’s life’s work has been about building a healthy and empowering sense of themselves.


  It does not mean a sense of pride in ourselves, but a feeling associated with self-respect and recognition of the great possibilities that lie within each of us. 


 I believe that each of us comes into this world with a transcendent, unique and sacred purpose, gifts, calls, teachings, meaningful relationships, and important emotional issues.  


We are here to articulate, express, create reality and grow through them. Our sacred aim is to make our wonderful contribution to the world.  

To fully adopt our objectives and establish our importance, we have to understand our worth.

  We have to believe that we are valuable and can give something to this world. 


These are four tips that helped me to understand my true value and self-worth so that I could see my goals the right way in a world full of challenges. 

 1. Connect with the right person.

“He who has dubious friends is soon doomed, but there is a friend who stays closer than a brother.” proverbs 18: 24


The Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) explains the influence of friends saying:


  “Man is influenced by the faith of his friends. Therefore, be careful with whom you befriend.”  [2]


The Bhagavad Gita (VI.5) tells us that a person’s “self, thriving with sensible knowledge, is the only friend. The so-called friends and relatives are the enemies of the aspirant, because, being the object of his affection and attachment, they form a bond.”


 Knowing that our feelings were hurt in relationships. Then this hurt has to be healed through relationships.

  After all, man is a living being in relationships.  But relational therapy may not work with everyone.

  So we have to develop the art of selective attachment, that is, establishing attachment with the right person to overcome emotional injury.  


In other words, we only need to engage in relationships that support our healthy self-development. 

 If someone strengthens our sense of worth, invite them into your life, if it doesn’t, walk away from them. 

Because there are already many voices coming from inside us that say you are not valuable. 

Yes, so we don’t want such voices anymore.  If they don’t help you grow, let them go.  


The other merit of selecting the right person is to avoid negative feelings. Because I meet with several people every day. 


But few of them have positive vibes. if you make relationships with those people. who think negatively, you will be filled with a negative attitude. 

Because they only show you obstacles, problems and fear of failure in your way.

so select a person from whom positive vibes will come out.

2. Prove your worth in your own eyes 

Recognizing yourself can be a positive step towards self-empowerment. Surely you can do it. 

For this, the best therapy is doing affirmation every day. especially in the morning. Repeat each sentence three times. Do it for 90 days to see results. For example- 


I am enough.

Worthy of a healthy relationship.

I am worthy of my love.

I am fabulous.

I can complete my to-do list.

I am a fighter.

I can do everything.

I believe in God.

I believe in his power.

May God will Always bless me.


These mantras can keep you moving, especially in challenging moments and strengthen your sense of self.  

But these words, by themselves, are not enough to change you deeply. Building strong and good self-sense.

For this, your words need to accompany your actions so that you can establish your value.


  In other words, you have to prove to yourself that you are important. You have to prove your beliefs about yourself right.

 There must be conformity between what you are claiming and what you are living, then only your conscience will accept it. 


 By justifying your claims, you send the message deep into your heart that you are worthy to fight this battle of self-love.

  If we don’t prove to ourselves that we are ready to fight for our right to light and a healthy self-concept, then who will?

  For this work, you have to face the inconveniences by stepping out of your comfort zone and making new choices that empower you.


  For example, if you are someone who finds it difficult to speak for yourself, then change your behaviour by expressing your needs or desires clearly and confidently.

 Or if you are someone who restrains himself from finding a more satisfying career  So, take a step towards a new career. 

 Even the smallest and staggering step can change the landscape inside you. Realizing your beliefs about yourself requires that you finish the things you start. 


 Prove to yourself that you can get things done.  This can include important and meaningful life goals or practical and small daily tasks.

  It doesn’t matter whether they are great achievements or simple acts. What matters is that you drown your negative self-talk about yourself in a sea of ​​accomplishment. 

3. Heal Your Inner Wounds.

 One of the most fundamental elements in our efforts to accept, recognize ourselves is to look into our past so that we can heal our inner hurts.  

At the heart of an inferiority complex is always a combination of abuse, trauma, and repressed desires.


 And the roots of these feelings are mostly associated with our lineage and ancestors.  The way to get rid of these feelings is not to run away from them, but to go into the past and face them. 


 Not because we want to scrape these feelings again and again, but because to get rid of these feelings, we have to go to the root of them and treat them. 

 It is okay to run away from them for some time, but not forever. Treatment can take place in several ways. 

Talk therapy (conversation with an expert) can be an effective tool to see and understand your inner self-esteem.  

With the right therapist, you can talk freely and punish those. Who are on patrol who have been lost?


 You can know where these voices of self-hatred and shame come from. But recognizing and analyzing your injuries doesn’t always equate to treatment.  

Over-analysis can perpetuate emotional debility, which can lead to delays in the treatment of trauma.  


A better way to treat this is to combine talk therapy with body-centred psychotherapy. Body-centred psychotherapy, such as somatic experiences, bioenergetics and core energetics, etc. 


 Our internal injuries are realities we have experienced, and if we want to transform them we must face them directly, within the body itself.  

4. Comparison blocks the cognition of ourselves.

In my childhood,d my mother always told me a story of two donkeys. when I compared myself with others. 

The story is like that, There were two donkeys, A day like every day. Both donkeys with his master. To carry goods, they went to the market. 

The owner of the donkeys. Brought salt and wool. The owner loaded salt on one donkey and loaded wool on another donkey. Both Carried the goods and went towards their destination. 


On the way,y they met a river. When the donkey, carrying salt, went into the river, he took a slow dip in the river.

Due to this, his weight was further reduced. Because salt dissolves in water.


 Seeing this, the other donkey also thought that if I also take a dip, then my weight will also be reduced when he took a dip. 

His weight increased. Because the wool weight increases after getting wet in water.


Both got beaten up by their master because they took a dip in the river, but one benefited by taking a dip in it, his weight was reduced, but the other weight was increased. And in bonus, she found punishment also.


We are also in a similar situation. If someone close to us or our friend gets success, then we get jealous after seeing his success.

Whereas neither we are going to get any benefit from his success, nor is there going to be any benefit from his unsuccess.


We engulf ourselves in thinking. How he finds success or we dogleg-pulling of colleagues also for success. 

Instead of identifying our uniqueness, doing hard work, and making our way to find success.

So, avoid comparison, Know yourself, Know your strength, Know your potential and do hard work.


So, these are the four tips that helped me to understand my true value and self-worth. And if you follow these tips I hope it also works for you.  

We are all beautiful creatures at heart. Tips are to overcome obstacles and do fruitful work to build a foundation of lasting self-esteem.

 When we do this, we stop putting obstacles in our way and live the life we ​​were born for.  

But you know yourself better than me. So follow your conscience and make decisions according to it

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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