How to avoid procrastination? And it’s 9 remedies.

How to avoid procrastination? and it’s 9 remedies. Which helps to accomplish more tasks in a limited time.  Everyone wants to accomplish more tasks in a limited time but fails in doing so. We all want less time and more work. Most successful people achieve it.

Because they know the remedy for procrastination. Yes, procrastination is one of the main culprits behind the delay in the completion of tasks. So, in this article, we will go to discuss procrastination and its remedy.
How to avoid procrastination? And it's 9 remedies.


I was also suffering from procrastination. I think that most of the people in this world suffer from this problem and want an effective solution. How they do more tasks in less time and avoid procrastination.

Therefore, I will share my view and my experience. How do I manage the extra burden of tasks? And how I manage to avoid procrastination.

So in this article, we know what is procrastination? And 9 remedies to avoid procrastination and accomplish more tasks in a limited time. For this, you also use Zach Browman simple mind hack to annihilate procrastination without using willpower.


What is procrastination?


Procrastination is the action of delaying or hindering something. The word is taken from the Latin word procrastinates. Pro means tomorrow and casting means delay.

When procrastination became habituated or intentionally done by someone after knowing the negative consequences of delay in the work. Then it becomes the most avoidable item.

I abandoned that we procrastinate but don’t want to admit that we procrastinate. So, we make excuses to avoid the truth.

For instance, most of the students are always ready with their excuses. On the question of, Why they do not start their preparation from today? They give different types of excuses.

These excuses are like that. We do have not enough material to start the preparation or we have no enough time to start today and many more

We do not simply accept it. That the task is boring or I am lazy. That’s why I do not start preparation today. The reason behind this is our ego. Which restricts us to accept the truth.

We do not control the urge of procrastinating. Because it is a natural phenomenon inculcated in our human psychology.

What, we will do to avoid procrastination. We will reschedule or organise our actions.

How do we avoid procrastination? This question is based on the capabilities or ability of the person. Differ person to person according to condition and circumstances.

You know yourself better than others. Yes, there are some remedy tips. How to manage your hour for the big tasks and avoid procrastination.

If your ability or capabilities is less. You can increase it. So, there is nothing impossible in the world.

If you want to retain focus and avoid procrastination without using willpower. You use the programme made by Zach Browman the simple ‘mind hack’ to annihilate procrastination. Here are some remedies highlights of his programme.


How to avoid procrastination? And its 9 remedies are the following.


1. Manage your time-

Most of us think that time management is an easy task. It is not necessarily to learn this art or skill. But it is a skill. Which we have to learn.

Time management is critical- it’s a skill that you absolutely must develop over time.

Because time is as precious as life both are once gone never come back. So, by proper management of time, you can save time and use it in other productive work. Such as our last work done.

Second, It does not increase the pressure of work on you. You will feel mentally relaxed and always free from stress and depression.

2. Productivity of time-

A lot of people complaining about that. We give more relaxed work. But the productivity of work will be less. Generally, this type of question arises from the students.

That, we studied more and more. But not complete our task in time or not find good marks in the exam. The reason behind that is a lack of concentration and focus.

They grip themselves in the trap of pseudo-working( Term gave by Cal Newport in his book. How to become a straight-A Student)

The simple formula for work completion is

work completion = time spent x intensity of focus.

Pseudo-working relates to the low intensity of focus. So, your productivity depends upon how much intense your focus will be on your work.

3. Prepare a chart of a daily schedule-

In the morning you give daily 10 minutes to prepare a schedule of your everyday to-do work. The schedule will be divided into two-part.

In one part, you have entered the list of work for today. In another part, you listed the outstanding work. Which you did not complete in your past days.

It helps you in two ways. First, the schedule remember you about your task. Second, the schedule relieves you from the overburden of past tasks.

Because it,s gives, You a Window to fulfil that task. On the day on which you save some time from the same-day schedule.

4. Rise early in the morning-

The study, it,s proves that the person. who rise early in the morning has mentally and physically fit.

Give one hour to yourself in the morning.

Divide 1 hour in 20:20:20 minutes into three-part.

In the first 20 minutes. You will do physical training. which will you sweat and accelerate the heartbeat?. it controls your insulin levels, and weight maintains and makes you physically fit.

Because with a healthy mind healthy physics of the body is also essential.

In the second 20 minutes. You work on your mental health. You do meditation. Try to concentrate on your mind. Because distraction is the biggest obstacle on the path to success.

By doing physical exercise your body gets exhausted. So by doing meditation, you relaxed your body and regenerate your energy.

In the last 20 minutes. You prepare your full-day schedule.

In the last 20 minutes, you can make your to-do list, think about any matter which is important to you or read some book and journal which improve your knowledge. Because at that time your mind will be open and clear from all the sludge.

The habit to rise early. Include more time in your working hour. Help you to increase your concentration label.

5. Avoid boringness-

Boringness is the biggest obstruction in the path of completing your work.

Many people face this problem. Because they do not determine their goal seriously and start their work or have no complete interest in their work.

So, first, determine your goal seriously, and set a purpose in life you found that your interest will rise automatically.

Second, use a psychological trick, do not start with the hard task. Start your task from your comfort zone or easy task or in which task you have an interest in and move towards a hard one.

Protect your mind from exhaustion in starting and build your confidence for a full day.

6. Deep work-

Deep work helps you to protect yourself from distraction and improve your concentration.

According to Carl Newport in his book deep work. Distraction is the main cause of failure in the task.

Deep work protects from sallow work. Improve your capacity and ability to do work efficiently and effectively. Deep work helps you to concentrate on your work and avoid distraction.

7. Deep sleep-

Deep sleep is not only necessary for a child. But for all the age groups. It,s helps your body to recover.

Increase your ability, performance, and energy to do work effectively and efficiently.  Because the brain is also like a machine that needs rest.

According to a study conducted by NASA. After taking a 26-minute nap a pilot performance is increased to 34%. In another study, it was found that by taking 45 minutes of nap student performance will increase.

So, to protect your mind from illusion and mental confusion. You have to rest your mind for productive work.

8. Make a work progress chart –

A work progress chart is a tool. Which helps you to evaluate your performance on daily basis.

Take a notebook and note down your performance after every task. Like, as what time you have taken incomplete the work, all tasks of the day you complete or not, and if not completed write down the reason.

Everyday day in the last hour. You evaluate your chat and find the reason behind it. The failure in the task and fixed your deficiency.

9. Feed the brain-

Treat your brain like a machine. You know our brain is more powerful than any other machine on the earth.

Like to protect our machine from depreciation and rusting. We greased, serviced and rest the machine.

Like that, we also feed and rest our minds for better concentration and performance.  Protect our minds from overhauling.

Use various methods to feed and rest your mind. Such as, always hydrating your body, taking a small nap, monitor your caffeine intake. because more caffeine causes laziness and takes a little break between your work. Help to better concentrate on your work.

So these are 9 remedies how to avoid procrastination? Which helps you to increase your ability and performance to do more work in less time.

So if you follow these remedies I guarantee you can defeat procrastination. Or if you want some tricky and fast-track method you use the course made by Zach Browman’s simple mind hack to annihilate procrastination without using willpower who’s some highlight is shown in my above explanation.

I want to know more about it please click on the link given below and above.

Zach Browman’s simple ‘mind hack’ annihilate procrastination. Here are some remedies highlights of his programme.

In last, I repeat my word that no one evaluates you better than yourself.

Best of luck.

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