How to trigger your man’s secret obsession?


How to trigger your man’s secret obsession? This question is remunerating in many women’s minds. They have always been in the fear that their life partner does not cheat them, if he does not reply to their calls and text message they get frustrated in suspicious. 



How to trigger your man's secret obsession?


That their partner will not leave them or they lose interest in them. They always complain about coldness in their relationship.

This thinking of mine is not fabricated. It is based on some data. A survey conducted by gleeden found that 55 % of married people have extramarital affairs.

According to the survey published by the general social survey(GSS), 2010-16, % have sex with others than a spouse while married.

In which men appear as the winner with 20% and women as the loser with 13%. But in the age group of 18-29 women win the stake with 11:10.

But the trend changed. When the worm of the graph moves forward towards older age. The men appear as winners.

One of the interesting and surprising facts comes in the survey 14 % of people cheat their spouse once a week.

And 14 % of people cheat various times in a month (according to demographics of cheating in America). This cheating is closely linked to 40 % of divorce and separation. Left the boring survey, and read the interesting story.

I would like to tell the story of Samaya. A beautiful lady, with curly hair, big eyes and a figure of 36:26:36. This means she was like a bomb.

Who made everybody crazy. And did blast in many men’s hearts. People wanted to make her his own. But she was like sand, which slipped from the fist, how much you try to clench.


But one day she met wack, a tall and handsome guy. When both met, in their first meeting they fell in love. That is called love at first sight.


The love of both grew, and the band both were happy with each other. Both were taking care of each other. But after three to four months.

The friends of Samaya notice that. That girl who was the lifeline of the party? That girl who always cheered full, and always looked happy.


Now she reserved herself. Do not want to attend any party and tried to cut herself from society. Did not cheer upon any matters. This means his full personality was changed.


One of his closest friends, Sameera, was shocked when her doorbell rang in the night at 1 a.m. she feared who would come at this time.


When she saws outside from the room. She found Samaya was at the door. She opened her door. What she saw, she never expected.


Samaya’s tears propagated all over her face. Her dress is messy. Her hair was messy. Both eyes were swollen, it got red like blood.


But seeing this condition of Samaya, Sameera could not believe that a glowing girl had reached this condition. But this was real.


She asked Samaya “why is she in that type of messy situation.”

Samaya replied in her faltering voice. “He’s not talking to me.”

Sameera asked her ” who did not talk to you”

Samaya replied “jack”

Sameera asked her “but both of your tunings were perfect, you both were good looking, you both had a good mutual understanding. So where did your relationships lack?

Samaya replied ” I do not know, I do all things that he wants and likes. But for a few weeks, he does not reply to my calls and text messages”


Then the message came on Samaya’s mobile “please do not call me and leave me alone.


This message burst the tear from the eye of Samaya. She started to murmur ” Jack what have you done, you are my life, without you what I will do”


Sameer took Samaya’s phone. And read all the jack and Samaya chat. She found some mistakes which Samara made. 

And send a text message to jack. By the phone of Samaya. The result was that Jack returned to her.


Sameera was a relationship coach. That’s why Samaya chose to knock on his door at night. She knows that she found some solution.


I know Samaya will find her solution. But Samaya’s solution raises many questions in your mind. These questions are like that.


Why did Jack leave him? And was that reason? What does a man want from women? what is the secret of the massage, which brought back Jack to Samaya?


So, in short, I will give you a little clue. Which gives you an idea about the answer to the above question.


His secret obsession


The message of Sameera triggers Jack’s secret obsession. So to know how to trigger man’s secret obsession. And what is the man’s secret obsession? You will read this article to the last.

The relationship is a very fine thread, which we have to nurture with love, trust, and sacrifice.

Now our keyword “secret obsession” comes to light. In 90% of the cases, women are not aware of their male partner’s obsession. Even they do not know their obsession.

So if they want to protect their relationship from the heat of cheating, losing interest, and breaking up.

They have to know about the secret obsession of their male partner. For triggering their man’s secret obsession.

According to me, knowingly or unknowingly women make lots of mistakes. Which breaks the fine thread of the relationship. These are the few mistakes that women make in life.

1. When she does not care about him.

2. In the name of self-independence, she never asks her partner for help.

3. Lug on your beauty is not wrong, while you are female and beautiful. But for that embarrassment, your man is not good.

4. Always interrupt your partner in all his work. Like his mother.

5. Do not trigger his hero instinct.

6. Always arguing over the same thing till the partner does not accept his defeat.

7. Do not show your glimpse to your partner. That he is enthusiastic to know about you. And always try to open up with your partner.

8. Intimate relationships also play a vital role in it.

These are some causes that create problems in happy relationships. But our main keyword for the article is how to trigger the secret obsession of your man.

So without wandering on some other topic. We came back to our main keyword of the topic: how to trigger your man’s secret obsession.

For this, every woman has to know. What is the secret obsession of her man? How to trigger the signal. Which obsessed her man?

So, to win over a man, women first tap on the man’s primary inner desire, to trigger their obsession.

Do you have to know what a man needs or expects from a relationship?

1. Satisfaction-  What does anyone need or want from life? What motivated you in life? The simple answer to these questions is satisfaction and happiness.

So, a man’s first needs from his partner are his satisfaction. If he found it in his partner. He never wandered in the streets of the world to find it.

2. Respect- Men are egoistic and dominating by nature. So, he expected that behaviour from his partner which satisfied these feelings. Like, Respect for his manhood.

3. Support- No one supports him in this world, he does not care about that. But if he does not find support from his partner. It matters to him.

4. Warmness in relation- Most women gradually found nostalgia towards their relationship, because of other obligations of life.

Especially Housewives, have to perform lots of responsibilities in the house.

So because of that, they do not generate a spark in their personal life. But their man wants sparks in the relationship. It leads to separation in most cases.

5. Understanding- Every man wants his women to understand him. His condition, mood and needs.

Nobody does understand him, he doesn’t care about it. But if his partner does not understand. He wants to quit the relationship.

So these are some points which every man wants from a healthy relationship. So, till this part of the article, do we know what the few mistakes women do in their relationships are? And what a man wants from a relationship. So now it is easy to understand the secret obsession.


For being a secret obsession of your man, you have nothing to do any hard task like climbing on a mountain or fasting for 10 days or 30 days. It is as simple as solving a mathematical problem.

Until then, if you do not know the formula, it is very hard to solve the mathematical problem. But when you know the formula, you easily solve it.


So for being the obsession of man. Women have to first know about the secret obsession of the man.

Lots of things obsessed a man. It may be money, sex and lust. But I guarantee that there is more that attracts them and obsessed them.

The man is more concerned about their manhood and wants to be a role model or hero for his woman.

He wants to act like a superhero for his partner. And want that his woman also thinks like that as he thinks about himself.

In another word, it is called the hero instinct of a man. This word was first coined by James Bauer in his book his secret obsession.

His book is about awakening a man’s most secret and powerful desire to earn your love. Prove his devotion to you and give you romance that lasts a lifetime.


This means that the secret obsession of a man is his HERO INSTINCT. It is not a new word that you do not know but in a relationship, it’s work you may not know this.

Please put a hand on your heart and think about that. From childhood, we all have the desire that we live like a hero in society. And if that is not possible then at least in the eye of family and our beloved.

It is natural you can not deny that you are not used to these types of feelings. Because it is a part of your psychology that always pushes us to do a good job.

A man wants his life partner or lover to need him. The protagonist’s instincts realized the man that he always saved his woman in distress and whenever she wanted.

If he can’t use his manly charm. He will feel undervalued and embarrassed. It destroys relationships.

When your partner does not feel needed by you. It’s difficult for them and you to emotionally Bond with each other.

So if you want to awaken your man to win your love and for a lifetime. Then trigger his hero instinct.

I read many reviews of the book “His secret obsession” but all reviews lacked information. How do women trigger the hero instinct of their men?

How to trigger your man hero instinct?

1. Do not hesitate to say to him “please help me”.

In today’s world, most women are independent. So they do not want to call for help. Even to his husband or partner. She thinks they can manage it.

But this situation is increasing day by day. You found a gap between you and your partner. Because your behaviour hurts your partner,s manhood.

He thinks she does not need me. What is my need in her life? Or Why do I care for her? So do not hesitate to ask him for help. Sometimes ask for help even when you do not need it.

2. Celebrate his win and Mourn his loss.

Maybe it’s your win or loss. If you do not share it. You never get satisfaction.

Because it is human psychology that when someone admires you win and mourn your loss. You feel great.

This is a heart-touching moment for your man. And the person, who does it for them, appears as a special person to them.

So always be the special person for your man. It triggers his hero instinct.

3. Always show him that you can’t do any work without his advice.

Yes, I am right. You always show your man that you need his advice and opinion. You show him that his advice is valuable to you.

Especially when the problem is tricky and challengeable. It satisfied her manhood. And trigger his hero instinct. Because man loves to take the challenge.

4. Do not impose your opinion on him.

Do undermine yourself in front of your man. It gives him the feeling of his value in your eyes. Everyone wants that his word is always accepted in the family or the office.

Especially if your man wants you to accept his words. And do not try to impose your opinion on him. Yes, it is right that you give your opinion.

Because if you do not give it. He underestimates you. But when you notice that the argument is increased. Please step down.

5. Encourage him in the achievement of his goal.

You have made them realize that you are the biggest source of his encouragement. Always give him the energy of sentiment and emotion.

Do not let him emotionally down. This triggers his hero instinct and helps you to be his secret obsession.

6. Realize him that he is the only king of your heart.

A man expects his woman to tell him three secret words always. No, it is not I LOVE YOU, it is “ONE IN ALL”. This means you are the special one in all.

This triggers the hero instinct of your man. Because every man wants that, he is only being the king of his women’s hearts.

And want you to always tell him those three secret words. It builds trust in them and makes you his secret obsession.

7. Thank you.

This is a magical word. You notice that if anyone says thank you. How much it encourages us to do more work for him or others.

But if we do not hear this word from others or even from our near ones. It discourages us from doing anything for them.

Like, for the survival of life we need food. Just like our mind and heart need the tonic of thank you. For the encouragement to help anyone.

It also plays a vital role in triggering the hero instinct. When you say thank you to your partner for everything he gives to you.

It encourages him to do more. And you will be your man’s secret obsession.

8. Encourage his masculine power.

Like women lug on their beauty, men also lug on their fitness and masculine power.

When you open the way to the flow of his masculine power. You touch your man’s secret obsession.

Men are always happy to hear. If his women admire his masculine power in front of her friends.

For example, if your boyfriend is with you, try to get something. Which is out of your reach.

Tell your boyfriend to get that thing for you. Or encourage him to uplift you to get that thing.

So, if you admire his masculine power, you easily trigger his hero instinct.

9. Do not argue with him.

The argument factor is behind many breakups. And if men and women do not break up. They do not want to see each other. They live in one house but do not want to talk.

I do not restrict you to interrupt your partner. When he is wrong. But I only want to request you to avoid arguing with them. Arguments make the thing messier.

By avoiding argument you will be the secret obsession of your man by triggering his hero instinct.

10. Do not interrupt him during all work.

Do not be the mother of your man. He already has one. By interrupting every work of your boyfriend, you bother him.

Basically when you interrupt him. He starts avoiding you. No man wants his women to interrupt him in every task so to trigger his hero instinct you have to avoid this habit of yours.

11. Protect your identity.

All persuasion is in its place. But if you lose your existence, you will have left nothing.

One thing that is also common in men is that they are attracted to that thing which gives them challenges.

Instead of putting all your weapons on his feet. Use all your weapons shrewdly on your man to trigger his hero instinct.

But do not compromise with your basic instinct. Because if you compromise, you kill yourself.

So these are the 11 tips that help you to trigger your man hero instinct and be the secret obsession of your man.




This book is written by James Bauer, to help women who worry about their relationships.

Those women who give up hope that their man will ever commit to her or not, their partner does not answer their phone and text messages, and those who do stupid mistakes in their relationship in the early phase.

Generally, women are more conscious about their relationships. Before entering into a relationship, women do a lot of investigation. Whether it will be right for them or not.

But when he commits, they do not want to leave it. Women are suspicious of nature.

So they started interrupting every matter of her partner. Restricting their partner to praise herself. And sometimes embarrassing her partner by showing his beauty.

But in all their intention is not to get out of the relationship. Instead of that, they start it with the hope that. It will be for the long term.

But unfortunately their equal and opposite reaction to all the behaviour in the world.

So by doing a stupid mistake. They wash their hands from her relationship. James Burne’s book HIS SECRET OBSESSION appears as a ray of hope for those women.

Who needs to save her relationship. And again needs to bring some love and the same warmth into their relationship. Like before. For long-lasting.

For this, he gives the example of his one client RACHEL. How do the 12 words secret signal back to his boyfriend? It is a text message which James suggests to Rachel send her boyfriend. When he broke up with Rachel.

The text message works as a magical tool. Which brought Rachel’s boyfriend the next morning in front of her door.

So ingredient for James Bauer to write this book is the 12-word secret signal. Which motivates him to search for the secret obsession of man.

His secret obsession is THE HERO INSTINCT. As I above deeply explain hero instinct. And how women can trigger the hero instinct of their men?

In this book, he also tells about the SECRET SIGNALS AND THE SIMPLE HIDDEN PHRASES. It helps to know about your partner’s secret obsession triggers to get his hero instinct.

1. Glimpse phrases-

These phrases give your partner a moment to know you very well and understand you.

If he has some confusion. Show a glimpse of yours. That increases his curiosity about you.

When you use this signal. You see the light of eagerness in his eye that you are the only one with whom he wants to spend his full life.

2. Attraction signal-

When the attraction is low or ends in the relationship. The warmness ends in the relationship.

Or, Sometimes you feel the spark of attraction for your man but your man does not feel for you.

So James Bauer innovated “the fascinated signal”. Which spark the same or never-ending attraction for you in the heart of your man. It won by the medium of text and massages.

3. Silent action signals-

In this, James Bauer teaches about the signal which you give to your partner without saying one word to him.

It works and you feel it. When your partner’s eyes only search for you in a room full of many people.

As I mentioned above, stop arguing with your partner. Sometimes your silence plays a great role than being louder.

The argument is like petrol when you put it the fire. Fire will flare up very fast.  But silence changes you in water. Which would suppress the fire.

4. “I owe you” signal-

According to James Bauer, this is the best signal. Which triggers the hero instinct of your man. And make you the secret obsession of your man.

In this, you feel your partner that you need her. It gives your partner a sense of trust in you. That you have a lot of value for him in your life. You always need him.

5. Damsel in distress signal-

According to James Bauer, this signal helps to give your partner a massage that your partner is the superhero of your life.

This taps on your partner’s protective instinct. That he is the man. Who is one in all of his women in the whole world?

How do you notice that this signal works? Before using this signal you observe that. When you need your partner they are never with you.

But when you give this signal that you are the only one who solves his problem. She is with you when you need him.

6. The private island signal-

According to James Bauer, this signal makes a man see you as the one. Dealing with this problem many women do not know about it. What unique quality does she have? Your uniqueness is your signal.

Like, Most women do not know they have an alluring quality by birth. From that use, they allure their man.

7. The “x-ray question”-

According to James Bauer, this is the seductive quality used by you on your man to put your worries to rest.

It helps you to peek into your partner’s mind and heart. And collect valuable information.

This helps you to know about the secret obsession of yon our man and how to trigger his hero and loving instincts.

8. The “Ex-back” signal-

This is one of the best triggers or signals. Which women can use to enhance the Secret obsession. Maybe women or men are all on alert on their toes. When he hears the charm of the ex in their partner’s life.

Nobody wants competition. And his hero instinct arises. To prove himself better in front of you than your ex.

9. The secret “currency” of a happy relationship.

According to James Burne, the secret currency is our emotion. When you inject it into our relationship. Happiness comes to our door.

Like, as I explain above, celebrate the win or your partner and mourn your partner’s defeat. It gives your partner emotional touch.

So these are some phrases and secret signals which help you to trigger the hero instinct of your man and will be the secret obsession of your man.

For better knowledge about His Secret obsession, you can visit James Bauer’s official website.



Short Review of His Secret Obsession Book.

According to me, this book greatly deals with every aspect of what a man needs in his woman. And help you to deeply penetrate your love in your man’s heart.

The hero instinct is not a new thing. But yes it is present in front of you with a new name and flavour by the author. Hero instinct is the same as man’s manhood.

Secret obsession

And for a man, his manhood is a very precious thing. Especially in front of his women. He never wants any challenge in manhood.

His manhood is also the key that women have been using for various years to rotate the man on her fingers.

And James Bauer uses it well. He tries to help the women by remembering their power and teaching them how to use it to fix their relationship problems.

So, if you want to purchase this book, you can purchase it, it has the calibre to solve all your doubts.

Cost of this book.

At this time it cost you $47. A huge discount of 76% can save you $150. One thing which admires me is that it has a 60-day money-back guarantee without asking you any questions.


James Bauer is a relationship coach and bestseller writer. After 12 years of working with various of his clients. He has witnessed this after doing research and talking with several female clients. That the secret male obsessions be the key to a man’s heart.

Pros of his secret obsession.

1. Throwing light on every aspect of the relationship and secret obsession.

2. Gives deeper understanding.

3. Refundable policy.

Cons of his secret obsession.

1. The cost of this book is a little bit high.

2. It’s only available in ebook or audio form.

3. Some words are too hard to understand.

My Final Verdict.

So after a brief discussion on the topic, what women make mistakes in their love life or relationship? What a man needs or expects from a relationship.

What is hero instinct? And how do you trigger it? And glimpse and the review of his secret obsession book written by James Bauer.

Now the point has come to conclude this article with my final verdict, as I tell above, the relationship is a very fine thread, which we have to nurture with love, trust, and sacrifice.

And women are the owners of these three qualities including patience by birth. So they easily nurture the relationship.

I always accept that women are key players in relationships. Who has the power to drive the car of the relationship in which direction they want?

So never underestimate yourself. Now I come to the topic. Whether you have to buy this book or not. Everyone is different from each other.

You know yourself better than others. If you want to buy it. You have the advantage that this book comes with a money-back guarantee in 60 days.

Which is enough time to know if this book works for you or not. So without any hesitation, I bought it.

And if you have a money problem then this article is enough for you. In this article, I go beyond the limit of the book and try to help you as much as I can in an integrated manner.

So, the final call to purchase this book is yours. But if this article adds some value to your life or you have some questions. Then my comment window is open for you. 🙏 comments and share this article.

If you want to visit his website to know about his product this is the link: HIS SECRET OBSESSION.

Disclaimer: In this article, there is an affiliated link. If you buy I get some commission but it does not add on you some cost. So if you want to buy this product the link is given below.

Best of luck.

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