Rejuvenate peace in yourself.

Rejuvenate peace in yourself. In the four defined goals (kama, artha, dharma, and Moksha)of human life, the last one is Moksha (liberation) which each. When we are tired after recklessly running behind our desires.


Rejuvenate peace in yourself.


This means we deeply indulge ourselves in attaining kama (desire and pleasure) and artha (wealth). That’s why we do not give our attention to the other two. According to Kabir das

Maya marina Mann mara, mar Gaye sharir

 Aasha Trishna Na Mari, Keh Gaye das Kabir.

Meaning-According to Kabir, Maya, the mind, body are all mortal, but the hope and craving arising in the mind are never destroyed.

That much we are involved in the maze of kama and artha. That our joy and peace are over.

Which creates disbalances in the equilibrium of defined goals of life. Make the root cause of our pain.

 To protect ourselves from pain, suffering, and conflict of our inside and rejuvenate peace. We need peace in our life. 

To rejuvenate peace in our life and mind. When we start our journey. We searched for it here and there but didn’t find it.

Because we look here and there in search of peace, we never try to search for peace within ourselves.

When we love ourselves, then we love others. Then we understand the feeling of others. If you are not able to take care of yourself then how do you take care of others?


Everything depends on us how we look at the world. If we only see negativity in the world. We found we revolve around negativity. Means negative people and negative situations.


So why not first change the glass from which we see the world. Maybe we found that the word is not like that which we see previously.

Peace is that thing, which we do not buy or sell. The peace is generated only by ourselves, not from other


Each of us is a king who rules over a very vast area. The area in which there are five rivers. 

Rejuvenate peace in yourself.


Our body is the first river, which we do not know exactly. Means of our sorrow, anger, and joy. We don’t know about our reaction.


  The second is the River of emotion. Every Emotion is a drop of water in this river. We don’t care about our emotions. Sometimes our feelings override our reasoning ability to make decisions.

 There are pleasant sensations or Emotions, others are unpleasant and neutral Emotions. 

To meditate is to sit on the banks of the river of sensations and recognize. Every feeling arises as a feeling.


  The third is the river of perception. Look deeply into their nature to understand.

Generally, we block our minds. We do not apply our minds and prejudge anything. We think according to mob mentality. 


This means our judgment is based on mob judgement. The mob decided what is right or what is wrong. We never applied our minds.


  The fourth is the river of mental structures, meaning how much we apply our mind in any activity. As I explained above we are victims of mob mentality. 

So, we make decisions selfishly.


 And finally, the fifth river is Consciousness. If we make decisions selfishly. Our consciousness is death. We trap ourselves in the prison of greed, Enchantment, and selfishness.


To practice consciousness, we first explore ourselves. Which gives us an understanding of our inner and outer personalities.


Our territory is huge, but we’re not responsible king or queen. we always try to dodge away and we don’t keep our real watch area.

We feel that there is immense conflict there. Too much suffering, too much pain.


  That’s why we’re so hesitant to come back to that area.  Running is a part of our daily practice. We don’t want to face conflict and pain. 

If we have a moment free, we’ll use it to see television or read a magazine article. So we don’t have to return to our conflict area.  We are afraid of suffering

  The one who is inside us is afraid of war and conflict.


The practice of mindfulness and meditation for rejuvenating peace in yourself.


 To restore peace and harmony. What we can do is harness the energy of mindfulness to rejuvenate the peace.

 Mindfulness is a type of energy that comes with concentration, understanding and love.  If we come back to restore peace and harmony in us, first change the glass from which we see the world. Second, then to help the other person add some value in their life.


Take care of yourself, establish peace in yourself, the basic condition is to help someone else.

  So, by the use of mindfulness, you may stop yourself and others from being a bomb. By identifying the source of pain for yourself and others, you have to help him and yourself to defuse the bomb. 


 To be able to assist, we have to. A little calm, a little joy, a little compassion in ourselves.

Calm helps to be patient and silent. Joy helps to hide your sorrow and give confidence. Compassion helps you understand others feelings.


 This is what we get from mindfulness meditation in everyday life because mindfulness is not something.

  Which is done only in the meditation hall;  is also done in the kitchen, in the garden, when we’re on the telephone, when we’re driving, when we’re doing the dishes.


  If you can do it this way, three weeks is enough to change the pain inside you, to bring back your joy to live, to create the energy of compassion with which you can help the person you love and others.

The practice of being what’s there is beautiful and with what’s healings something we should do every day, and it’s possible

  Do this in everyday life.


Each step brings you back to the present moment;  each step enables you to touch what is beautiful, what is truth.  


And thus, after a few weeks of practice, bliss anything will be possible, you will be able to untie the many knots inside you, and you’ll be able to transform negative energy into joy and peace. And rejuvenate peace in yourself.

Best of luck.

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