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7 worst habits for your brain.

7 worst habits for your brain. Which makes your brain exhausted and burn out. It is very hard to exclude the 7 worst habits for your brain. From many bad habits. Because every habit of yours impacts your brain.


Some impact more and some impact less. So I choose the 7 habits which have more impact on our brain. Therefore before knowing the impact of habits on our brain. We have to know first, what a habit is? and why do habits impact our brain most?

7 worst habits for your brain.

What is a habit? 


In simple words, habits are due course of action. Which we perform daily. This action may be our behaviour, doing any work, or our thinking process. Which we repeat daily in the same way.


Commonly, habit = habituated of anything. It is like an addiction. Which gives us pleasure and makes us relaxed. Because when we perform that work. Which is added to our lifestyle. Our mind thinks that this is an easy task. Which I can easily perform.


For example, we all are so nervous on the first day of any task. It may be our first day of office, school, marriage etc. But after one month. We are used to it. And which work looks hard to do on our first day. Which makes it easy today.


So, the habit is, to regularly do the same work. Or repeating the same work daily.


Why do habits impact our brain most?


The brain is the supreme controller of our body. Our whole body works on the command of our brain. When we start the work daily and repeat it every day. 

The doing of that work is stored in our subconscious minds. So when we perform the same task regularly. We can easily perform it. And after some time, we do it unconsciously.


It is scientifically proven that a task. Which we do in the same manner for 21 days. It makes our habits. And after 90 days it inculcates in our lifestyle.


So because every process to make from habits to inculcate in our lifestyle is done by our brains. So the impact of every habit is first on our brain.


For example, take a simple example of walking habits. If we show the first effect of this habit. It directly impacts our physical health. But it indirectly impacts our mental health.


  1. It decreases the cholesterol level of the body.
  2. Walking stimulates our brain to release endorphins, a neurotransmitter that increases our mental health
  3. It improves the oxygen flow to the brain.
  4. The University of New Mexico Highlands looked at 12 healthy young adults and measured the effect of blood flowing upwards to the brain.Researchers found the impact of our feet hitting the ground. While walking delivers a hydraulic wave to our brain throughout our bodies.This wave is strong enough to send blood to the brain through our arteries. And increasing blood flow to the brain.
  5. It improves the white matter in our brains and sharpens our memories.


So you show that a simple brisk walk has how much impact on our brain. It helps our brain to improve more.

There is no direct relationship between this habit with the brain. But because all of our activities are controlled by the brain. So every action of us directly impacts our brain.


7 worst habits for your brain.


1. Always think negative- 


Prima Facie we know that negative thinking is related to our thought process. But our thought process is directly related to our habits.

The work for which we are habituated. We feel comfortable doing it. So when we think about it, only positive thoughts come into our brains.


But when some work is out of our comfort zone. We get frustrated and irritated. And we are filled with negativity. This is common. And it happened to all of us. But when a series of downfalls come in our life. We started to think that, we are losers.


And when we continue starting to think that we are losers. Then it becomes our habits. First, our brain does not want to store it in our subconscious brain. 


But when we keep repeating that. It stores in the subconscious brain and becomes our habits. And in 90 days we fully inculcate it. We feel comfortable with our negativity. 


So how do you get rid of this habit? It is very simple, you only change the word. From loser to winner, from hater to lover. And repeat it for 21 days. You will show the difference in your habits.


2. Cut the supply of carbohydrates-


During our weight loss program. We go through various types of myths.various types of myths. This is one of them. Cut the supply of carbohydrates. Many coaches suggest that you decrease carbohydrates and increase your protein intake.


But because of lack of guidance, many people cut it totally and some include less than they need of it. The lack of carbohydrates decreases the level of glucose. 

Which results in less concentration. Because our brain does not find an adequate amount of oxygen.


The other problem is constipation. Which invites many diseases and fills your brain with frustration. So never cut the supply of carbohydrates. You may manipulate it according to your diet plan. 


Because no doubt you lose some weight quickly. But you pay a high price for it. And you will quickly quit your weight loss program. 

Some also skip their breakfast during the weight loss program. But breakfast is an essential part of our diet.


Because in the morning, our body is in an insulin deficit. Our body is very weak. It needs energy for the proper circulation of blood in the body and for performing our daily activities. 


Blood is the source of oxygen. And oxygen is essential for the brain for proper work. So never skip breakfast.


3. Socially isolated-


Some people are introverted and they are naturally shy. And want to live an isolated life. Their brain is preparing themselves for it. So there’s not much impact of this habit on them.


But most people isolate themselves from social and family gatherings. Because of their ambition of name and fame. They do not care about it. But when the series of downfalls started. They get frustrated, depressed, sad and hopeless.


Because they are habituated to loneliness. They do not want to go into society and family. Because they are afraid of what people tell them. Or people laugh at them.


The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex help the brain to detect threats. There is a context path between them. Which helps the brain. To decide whether the threats are real or not


Due to isolation and not being social many times. The path has damage. So, their brain does not detect whether their fear is right or wrong. These make them unprotected. 


Which cause various types of mental disorders, like dementia and Alzheimer’s. So come out of isolation and face the world.

One day you feel difficulty, the next day you feel more, but the day after next you are habituated to it and able to face it.


4. Overeating-


Overeating is another habit that can damage your brain, even if you’re eating healthy. Consuming too many calories increases the risk of cognitive damage and dementia.


Overeating leads to weight gain and obesity which invite various diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and brain haemorrhage.


Overeating is directly related to eating junk food. And junk food is related to a higher calorie and sugar diet.  If the sugar level is high many times in the blood. It destroys all the essential blood vessels. 


Which carried blood to our different vital organs. In all, the brain is one of them. So, all of these conditions boost the danger of brain conditions and Alzheimer’s disease. 


If you think that overeating is a symptom of an eating disorder, a therapist can help you learn unwanted patterns and behaviours that lead to overeating.


However, the exact relationship between overeating and mental decline is still being researched to find out more. If you want to protect your brain, make sure you’re eating a healthy diet and practising volume control.


5. Less sleep-


This is the most common and measured cause of mental disorders and brain weakness. These days we are so busy running a reckless race behind our success. That’s why we skip the health word from our life.


We think that we are machines. If we want success. We have to keep going. If we stop or take a rest we are defeated in the race to success. But we do not know. If we lose our health, we already lose our race. 


For work, we skip sleep from our daily schedule. We sleep less. Which causes bedtime revenge. This means that when we do not sleep properly our body takes revenge on us.


We lose interest in work, and our day-by-day performance will decrease, we feel lazy, and our energy level will decrease. In total, our brain stops working. 

Because machines also need rest. Alzheimer’s and sleeping sickness is the result of less sleep.


So, take proper sleep of 6 hours. For this, you can do a lot of measures. You do meditation and mindfulness practices. If you don’t get to sleep quickly, use a book to read in bed. Skip mobile from your sleep hours or sleeping room.


6. Smoking and Drinking-


I know many people from my study days to my professional days. They use smoking to enhance their brain’s cognitive productivity. The nicotine gives them a primary booster.


But after some time their level will decrease more than other people’s brain performance who does not use smoking. 

So for increases their performance. They use more for it. Because they are addicted to that. Without smoking, they could not do anything.


Their concentration level will decrease, their retention power will decrease, and they feel lazy. Because all these things have certain limits. The same thing happens in the case of alcohol.


They also cause sleeping sickness. Because it enhances the level of the brain. Which causes instability in the brain. Which makes the brain restless. So avoid smoking and drinking. It directly affects your brain.


7. Overuse of headphones or hearing loud music-


Hearing loss has been linked to brain issues comprising shrinkage of the brain. And an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  


One possibility is that the brain has to work harder to process. What is being said and is not able to be stored? what was heard in memory?


Prevent hearing loss by avoiding increasing the volume on your device to more than 60% of the maximum volume. Do not listen to your device for more than two hours at a time. 


Listening to an instrument that is too loud can permanently damage your hearing in just 30 minutes. Protect your hearing to protect your brain.




So these are the 7 worst habits for your brain. Which you have to get rid of. You have to do meditation and mindfulness practice to calm your brain. 

Do regular physical exercise to maintain your sugar. But do not cut carbohydrates from your diet. Include breakfast into your diet and take a balanced diet. Prohibited yourself from smoking and drinking. 

Avoid mobile and headphones. If you listen, listen to prescribed limits. Take a deep sleep which rests your mind. So use these remedies to overcome the 7 worst habits for your brain.


I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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