7 hacks to stop worrying,and start enjoy your life.

 7 hacks to stop worrying, and start enjoying your life. Stop worrying and start enjoying life to help you to protect yourself from mental disorders and increase your life.

Worry is the natural psychology of humans. A proverb is famous “china Chita key sath jati hai” which means “worry is gone with the pyre”



7 hacks to stop worrying,and start enjoy your life.



So, it is very difficult to end the urge of worrying from our minds. It is natural and common. What we have to do. Is to decrease the urge to the level. At which it is not harmful.

If anyone says that by using this remedy. your worrying probability will end fully. He will be wrong.

Because, if you will evaluate your whole life. The worrying nature had to start from your childhoods. If you will do any wrong. You are worried that your mother or father will punish you.

When you will not complete your homework. You worried that the teacher will punish you.

So, from childhood worrying nature was started and end to our tomb.

The question arises here that why children do not face mental disorders. Because they flush the worrying thought from their brains like they flush their shit from the toilet.

So, worrying is not a major problem. Over worrying is a very dangerous problem. It’s lead to various type of mental disorder. Like, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and irritation.

If we considered on one day of our life. There are many things to worry about it. If we divided the things to worry in two-part.

All things to worry about is revolving around our past and future.

Generally, we had to worry about regrets and sorry for our past doings. Or we will worry about the unexpected events that come in our future and to make our future prosperous.

But it is fact that our future will be unexpected. As like, our past doing was unchangeable.

Because we have no power to change the time and the past doing or know what will be in future. So, why we should worry ut what is not in our hands.

I will be going to tell you 7 hacks to stop worrying about unfortunate things and start enjoying your life.


  • Give importance to present and out from the illusion of past and future.
  • For a smart person, every day is new.
  • Forget what happened in past.

  • Time and patience is an ointment for all.
  • Focused on the work.
  • Physical activities.
  • One work at a time.


7 hacks to stop worrying,and start enjoy your life.


1. Give importance to present and out from the illusion of past and future

Past is a long history and future Will be very big. We stand in the middle of past and future.

We have no power to go into the past and rectify our doing. We will not able to predict our future and even don’t know about our life span

Why we think about, past and future. Why not enjoy our present. Because the present is in our hands and we can blossom it.

According to APJ Abdul kalam former President of India. In his book wing of fire. He tells about the whole journey of the SLV 3 satellite launching.

The whole journey was not easy for him personally or professionally. He lost three of his closest family member. First was his brother in law as a friend, the second was his father as a mentor.

The third was his mother at the time when he was going to France. Because some issue was coming in SLV 3 Apache rocket.

He Writes down that this was the time when I need more concentration and devotion in my work.

These personal losses have shaken my personality. But 100% desire to work hard. Leave no room for any more passion.

After a lot of hard work and dedication. 10 August 1979 was fixed as a launching date for SLV 3. On 10 August at 7.58 am satellite was launched.

But after clearing the first stage we lost control of the satellite. We all were very sad. I was gone to my room and fell on my bed. After a few hours, I feel a touch on my shoulder. He was Dr Brahm Prakash. They comforted me.

I was restless. I was wanted to resign from SLV 3 project. I offered rejection to Dr Dhawan that. I was wanted to resign from SLV 3 project. Because the failure was mine as a mission director. But he hasn’t accepted it.

We again started to work on the project with more dedication and hard work. The new launch day was fixed on 18 July 1980.

Before 30 hours from launch. All newspaper was full of suspicion about mission success. SLV3 was considered a sign of failure.

Finally, the satellite was launched on 18 July 1980 at 8.03 am and clear all four stages.

Now our country joined in those selected countries. Which had their satellite launching capability.

So, if Mr kalam lives with the regret of his past. Professionally failed in satellite launching and he was lost his three family members.

And if he thinks about the future of the project that. He will find success or not. He confused himself and distracted himself from his goal.

But he selected the present and with his hard work and dedication achieved success, not for himself but the whole country. So give importance to present and out from the illusion of past and future.


2. For a smart person every day is new when we are children we will be in hurry to be young. When we are young we will be in hurry for the job.

When we find a job we will be in hurry for marriage. And after marriage. We get engrossed in our family life. And our retirement age will come.

So, after retirement when we will evaluate our past life. We feel something is missing. The something missing is not anything else but our happiness or enjoyment of life.

For taking care of family and in thinking about to make our future prosperous. We put our present at stake.

So enjoy every day and every time of life. Because time never comes back.

I explain this topic with the help of 21 words that change the life of a child.

The 21 words were “what is visible far away, it’s not the main job to see him, rather the clear  is in your hand, have to see him”

Go ahead the child was a famous doctor of his time, lead a famous John Hopkins medical college and respected professor of Oxford University.

That child was no one else. He is known as sir William osier.

In a speech at Yale university given by sir William osier. He encouraged the students to use the day-tight compartment concept.

In which you lock the door of your past. Then lock the door of your future. Only live in your present.

It means living according to every day. Allow yourself to think only about that thing. Which present in front of you at that time.

Do not trap yourself in the illusion of the past and future. Sir William does not mean that do not think about your future.

His concern was only not to invest your energy to think about your future. Invest your energy in present with proper concentration and hard work. Your future will automatically be good.

3. Forget what happened in past–  Great William wood was always worried about his stomach pain. Because of stomach pain, he was not able to take a deep sleep.

Because his father has died from stomach cancer. It always worried him. That he also suffer from stomach cancer and the stomach pain was because of that.

He Visited his doctor. After doing all the tests and x-ray of his stomach. The doctor advised him some medicine and tell that all the test is ok. He also tells him one thing because of his stress(his father died with stomach cancer so he also suffered from them) the pain is maintained.

When he changed his lifestyle. He found excellent results. Now his pain was gone. He was taken sound sleep.

One day I was doing dusting of office working table. I found many files and papers which was very old and not in use.

So, I tore one by one all the files and thrown in the dustbin.

When I strained my mind, I thought that our mind is like the table. When the table is overloaded with files. It is difficult to do work on the table.

Therefore we removed the old file or without the used file. For more space.

Our mind is like the table. When it’s overloaded with past regret and past thought. We will always in stressed and not able to perform our best.

So, the best way is to delete the past. And start living in present.

Appreciate your present, live new life every day. The 24 hours which you find, only focus on that and do it to make it enjoyable for you.

How you spend the 24 hours is depend on you. So forget your past and live in present. It,s give you satisfaction.


4. Time and patience is an ointment for all “Time is such an ointment that forgets worst to worse wounds”

You many times feel in your life. That some moments come into your life. For which you have no answers.

For example. If someone very close to you is dead. When you heard the news you will be in shock. How will I live without him?

But when time passage and we are involved in our daily routine. The memory starts getting blurry. We forget the past and move forward.

So, time and patience play a vital role in our worst times. A method you will be use to forget your problems.

When you face any problem. You take a pencil and paper and write your problems on it.

Put the paper in the draws of your table for two weeks. When you considered it, you feel that there will be lots of changes.

Your many problems will be solved automatically. If the problem persists then put the paper in the draw for another two weeks.

Because in that time various things will change in your surroundings. You find that your various problems will solve automatically.


5. Focused on the work– Focus is the keyword for a successful life. If you want to achieve something you need to focus.

If you want to do something you need to focus. If you want to learn something you need to focus. if you want to teach something you need to focus.

Focus in life is like a hull in the boat. Whatsoever hull is important to give direction and to sail the boat to the shore. Without a hull, the boat does not land on its specific shore. Flow according to the wave of rivers.

The world is like a river. The boat is ourselves. We start our journey of life in the world. If we haven’t hulled like focus.

Our life flow in the wave of the world in which direction the world wants. But if we have a hull or focus we sail our life journey according to our targets.

So the focus is important to build our life according to us. Give us the strength to face the worst time of our life.

If we have focused on the work. We do the work with more dedication and hard work and fulfil the present task and prosper our future.

Sometimes we lose focus, because of less motivation and deficiency in feedback from our seniors, colleagues and even family members.

Because human is social creatures. He needs motivation and appreciation for better focus and dedication in his work.

Appreciation is like food for our insight. so, at that time our patience help us to deal with this situation. would be Kept us self motivated.

Patience and focus are two sides of one coin. Which help in stopping worrying and filling our life with joy.


6. Physical activities– Professor William Phelps tell that. When he was affected with depression. Physical activities help him lots to come out from depression.

He has engaged himself in various types of physical activity. He played tennis every morning. Then he took a shower and did lunch. After that, he was going to play golf.

In the night he danced for one hour. He noticed that when his body split a sweat. All the stress automatically come out.

Physical activity not only helps in stress. But it,s strengthens our body. Because for best performance. We need to be perfect mentally and physically.

So, every morning give at least 20 minutes for physical activities. It will improve your productivity and performance.


7. One work at a time– We do not ignore that we live in a competitive world. If you want to survive you have to win the competition.

But competition has rules, in competition someone win and someone lose. When we lose we got sad, upset and hopeless.

So the stress of being a failure is hanging like a sword on our neck. Which cause mental illness, anxiety and depression

The common reason behind the stress is. We want success in less time. So, we want to do a lot of things at one time.

As a result, we do not accomplish a single task. Because our concentration is distracted by doing various work at one time.

On one occasion William wood saw his wife humming something while washing dishes.

He thought that was why she enjoyed the work. Which she did every day for 18 years. If she knows that after marriage these types of work she will to do.

She will never be married.

When wood evaluates, why does she enjoy it? He found that she never think that yesterday how many dishes she had washed.

Tomorrow how much she will wash. Her goal is today. This means she divided his work into the methods of one work at a time.


These are the 7 hacks to stop worrying and start enjoying your life. The main conclusion of the discussion is to leave the past regret. Because you have no power to rectify it.

Do not think about your future. Because the future will be unexpected. So, live in present. Your focus, hard work and dedication make you present bright.

And automatically prosperous your future. Help us to stop worrying and start enjoying our life.

Best of luck.


wing of fire-autobiography of APJ Abdul kalam

How to stop worrying and start living-

Dale Carnegie

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