What is the difference between depression vs laziness?

What is the difference between depression vs laziness? There is a very fine line between these twoIt is very difficult to draw a line between these two Depression Vs Laziness. 

For this, we first know about depression and laziness in detail. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes, symptoms and remedies to avoid depression and laziness. Then we discuss the differences between depression vs laziness

Depression Vs Laziness. How we draw line between these two?




Depression means feelings of severe pessimism and sadness. It is related to mood syndromes.

Depression is a mental illness in which a patient feels unhappy, irritated, fearful and loses confidence in day to day life.

It is normal in life to face ups and downs. Everyone faces ups and downs and feels sad and upset. But when the feeling upset and sadness become our part of life.

Its side-effect is that we feel sad, miserable, give up on everyday activities, and lack motivation. Then the time has come. We have to be alert about it.

It adversely affects our mental health and could be a mental illness. It may be a sign of depression.

According to a WHO report, Depression is a widespread mental illness. Worldwide, more than 264 million people suffer from depression.

Depression is a major reason for disability worldwide and people with depression are a major contributor to the overall worldwide burden of mental illness. Especially in the young age group of 15-29 years old.

At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year worldwide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds.


   Causes for depression-


   1. Family history

The person who has a family history of any mental disorders or depression. They are at high risk. The data is not sufficient.

Which prove that all person. Those who have a family history of depression are at high risk.


   2. Drug addicts

People who do substance abuse are at high risk. The use of substance abuse floods your brain with a chemical called dopamine.

Which affects your judgment, memory and decision-making power. Throwing you into the rift of depression. Some are affected by depression because they avoid substance abuse or drug. You also call it substance use disorder.


   3. Past trauma or childhood trauma

The past trauma in your life. Sometimes not only hurt your body but it hurt your mind also.

With the time span the wound of the body heal. But the trauma of the mind does not heal. The trauma side-effect is fear, sadness, anger, and lack of motivation.

Like, after any heavy car or bike accident. A fear of driving a car or bike will be born in our brains.

An example of childhood trauma is child abuse, women are being raped at an early age. These are the incidents. Which affects our mind deeply and makes repeated after some time in our imagination.

Whenever we see this type of incident in our surrounding our past trauma flashbacks in front of us.

   4. Lifestyle

We live in a competitive world. So, there is a full chance of winning or defeat. The rule of the game is to win someone and lose someone.

But when we lose we are sad and upset. Which is normal or natural. But when these feelings will be on regular basis it causes depression.

Because of our stressful life and our hectic schedule of work. We cut off ourselves from society or social and family gatherings.

Which enhances our stress and suffocation and leads to depression and other mental health issues.


   How do you identify if you are depressed or have symptoms of depression?

   1 What is the condition of your mood

Feeling anxiety( a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome), apathy(lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern), guilty, hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest and not feeling pleasure in any activity, and lack of motivation.


   2 Your behavioural changes

Like social isolation, irritability and restlessness. Means in any activity of your life. You feel restlessness.

When you are with your family. But feel lonely. The voice of anyone feels you louder and irritated you. You feel that isolation is the last bit. In the isolation, you feel secure.


   3 Change in the sleeping habit

Like not sleeping the whole night or excess sleeping. Because of heavy thinking and stress. you will not sleep.

This is normal when this happens for one or two days. But when it makes habits. it will be the alarm depression and other mental health issues.

In some patients, the reverse mechanism works. They sleep a lot due to restlessness or fatigue.


   4 Weight gain and weight loss

You observe that when you are under stress. You eat more or you eat less. If I tell about myself I eat more when I am under stress.

But when this habit continued. This may be an alarm of depression. People with depression go through poor appetite and overthought. And its side-effect leads to weight loss.


   5 Emotional, sexual and cognitive ability is affected

People with depression are affected emotionally, sexually and cognitively.  Emotionally they feel sad, irritable, empathetic and hopeless. Sexually they do not perform well. Their desire for sex will be less or end.

Their cognitive ability will be affected. They do not concentrate, face difficulty in completing a task and our communication skills will be affected worst.


Remedy to avoid Depression

1 Change your lifestyle

In today’s world, we don’t avoid stress, this is a fact. What we have to do. Is to relax our minds.

How do we relax our minds? We do meditation, yoga and exercise. Give yourself half hour. In which you do whatever you want. For your enjoyment.


2 Lover of yourself

If you do study. You find that one thing is common in all depressed people. They do not love themselves.

They feel that we are bad, useless, ridiculous and failures. Because of these feelings. Sadness, hopelessness, guilt and fear are set in their mind.

These all feelings lead to depression. So,  if you are a lover of yourself. These feelings like useless, bad and failure never touched you.

So instead of thinking, I HATE MYSELF please think I LOVE MYSELF.


3 Give time and importance to family

Due to the hectic schedule of our work and enthusiasm for success.

We will not give proper time to our family or relatives. At the time of success, we will not care about it.

But when we fail. We need a strong shoulder. which gives us support. When we stumble. The strong shoulder will nowhere else.

So to find the support of family. Give some time to your family and relative. Which helps you in your worst time or when you stumble.


4 Take a deep sleep

Due to our busy schedule, enthusiasm for success, social media and bad lifestyle. We take revenge from our sleep.

We could not sleep that much. Which our body needs. Our body needs at least 6 hours of deep sleep.

Deep sleep helps us to recharge our bodies. Increased our productivity and performance and raised our minds.

Because the mind is a machine. which needs rest for better performance. In a study done by NASA after taking a 30 minutes nap. The performance of the pilot increased to 24%.


5 Out of your past regrets

This is one of the common reasons, found in depressed patients. They are not out from their past regrets.

One thing which we need to understand is that. We are not able to go into the past and rectify our wrongs. It is not in your hand. So, do not live in your past.

Future we don’t know. So, why do we regret that which is not in our hands? Therefore enjoy your present.



Laziness is the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy. It may reflect a lack of self-esteem, a lack of positive recognition by others, a lack of discipline rise to low self-confidence, or a lack of interest in the activity or belief in its efficacy


   Causes of laziness.


   1  Not determined goal

If you do not determine your goal. Doing work in the darkness. Like, what is the goal? How do I reach my goal? Which is the best path? And avoid planning.

You are lazy. Because you will never complete your task without planning or determination. You will not able to follow your dreams.


   2 Illusion of perfection

A mostly lazy person is in the illusion that. He is perfect and does anything without planning and determination.

The illusion of perfection is like an addiction to the person. In which he feels that. I do anything or everything without any help and any guidance. But the fact is that nobody is perfect in the world.


   3 Distraction

Distraction is one of the primary culprits of laziness. Distraction loses your concentration from your goal.

The human mind is very fickle. It is very challenging to stable the fickle mind. Distraction enhances it and concentration copes with it.


   4 Dependent

The dependent mentality leads to laziness. Some person is always in a mood. That someone pushes him first for doing the task. They lack motivation. Then they start their task.

They need crutches in form of support(family, colleagues and any individual). Because they depend upon them


   5 Boredom– Boringness leads to laziness. It’s human nature that we bore from anything quickly.

That is our interest, which motivates us to continue on the path of progress. Our concentration, consistency, and determination of goals help to keep our interest in the work. Helps us to continue our journey.

These three things help us to take interest in our work. Because if we do not take interest in our work. It is 100% sure that after a few times we got bored.


How do you identify that you are lazy or symptoms of laziness?


1 When you want a push from others to start your task. Because of your dependent nature and death of self-esteem.


2 When you feel bored with your work every time. Because of lack of interest, lack of positive recognition from others, and lack of motivation.


3 When you lose interest or concentration on your goal. Because of distraction


4 When you start your work without previous planning or determination of goal. Because of overconfidence.


5 When you are Procrastinated (Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. The word is taken from the Latin word procrastinates. In which Pro means tomorrow and castings means of tomorrow)


Remedy to avoid laziness 


1 Encounter your boredom

Boredom is one of the prime culprits behind laziness. So, avoid boredom.

To avoid your boredom. You include a rest period between your work. After every 45 minutes or one hour of work. Include 5 minutes of the rest period.

In these five minutes, you listen to music, do a brisk walk, and eat some snacks. It protects you from the side effects of boredom.

If you are in the house and you have time. Then help your wife and mother with their household chores.


 2 Determine your goal

Before starting any work. You must first determine your own goal. Because it gives you a path on which you will be going to achieve your goals.


3 Avoid procrastination

We do not fully avoid procrastination. Because Procrastination is a natural phenomenon.

What, we will do to avoid procrastination. We will reschedule or manage our activities. Some tips to avoid procrastination.

Management of time, deep work, deep sleep, make a chart of the daily schedule, make a work progress chart.


4 Take interest in your work

It is hundred per cent sure that. If you do not take interest in your work you feel lazy and boring.

So, take interest in your work. It improves your performance and productivity.


5 Avoid dependency

Avoid your dependent nature. It makes you handicapped. I am not against support. I am against dependence.

Because support means when you need someone to help for one time or for some time. For example, take the help of your friend to accomplish your task.

But dependency means you depend on someone always. When you take the help of your friend on regular basis. It,s called dependency.


6 Beings self-esteem

In most lazy people you identify that their self-esteem is dead. They do not care about anyone. They live in the illusion that we are, why do I listen to someone’s advice.?

This nature put them in adverse conditions. So, they first introspect them. Then wake their self-esteem nature and come out from the illusion of perfection. If needed take support and guidance from others.


7 Avoid jungle thinking

Jungle thinking is the terminology means. When we opted for distraction instead of focusing on one path. Like in the jungle there are various paths.

We do not identify, which path takes us out jungle e. We would lost in the maze of the jungle.

So, concentrate on your goal and avoid Jungle thinking or distraction.


Depression Vs Laziness


Dipression Vs Laziness.l


1. Willingness to do work. But due to anger, sadness and fear of not being able to do work.

2. Feeling anxiety, apathy, hopelessness and loss of confidence.

3. Sleeping habits will change.

4. Invited other chronic diseases. Obesity, hearts diseases and other mental disorders.

5. Feel imperfect.

6. Loss of interest in every activity.

7. Preferred social isolation.

8. Not enjoy life.



1. Unwillingness to do work. Because of lack of discipline and overconfidence or procrastination.

2. Lack of self-esteem, distracted mind and dependence.

3. Sleeping habits will not change. Mostly lazy people sleep more.

4. They will also face chronic diseases because of their laziness, but not a mental disorder.

5. Feel himself perfect.

6. Not lost interest in every work. They lose interest only in that task. They want not to do.

7. They are not socially isolated. They enjoy gatherings.

8. They enjoy their life. Because their self-esteem died.


After the above discussion.  According to me, if you see the symptoms of procrastination and unwillingness to do work. You identified that you are in grip of laziness.

When you feel the unwillingness to do work. Because of failure, rejection, despondency and dejection. It identifies the symptoms of depression. Now you draw your line between depression Vs Laziness.

Now I conclude this article with the warning that if your feel this type of symptom go to your doctor. Because he better diagnoses your problem. And give you medical attention if you needed.

You never use this article in your diagnostic criteria. This article gives an overall picture that only alerts you to come on your toes and run to your doctor.

Because you know yourself better than anyone.

Best of luck.

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