How to know, time has come to break up in a relationship.

How to know, the time has come to break up in a relationship. The relationship is how two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected.


How to know, time has come to break up in a relationship.


Human beings are social animals living in relationships. Relationships are our needs and give us power in our bad times.

Relationships are the blessings of God. Which works, when we have nothing left in our life. In the relationship, we found trust which does not build on anyone easily.

In a relationship, we have a warm hug or strong shoulder. Which gives support, when we stumble in our lives.


And among his signs is that he has created companions for you, that you may find peace in them; and he has put affection and compassion among you. Surely there are signs in it for those who think.”  [Quran 30:21].

But, some time relationship is like a neck brace, which is tight enough that it is difficult to take a breath

Every time friendship experiences are good, not necessarily. The company of some makes our good mind wither. It is better to make a little distance from such a place.


 Many times the mind is not ready to believe that we are surrounded by the wrong people.  Doing so for a long time causes a lot of damage to the mind. 

 Despite being with everyone, we are not able to be happy, we go on withering every day.  


Thus established, one never deviates from the truth, and upon attaining it one thinks that there is no greater benefit than this.  Being situated in such a position, the person never moves even amid the greatest difficulty.  – Bhagavad Gita 6.22


The end of something is better than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.  Do not be quick to get angry, for anger resides in the stomach of fools.” bible

7 best way to know, the time has come to break up in a relationship.

1. Want to change you


The most important thing in relationships is that our partners should like us as we are.  Psychologist Mandy Klopper says, “It’s one thing to explain to each other, but someone is constantly forcing you to change, so it’s not good for your development.” 


Form, colour, fashion, eating and drinking habits always beckoning, laughing, then forcing you to make such choices, which you do not want, then understand that it is necessary to be careful with such. 

 There is no place for agreement in a healthy relationship. Agreement means a contract or business deal.

Generally, in agreement, a clause for change is included. But in a relationship, there is no clause of change.

Change has come in anyone life or any relationship not by force but by love, affection and care of each other.

Real close friends don’t force you to do or be things that you don’t like.


2. Leading to wrong habits.


 We know what is good for our life, what is bad for our health. And some things are harmful to everyone. 

 But it is also that we, knowingly or unknowingly, adopt the habits of those around us.

  Friends who lead to habits like wrong eating habits, sleeping late at night, smoking or consuming intoxicants, exercising can make you fall in the grip of many diseases.


Here I can share one incident from my college life. I remember this incident was happening on my second and third days of college.


We all were standing at the tea stall and told each other to give the tea party. But no one was ready.

Seeing this, a senior came and told me. If you ask anyone to offer you tea, no one will be ready. But if you ask anyone to offer you a cigarette, most people will agree.


Because, if you take a cigarette one day, slowly-slowly you will be habituated. And after someday you happily offer him a cigarette.


The reason behind his talk is very simple: bad habits attract us easily and make us habituated, and we fall into anyone’s baptism easily.

  If you feel that slowly you are moving towards wrong habits, then you should think about it once. 



3. If the relationship is one-sided


 As I mentioned above. A relationship is how two or more people or things are bound with each other. In relationships, cooperation, listening are two-way.

Looking back, it seems that you are making a one-sided effort to maintain a relationship, so such a relationship will last a long time.


Keeping up for a long time will not be good for your health. If your friends don’t care about your time, dreams and desires, it means you are investing your time and energy in the wrong people. 


Educator and advocate Sheena says, “Sometimes your friends themselves don’t understand what you expect from them. In that case, you talk to them openly. If they still don’t understand, then you should respect your dreams and time. “


 When relationships are good, we share our things. We are ready to help each other. Both sides try to make the relationship stronger.


 Nothing was one-sided. In the eyes of loved ones, the feeling of love, trust, cooperation and respect for ourselves, makes us happy in many ways. 

So if you do not see the love in the eye of your partner for you. If they understand you feeling desire and needs. Then we have to alert, whether the relationship is one-sided or not.



4. When domination comes in relationships.

It only means two people have to be together. If “I”replaced “us”. If only one partner dominates in a relationship, then it is not right to be together.


In any relationship, there is no place for “me”. In any decision of acceptance and avoidance, both partners would be together. They have equal rights


The relationship is just like our two hands or two legs. In the absence of anyone the other power also decreases. It makes our body get imbalanced.

When the domination or ‘I’ come into a relationship. Restlessness begins in the heart. Bitterness starts in the relationship.


Because our mind is not able to take the stress of domination. Our hearts and minds want to be released from bondage.


When the request is changed into order when our partner wants whatever his decision is, you will obey it. When he wants his control over your every activity.

Please do a breakup, because a good end is better than a bad beginning.



5. When sacrifices turn into greed.

Relationships are based on sacrifices. In a relationship, we sacrifice our wants and needs for our partner. We sacrifice our happiness for their happiness.


But when the sacrifices turn into greed. Means your partner hides something from you, he is absent when you are suffering, hides his eye contact while talking with you, and tells lies.

It’s time to break up from the relationship. because greed licks your relationship like a termite and makes it hollow.



6. When your partner does not understand your pain.

That’s when we need partners the most. When there is pain in our life. We want to share that pain with our partners. Because he is the only one in this world with whom, we can share our pain. Because we have trust in him.


But when our partner does not understand our pain. It is the most difficult time for anyone. It breaks the trust in him. Makes us a person who never trusts anyone else in life.


So, when you observe that between you and your partners understanding of each other’s pain is lacking. The best way is to break up.



 7. When misconception replaces trust.

The misconception is the reason behind the break up in 8 out of 10 cases. Because it works like a slow poison, which slowly-slowly enters all veins of the body and spoils our hearts.


According to me, The beginning of a gap in any relationship starts due to misconception. I would like to tell you about the famous drama of Othello to better understand.

Othello (The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice) is a drama by William Shakespeare, probably written in 1603.


The story revolves around two characters, Othello a Moorish general and Lago his slave. Othello is a Moorish general in the Venetian army who was charged with the Venetian generalship on the eve of the war with the Ottoman Turks on the island of Cyprus. 


 He has just married Desdemona, a handsome and wealthy Venetian who is much younger than him, against his father’s wishes. 

  But Lago was feeling jealous of the wife of Othello. So, he maliciously stirs his master’s jealousy until usually, Othello kills his beloved wife in a blind rage.


  Because of its enduring themes of envy, malice and jealousy. The evil talk of Lago closes the ear and eye of Othello. That he did not see and hear the love and affection of Desdemona.


The only thing that kept swirling in his mind was that this woman was cheating on me. So, Misconception is like food and water. Which nourishes the plants of malice and jealousy.


When you feel misconception is rooted deeply in the heart of your partner. A better way is to break up.


So, these are the 7 best ways from which you determine. How to know, the time has come to break up in a relationship.

According to me, when your partner wants to change you forcefully, it’s an alarm to  Break up. when your partner does not understand your pain. when your partner is not with you when you are suffering. 


when your partner starts to dominate you. when I come first then us. when a relationship leads to wrong habits. when sacrifice turns into greed.

When trust is replaced by a misconception. when envy, malice, and jealousy are rooted in the heart. The time has come to Break up. 


Because It is better to be free from relationships and breathe openly. By keeping a burden on the heart, and keeping the relationship.

Best of luck.

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