How to get rid of your comfort zone?

Are you have a sickness of the comfort zone? You are engulfed in the maze of that comfort zone good or bad? You could not decide, that should I  come out of my comfort zone or not? So this article helps you to come out of the maze of your comfort zone? And help you to rid of it.

 How to get rid from comfort zone?


Comfort zone 

The Comfort zone is the zone or field or reason. In which we feel confident that any task in this zone. We will be done effectively. The chance of success is more. We confidently step forward without any hesitation.

Like some people are confident in speaking but not in writing. If you tell them to deliver a speech on stage. They have no problem. But when you tell them to write an article, they give various types of excuses. Because they do not want to do it.

Some people are so introverted. They could not assemble their confidence to give a speech. While they know everything. They are a straight student in their class. So it is absolutely right that every work is not made for everyone.

A footballer dribbling with a ball very well like a writer dribbling with words. But both do not do each other job perfectly. Because they are comfortable with that which they do daily. Not from that, which they do one day.


The Comfort zone is good or bad


The Comfort zone is neither bad nor good. It depends on the condition and circumstances.

In some conditions and circumstances. The Comfort zone will effectively and efficiently work.

In some conditions and circumstances. It appears as trouble or disaster for you.

For instance, we take a case study of exam preparation and how to handle the exam pressure in the exam hall.

While during the preparation. You should be out of your comfort zone. Because you are in the mode of preparation.

At that time you must identify your weak point and try to mitigate it. You give more time to your preparation.

By coming out from your comfort zones. Such as cutting your time from your favourite activity. While preparing you to make a chart of topics in which you feel weak.

Give two hours of your daily schedule to correct it. With help of your teacher and discuss it with your friends. This will help you a lot.

But come out from your comfort zone and explore your weaknesses in preparation activities or processes that will not work in the exam hall.

In exam the hall you have to modify your strategy. Because you do not find any other chance to rectify or change your answer. Your whole future is dependent on it.

You must start your exam in your comfort zone. To boost your confidence and grip on the exams.

There is a clear and cut strategy. You will overpower on the exam. you succeeded or if the exam overpowers you. you defeated.

In another example, we take the case study of starting a blog. When you start your blog.

You follow a few basic principles.

First, select a low difficult keyword. Because in high difficult keyword most popular site is ranking. For a new blog, it is difficult to rank.

So, why does the expert advise selecting a low difficult word

Second, choose the keyword on which you are comfortable writing. On which you have full knowledge. In which you have confidence and interest.

Because when anyone visits your site and reads your content. They got impressed and regularly visit your site.

comfort zone? How to rid of your comfort zone? Is it good or bad?


How to rid of your comfort zone.


1. Positive approach-

Always make a  positive mindset. which helps you to face the worst condition strongly. A positive approach helps you to find the path in the darkness of failure and unsuccess.
So, avoid the company or surrounding of negative people. which feel your negativity. take step towards positivity.

2. Always optimistic-

An optimistic approach helps you. when you are defeated and want to give up. But the optimistic approach helps you to restart your journey. With full of confidence and hope for success.

An optimistic approach helps you to rid of rejection. Because rejection is the demon. which shook the pillar of people.

3. Learn to look into the eyes of your fears –

How long will you run from your fear? At some point, you will have to face it. Today you are afraid of one thing, tomorrow you will be afraid of another thing. Fear is a screw that will slowly take a grip on you.

Therefore,  learn to put your eyes on the eyes of fear. Fear will run away on its own. You will appear as the winner.

4. Adopt the changes-

Change is a natural phenomenon. As a human being. We adopt various changes. The adoption of changes in the success of human life.

According to a study, it’s noticed that. We develop our minds. Because we adopt changes and change our life. According to the condition of nature and that time of circumstances.

Which teaches us a new lesson in life. Continuously develop our minds to innovate new things.

Why we do not adopt changes. Whereas our whole personality is based on changes.

5. Take a small step-

We are always so excited. We would like to take a large step Or want to get something new. Because we want more in less time. And this is where we make a mistake.

In taking the large step we do various mistakes and cause defeat. And we are so shocked and scared by that defeat. That we do not want to take even a small step and be happy in our comfort zone. which restricts our growth.

So take small steps, take every step carefully. You will learn to take a big step on your own.

6. Be your own best friend-

Be a lover of yourself. I noticed that more of us are disappointed by ourselves. They assume that we are nothing. And causes depression, stress and chronic mental illness in people.

By a study, it’s found that those people. Who is a lover of himself who is rid of the mental illness?

7. Be an explorer or adventurous-

Explore your life, explore your surrounding, explore your country and explore the world.

Acquire knowledge through exploration and reading. Reading is a good habit. which should be inculcated by everyone in their living habits.

If you think that in your comfort zone of the house. you will explore the whole world. it is your wrong taught.

So come out from your comfort zone of the house and explore the world by travelling. Get together with your surrounding. It helps you to boost your confidence and communication  skill

8. Forgive yourself-

Many people press themselves under the burden of their mistakes. Due to their regret about their past mistake. They spoil their future.

They trap themselves in the cage of their comfort zone. So, learn to forgive yourself for your past doing and your future bright. Take new steps confidently and without hesitation. Which flourish your life.

9. Live your life with the 3 Ps-

patience, persistence and perseverance. These 3 Ps help you in your worst time. Most great achievements come from hard work.

Patience helps you to calm down in the worst time. Persistence helps you to stand on your dream and follow your dream in adverse conditions. Perseverance helps you to solidarity with your root-like banyan tree.

10. Be like President Lincoln.

When you slip get back up on the road to begin. President Lincoln lost his job, lost the election and had a nervous breakdown.

 However, he lived by the motto” The path was warm and slippery. My foot slipped from under me knocking the other out the way. But I recovered and said to myself, it’s a slip, not a fall.”

Life is full of turns and twists my friend. Nothing is straightforward. If we think that, we have full control over life. This is our illusion.

So, only things which we will do. Is to prepare ourselves for the twist and turn. Like a footballer, who prepared himself in practice for control of the ball on every twist and turn for a big match.

All success of him depends on his control of every movement of the ball. The winner of the match will be those. who has more control over the ball?

Therefore the people who have control over the twist and turns of life appear as successful.

So, by the above two examples and discuss how to rid of the comfort zone.

I will give my best to understand that. The comfort zone is neither bad nor good. It depends on the condition and circumstances. these are some tips for comfort zone? How to rid of your comfort zone? Is it good or bad?

I concluded my part with hope. That,s this information adds some value to your life.  Prepared yourself for every condition. Stood like a banyan tree strongly in front of every disastrous wave of life.

In last, I repeat my word that no one evaluates you better than yourself.

If you like or dislike please comment. Your comment will give me the motivation to improve myself.

I want some other information or article on other topics please suggest.

Your suggestions will be an honour for me.

Best of luck.

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