10 Pros and Cons of Social media.

10  Pros and Cons of Social media and it,s effects on our life. Our mobile is like Aladdin,s Chirag(lamp) and the apps on our mobile is like Jin of Chirag. Which fulfil all our want an easy your life. Like the apps easy our life day to day work.


10 Pros and Cons of social media.

Social media is amazing innovation of the human mind. The role of social media in our life is like blood in our bodies.

We are so dependent on social media or networking sites that. We do not live without it.

For instance, imagine that one day we wake up and know that all the networking sites are closed or crashed.

The whole world comes in shock. The market will crash, office works will stop, unemployment will increase and many governments will collapse.

In the present time, we saw the confrontation between the Indian government and Twitter over social media policy.

In other incidents. we saw at the time of the election of the American president a confrontation between President Trump and Twitter.

You think that is why the government fears these media groups or networking sites.

Because they have the power to influence the whole election or public in favour or disfavour of the government.

Because they have the lethal weapon as data, data of public. From which they manipulate the public mind or whole election.

On other hand, social media and networking site helps us to ease our life. In one click, we know about all the news of the world. Will give a new exposure for employment.

If you have not a single penny in your pocket. Social media has the power to complete your dream of being a millionaire.

For instance, if you have a multimedia set. You will begin a career as YouTuber and earn money from youtube by making a video. Now we are going to discuss the 10 pros and cons of social media. And it’s effect on our mind.

10 pros and cons of social media.

The 10 Pros of social media-

10 Pros and Cons of Social media and it,s effects on our life.

Social media is the great innovation of humankind. Which is easy we live and gives us new exposure.

1. Easy communication-

Social media is easy and advance the communication system. We connect with anyone in just one click in audiovisual mode.

This experience that, no anybody is away from us. It decreases our dependency on travel. Now we do a meeting from our house.

Social media help us to share our views with a large audience. It easily propagates our view to the whole world.

2. Make the world digital-

Social media help us to make digital. Especially its gives the advantage to the government in implementing their planning or yojana effectively and efficiently.

The beneficiary of the planning or yojana found their benefit direct in their bank account. It reduces the risk of the middle man.

Social media help the government to audit and monitoring of the yojana or planning easily.

All the information and records of the government are available in one click. Which improve transparency.

Bank move towards zero paper use working culture. For example, your bank account is open at your home in one hour. Without using any paper.

3. Social media help you to make new friends and find old friends-

You heard several news that. Most people find their old friends with the help of Facebook

By the news published in Indian express in 2015. A Facebook photo has helped a Californian woman to reunite with her son after 15 years.

Three-year-old Jonathan was allegedly kidnapped by his father and taken to Mexico 15 years back.

Jonathan, now 18, posted a childhood photo with his brother on Facebook, thinking that his mother Hope Holland or his grown-up brother may find him on the social networking site, Time reported.

The reunion finally happened and a teary Holland could not stop thanking Facebook for this miracle. So this story proves the power of social media.

Social media help to make new friends. It also helps in many love stories and marriages.

Harish Mehta, who lives in Australia, came to India just two days before their wedding and it was the first time that he met Sneha Chaudhary

Love can strike anyone and anywhere. Sneha Chaudhary from Mumbai would agree as she found the love of her life while “just scrolling” through her Facebook feed.

She married Harsh Mehta, a Facebook friend whom she had never spoken with and never met. ( Story from Hindustan times)

4. Social media give new exposure in business-

Capital is the backbone of any business. A proverb is famous. Capital is like sugar, how much sugar add to syrup, the syrup will be equally sweet. Like that, how much capital you invest in your business. The business will grow that much.

But social media change this conventional mindset and give a new exposure and platform to start a new startup.

I give various examples of bloggers and YouTubers. who has earned handsome money from social media

Like, Arriana Huffington – Huffington Earning: ~$250M per year, Peter Rojas – Engadget Earning: ~$50M per year and Rand Fishkin – Moz Earning: ~$35M per year.

If you do not have a single penny in your pocket. You start a blog with help of Google blogger or start a YouTube channel with your multimedia set without any investment.

Believe me, a lot of people change their life with the help of social media. Earn handsome money from it.

5. Social media give a new hike to the education system-

Covid-19 and lockdown make us think. About the new dimension of the education system.

How do we penetrate education to every house of the country? How education is available to every child? Social media appear as a boon for the education system.

In higher study, we are used to the use of networks and the internet in our education. Especially in coaching classes but not in our academic classes.

The proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” is right in this condition. Covid-19 and lockdown bring the necessity.

How do we penetrate education to every child? We invented various apps and networking sites to penetrate the education of every child.

     6. Social media give a new dimension to working culture-

The conventional working culture. is 10 to 5 go to your office. Attend meetings by a lot of travelling. Face Boss pressure, colleague pressure and family pressure.

By the use of social media and networking sites. We relieve these headaches. And work according to our comfort.

Like, if you want to do meet. You do your meeting in your house comfort. Without any limited period and travelling.

 Social media help you.

1. Save your time and expenses.

2. Give you time for your family and fulfilment of other social obligations.

3. Relief from stress because of your hectic schedule and official pressure.

7. Social media give a new dimension to survey and advertisement or marketing-

Before 10 years ago. To do advertisement or marketing and survey was assumed a very difficult task. Because of survey and advertisement face following obstacle.

1. More workforce to propagate the advertisement to every person and doing the survey.

2. The selection of an advertisement company was also a very difficult task for a new startup.

3. To hire the big workforce and advertisement company needed heavy expenses. Which was not affordable by most of the companies.

4. After hiring the big workforce. The needs of capable management. To manage the workforce and better productivity

These were some problems faced by the small company and new startups. Which was appears as a big obstacle in their path of success.

 Social media appear as a boon for these companies. Proven as a milestone in the success of small companies and startups.

1. It reduces the cost of advertisement and surveys.

2. It reduced the dependency on a big workforce. The work of advertisement and survey is done through service provider.

3. The stress of management of the big workforce is also reduced. Because all headache is taken by the service provider

4. It saves time and give accurate information about the survey. Due to the penetration of social media in our society.

So the whole scenario changed and social media gave a new platform. On which all the company are a play on an equal level of the field.

8. Social media give a platform to express yourself or your opinion non violently-

In the last two to three-year social media emerged. As a platform on which you express yourself or raise your voice about wrongdoing.

social media help you to protest non violently against any wrongdoing. It adds like-minded people and help to aggregate them on one platform.

Recently I heard the news that. By making a site about the abuse of girls in different schools of London. A scandal was highlighted.

Because the website gave the platform to all the girls. Who suffers from the abuse. Collaborate on one single platform and put their complaint through the help of the website.

The website “Everyone’s Invited” ( soma Sara) asked victims to post anonymous accounts of the abuse they had suffered and has now received more than 5,000 testimonies.

9. Social media help you to update yourself and propagate awareness in public-

In today world with one click we update ourselves with the help of social media or networking sites.

Now you feel that everything is in your pocket in a small and 6-inch device. Social media is also used by the government and NGOs to propagate awareness in public.

Because of the penetration of social media in every house. It is easy to send an awareness message or a specific message to all the citizens of the country in one click.

It protects the government time, cost and mobilization of office traffic. Same as its help to industrialist or business organisation.

10. Sources of entertainment and fun giver-

In today world we not imagine a single day without social media and networking sites.

We include social media as one of the essential commodities. Needs for survival like house, cloth and food.

One of the main sources of entertainment. TV is for the old age group house and the multimedia set is for the new group. We divided the entertainment.

I have two children one is 3 years old and the other is 10 years old. They stick their full day with the mobile or computer.

These are some Pros of social media. Now we’re going to discuss the cons of social media. Because without the cons discussion. We never understand the topic 10 pros and cons of social media.

Because everything in the world has limitations. If we overhaul it. It,s gives us adverse results. Like medicine, medicine saves our life. But it’s wrong to use or excessive use emerges with adverbs result.

Same in the case of social media, we do excessive use of social media and networking sites. Its penetration into every house results in negative consequences for us, society and the country.

The 10 cons of social media-

10 Pros and Cons of Social media and it,s effects on our life.

1. All data will be synchronized in some hands-

The next king of the world will be that. who have more and more data in his archive?

In the recent incidence, we will show that in any country. There is a dog fight between the government and social media houses.

I give the example of the two countries above. One is India and the other is America. Where we saw the confrontation between the government and social media houses.

China is one step forward. They banned social media houses. On which they are suspicious and assume as a threat for themselves.

So, these incidences click in our minds. Why this country bans social media. Because they have the power of data. One day data will be more valuable than money.

 2. Social media is the main culprit for distraction-

Cal Newport in his book deep work. The emphasis is that social media is the main culprit for distraction from the goals.

He gives the example of two personalities. One is woody Allen. In 44 year period between 1969 and 2013.

woody Allen works and directed 44 films received 23 academy awards. Never use a computer. Completing all the writing on a German Olympia SM3 manual typewriter.

Another personality is JK Rowling Nobel prize winner and Harry potter writer absent on social media. In 2009 she joined Twitter. In her first tweet, she wrote ” pen and paper is my reality at the moment instead of the computer.”

 3. Privacy is in danger-

From last two or three years. Social media remain the subject of debate. That effect our privacy or our privacy is in danger.

If government make any policy to cut the feather of the social media groups. These groups stood and tell that. It affects the privacy of the public.

But the fact is that these groups no doubt manipulate the data of the public. When you open any of these sites on your mobile.

They want to take your email ID. Take your permission to access your photos your contact and many more things. Without giving all this information we do not use these apps.

I don’t know why they need this. The other fact is the data they take from you.

Store in their headquarter not in the country from which they take that. This is also a very big loophole. Which protect them from legal consequences.

4. Social harmony is in danger-

Most riots and violence is occurring due to the wrong message spread on social media. Yes, social media access to the world and our country news in one click.

But this news is right or wrong is depends upon our reasoning ability. Without knowledge about the fact and enquiry about the news and the sources.

We believe in that and disturbing social harmony.  So, first, check the message or news then believe or forward it.

5. Country security is at threat-

Social media emerges as a most lethal weapon than the atom bomb. Because for preparation to manufacture atom bomb. You need a formula than a lot of money and manpower.

But for fake news or disturbing message. You need a dirty mind, mobile and the internet. Which is easily accessed by anyone.

You heard about the news of right at Delhi in February last year. After investigation, police found that the main culprit behind this was WhatsApp university. The message which spread was coming from Pakistan.

So, it’s very clear that. If anyone wants to hits you. They easily hit you with the help of social media.

6. On one click several human bombs are constructed through the brainwash of youth-

The radicalisation of youth appears as one of the main causes of terrorism. Which was not easy before the invention of social media.

A long process was involved in the radicalisation of the youth. But after the invention of social media. It will be an easy task.

You observe that lots of radical messages come on your WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Which help to change the mind of youth.

These massages make them a human bomb. Because this massage washes the brain of youth.

7. Monopoly culture will begin-

If all the data will synchronise in a few hands. The culture of monopoly or capitalism will begin.

The monopoly of anything is not well for soiety. Because it,s decreased the bargaining power of society or the public and the power goes to the hand of the person. Who have Monopoly?

Even government also feel weak in front of these people. Monopoly decreased the competition from the market and increase the price of the product.

8. Cyberbullying-

In the past two or three years, the new culture of cyberbullying or trolling is common in social media.

No doubt social media give freedom to everyone to share his opinion. But social media have no control over cyberbullying.

Because of cyberbullying many people leave their social accounts. Or avoid giving their opinion on any matter. These types of things you see mostly in the political fraternity.

Cyberbullying restricts the truth and good opinions.

9. Cybersecurity-

Cybersecurity is one of the lacking fronts of social media. These media houses collect lots of data but do not provide full proof of security.

And the data will be stolen by hackers. This data is yours. Which contents your privacy, financial or other confidential information.

So, you imagine that cybersecurity is how much biggest threat for us or the government.

10. Threat to childhood-

One day when I was searching for something on youtube. I found that there is some adults content in form of cartoons.

I think how child differs in these cartoons. which is good or bad. When they watch them and relates with their surroundings. They understand them but not in the way an adult understand them.

So according to me, somewhere social media kill,s the childhoods of children.


By discussing 10 pros and cons of social media. We identified what is the role or effect of it in our life.

So, according to me. On one hand, social media appears as a blessing of God. On another hand, social media appears as a lethal weapon creation of humans.

God had given us the mind and power to think, feel and implement. To use the resources in the world and take care of them. But we have made our mind a lethal weapon. which innovate different kinds of lethal weapons. social media is one of them.

I am not an opponent of social media. Because I write this article on the platform. Which provide to me by social media.

I propagate my information in this article through the help of social media.

My only suggestion is that we use it in a productive way, not in a destructive way.

I concluded my part with the hope that. This article 10 pros and cons of social media and it,s effect on our life. Added some value and shows you directions. Best of luck

 Not anything is good or bad its condition and circumstance make it bad or good.

If you like or dislike please comment. Your comment will give me the motivation to improve myself.

I want some other information or article on other topics please suggest.

Your suggestions will be an honour for me.

10 pros and cons of social media.

Best of luck.

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