9 life’s hacks which we should learn from ants.

 9 life’s hacks which we should learn from ants.While studying a newspaper. I find an interesting question, which smallest creature can motivate us to make our life easy?


9 life's hack which we should learn from ants.


Suddenly one answer strikes in my mind are “Ant“. I think most of us will give the same answer.

Because since childhood, we have been hearing and learning from primary class books about the story of elephants and the ants.

That is, how a small ant can even kill the elephant or put him in trouble. But the story is the story. So I further started researching ants because of my curiosity.

While researching I found many amazing facts about ants. Which forced me to accept that. Ant teaches us life’s hack lessons. Which helps us to thrive in our life.

Like, the anthropomorphic ants are used in fables and childhood stories. To represent diligent and cooperative efforts. They are also mentioned in religious texts.

In the book of proverbs in the Bible ants are set as a good example to humans for their hard work and cooperation. Aesop did the same in his story. The ant and grasshopper.

In the Quran, Suleman is said and understood. An ant warns the other ants to return home to avoid being accidentally crushed by Suleman and his moving army Quran (278,18).

According to Hindu mythology, the three super gods are Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Taught the lessons to Indra( king of devas) by giving the example of an ant. They called Indra an ant. When Indira was got arrogant after killing Vritra(asura).

The use of ants in different holy books clears that. Ants are used as examples to show the people. How the ants’ behaviour helps them to come out from all their miseries.


These are 9 life hacks that we should learn from ants.

9 life's hack which we should learn from ants.


1. Make us socialize- 

Ants are from a Formicidae family. Which indicates that they are social insects. They live in social colonies and complex Social organisations like bees and wasps.

There can be up to 50 million ants in a colony. In each colony, three types of ants are found. Queen ants (responsible for laying eggs and doing leadership). Worker ants ( responsible for finding foods, defending the colonies, and caring for eggs).

Drone (responsible formatting with the queen, they are male).

They teach us how to make community and be socialized. As gradually we take a step towards success. Our attitude changed from socialization to individualism.

We isolated ourselves from family, relatives, and friends. We engulf ourselves in our work, hectic schedule, and success obsession.

So when downwards phases start in our life. We flock around from various mental problems.

At that time we need our family and loved ones. For their support.

So, make a balancing approach between our professional and personal life. And make yourself a social animal.

If you care about others. In return people also care about you.


2. Help you to avoid laziness or procrastination- 

Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise. ( Prov 6:6)

Ants collect food for the winter and rainy season from early summer. To minimize the difficulty for their worst day.

  Ants teach us to look ahead. “Provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest. (Prov 6:8)

Ants are like superhumans. They can lift 50% more weight in comparison to their weight. Some species of ants lift 100% more weight.

So, these behaviours of ants motivate us to leave procrastination and laziness and indulge in-activeness.

These two habits halt our growth and make us irresponsible or victims of our team.

Therefore be an owner of your team, take responsibility for your doing, face the problems and do not run away from them.


3. Help you to maintain focus- 

Focus is a very essential part of life. If you lose your focus on your goal you will never achieve it.

Focus is like the hull in the boat (life). Which helps us to sail our board in the right direction and land on the right shore.

Ants are that much focused on their goal of storage of food for their worst days.

Their wisdom and biological clock help them know about the time of summer. They start their work and achieve without any Distraction.

So if our focus is like ants. We will never be defeated at any time. Success will kiss our feet.


4. Taught us the principle of hard work and devotion-

The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer. (Prov 30:25)

By the above-discussed behaviour of ants. We know how focused they are on their goals.

But it’s not completed without hard work and devotion towards their work. Every ant does their work according to a predetermined strategy from the queen ant.

They know their work, they have only a target to complete their work in a specific time.

Without thinking, how much time it takes and how much work they have to do. The only things they focused on completing the goal.

If we indulge this hardworking and devotion towards work in our behaviour. We will flourish in life.

So, if you include focus, hard work and devotion in your life as a success strategy. You climb any mountain(challenge).


5. Prepare for the worst time-

It is very much clear that the worst times never come after giving us an invitation. They come suddenly and surprisingly.

So, we did not prepare for that. At that time our wisdom helps us to inkle the upcoming difficulty in our life. Our patience helps us to make sustainability in our life.

These are two things we should learn from ants. Their wisdom helps them to know the weather has come to store the food for their worst days.

Their patience helps them to tolerate their worst days. In the rainy season, many times their nests will be destroyed. But when the rain stops, They start to construct new nests.


6. Taught us the lesson of leadership-

Ants teach us four lessons of leadership.

Minimise the trouble of organisation and team members. The queen ant is the leader of the colony. So, her work is to manage the colony. She distributes every worker ants their work. And supervises them.

Utilisé your network, the right people in your team elevate your potential and possibilities of success. She knows which member is right for which works.

Division of work, a great leader always distributes the work according to the qualifications of team members. So, the ant queen also distributes the work according to the specific qualifications of ants.

Prepare for the worst time for the organisation and team members. As I mentioned above, ants store their food for the worst period. They prepare themselves for it.


7. Teacher us the lesson of consistency-

 They teach us the lesson of consistency, they never stop, while the condition is good or bad. They execute their work.

You observe that when you put a fingertip in the way of ants’ procession. They only change their directions and just turn around. They never stop.

Consistency is the door to success, ensuring success, avoiding boredom, making your interest in your work, and certificates of self-discipline.

So, never stop while chasing the targets. Continue on your path. Of course, it may be late in getting to your destination but you will get it!


8. Ants teach us not to pay attention to small things-

  If you put your finger in the ant’s path, she just turns around and the soldiers go where she’s going.

  It won’t consider your finger as an obstacle in their work.  Put another obstacle in its path and it will still take the soldiers to their destination. 

 You should do the same and don’t let silly problems and struggles get in the way of achieving your objective.  

If you’re doing your homework, don’t let silly networking sites lead you to endless hours of web browsing. Distract your mind from your homework.


9. Teacher us teamwork-

Be it an organization or family teamwork is necessary everywhere. Like in our organisation every employee is essential.

From manager to sweeper. Everyone’s work is well defined. No other team members do that work. 

Like a sweeper not doing the work of a manager or a manager not doing the work of a sweeper. 

So, the best way is to work as a team member to achieve the target. Because everyone in the team depends on others.

It’s like, When you break a stick, it will break easily, but when you try a bundle of sticks, it will not break.

Ants work in a team. Every member’s works are well defined.

Which group will protect eggs, which group will collect food, and which group will repair the nest or make a new nest?


So these are 9 life’s hacks that we should learn from ants. No doubt ants teach us a lot. But all responsibility is on our shoulders. How much do we want to learn?

Best of luck.

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