11 psychological tricks which turn you from loser to winner.

11 psychological tricks which turn you from loser to winner. Our psychology impacts our success more. Sometimes various opportunities await us. But because of our bad psychological recognition. We do not recognise these opportunities.


11 psychological tricks which turn you from loser to winner.


For example, assume we go to buy a second-hand car. We like one car. But the price is higher than our budget. So we started bargaining with the salesman.

But if the salesman knows about our curiosity and intention about the car. That we want to buy it eagerly or we are obsessed with the car. We lose the bargaining. And he sells that car at his price to us.


Because it is a human psychological phenomenon that when something which we like most is bought by us by giving more price.

On the other side, a famous psychological phenomenon prevails in the business world that “there is no place for emotion in any business deals. If emotion comes the deal goes from our hand”


This means if your intention revels in front of anyone. You lose that deal. So a simple intention determines whether you lose or win.


This is a simple buying and selling example. Do you know for various years a group of people like, diplomats and politicians use psychological tricks to fool the people?

Psychology is the scientific analysis of our minds and behaviour. In simple words what our minds think in a particular circumstance like how our bodies behave. This means our thoughts and emotions control our behaviour.


So by the use of the psychological thick, we control our emotions and behaviour. And make a win-win situation for ourselves. It turns our mindset from a loser to a winner.


How do psychological tricks help us?


1. Many disparities come in our life because of our wrong mindset. And that wrong mindset is behind our wrong psychology. So these psychological tricks help to change our mindset and the change of mindsets leads to change in our behaviour.

2. Some psychological tricks help in changing our glass to look at the words. Like, the old psychological trick is that never show off yourself.

But after some time you feel that people do not notice you. Because you do not notice yourself to them. So, the time has come that us to change our psychological tricks according to time and situation.

3. Some psychological tricks help us to save time. Like, Instead of doing the plenary study. Do selective study.

4. Psychological tricks show us the path to success. Because sometimes we are so close to success but because of our poor psychology we don’t see success and change our path.

5. Psychological tricks change our behaviour from loser to winner.



11 psychological tricks which turn you from loser to winner.



Psychological tricks




1. Advertise your work.


Have you ever thought about why your colleague finds a promotion but you do not find it? Even if you are more efficient and laborious.


The simple reason is that you do not know how to advertise your work. In simple words, you do not advertise or notify your boss about your efficiency and skill. How will your boss notice you?


The world is deaf and blind. They only notice bright things and louder words. So what you do is advertise and propagate your work. As much as you advertise your work, your chance for promotion increases.


2. Law of absenteeism.


Practice like absenteeism is not the right thing, it is like a stigma. But in some cases, it works efficiently. 

The majority is when you want to sense your value to others. Absent for some time.


I notice that even those who are with us on every occasion. Somewhere we started ignoring them. We think “Where are they going to go, it is with us always” so we do not give them the respect or value that they deserve. They may be our life partners, friends, or a permanent employee, or employee loyal to us.


It is not like this that we have not gone through this type of sentiment in our life. At various times our partner does not notice us, and our children do not notify us. When the time of increment and promotion comes your, boss, deletes your name from his list.


Then use the law of absenteeism, absent when your boss needs you, and take a leave for some time. It gives you a break from your boring and disgusting life. I guarantee that when you return from leaving the climate of your house or office will be changed.


3. Never reveal your secret.


I am a straightforward man. I do not believe in keeping secrets, I think that “if my intention is right, I do not want to hurt anyone, and if I do not do anything wrong” why do I keep secrets?


But my thoughts prove wrong as my life moves forward. Many times I share my project plan with my colleagues. The Consequence is that they do the project with the help of my plan before me and find the promotion. 


Even in family life, my wife knows about a secret of my family. She still taunting me. So do not reveal the secret to anyone. If they know your weakness they only use it against you.


4. Never show your intention to others.


Maybe it is a diplomatic table or a business deal table. If your opponent knows about your intention. Your dealing power is over.

Because he knows what you want? And at what cost? Like I give an example of a person and a car salesman previously. 


If the person shows the intention that he likes the car and feels obsessed about it. The salesman sold the car at his price. Because he notices the intention of the person.

But if the person notices that the salesman wants to sell the car, at any cost. Then the person wins the battle of bargaining.


The secret and intention are the two gems of yours that you never have to reveal.


5. Never be overstate.


There is a famous proverb in India “Ati ka bhala na bolna, Ati ka bhala na chup” which means neither talking too much nor being too silent, both are not good. This means an overstated approach is not good for your health.


Many times we committed more, but fulfil less. which decreases our credibility in the eyes of our friends, manager, and client. So the best psychology is that commitment as much as you can fulfil. If you can not, say sorry. 


From many of my businessmen friends, I hear many times that if we say no. The customers never come back and it causes loss to my company.

I explain to them, that this is not a good psychological phenomenon, it’s affecting your business. Because one time you take the order by bluffing them but another time he never comes.


Now, a question will come to your mind, whether he will come to your shop again if you say no to them? Yes, there is a possibility that he comes into your shop. Because you do not lose your credibility in his eyes. And if you both will present in market then the possibility is more.


6. Reply from the action not from the argument.


The psychological tricks help you in two ways. One, if you want to say sorry to anyone. Second, if you want to reply to someone. To explain my word I give you two examples.


First, when your boss gives you some work and wants that you fulfil that work in the present day. You know I can not do it or your boss also knows you can not do it. 


But if you directly say no to him. There is more possibility that he does not like your behaviour. Because it is human psychology that if someone assigned some task to you and you give an answer that ‘I can not do it. 


He feels insulted and angry. Or if the task is assigned by some person on which hand your future is dependent. Then do not do it.


So, the question arises here, what do you do? Nod your head. Take the work from your boss, do it sincerely and also show your sincerity to your boss, and how determined you are for that task. 


If your boss inquiry about that task in the evening. Say to him ” I am sorry, but I could not complete the task. But I guarantee you that the task will on your table early in the morning”. While at the time for answering maintain eye contact with your boss.


There is more possibility that your boss will understand your position. Because he sees your dedication to that work.


Second, if you want to give some reply to your opponents. A famous proverb fitted here is “garage wale Kabhi brashte nhi”. That means those who argue loudly never do the action. 


This means if you only argue louder after some time people avoid you. Because you lost your credibility. So do some action to give a reply.


If your friend says to you that ‘ you never secure a good mark in your exam’. What you can do?

If you start arguing with him that I am a good student, I do hard work, and I am sincere about my study. The result is that nobody will believe in you.

The better way is to top your exam. Your reply gets by your friend selfly, without saying any words also show positive body language to others.


7. Always undermine in front of your boss.


A group of people is so initiative or impatient. That they do not think about the consequences. And involved in any matter or give their opinion on any matter.

As I mentioned above, advertise your work but not always advertise your knowledge. Specifically when your competitor is your boss.


Because nobody wants someone to criticize his work when the criticism comes from his subordinate. There is a 100% possibility that your boss will wait to punish you.

So the best psychological trick is to assume yourself like a fool or loser when your competitor is your boss.


Generally, no boss wants his subordinates to bypass him. So if you criticize him, on his fault. He thinks you want his position and he starts searching for the moment that he will punish you. So undermining yourself in front of the boss is a great psychological trick.


8. Emphasis on mutual understanding not on emotion.


Many times we observe that, especially in our friend circle and relatives. If you ask him for your help they generally avert your request for the time when they will be free. And if they do not reply to you. You observe their body language.

The simple reason behind this is that they do not earn anything from you in return for their service.

For example, when you tell your website developer friend that pleases correct your website error. They avert it, in their free time. But if you solve his problem in return for your work.


He does it quickly. My point of view is that if we withdraw personal things from our professional life, Our professional life will be great. 


In my personal life, mutual understanding plays a vital role. Like your relatives come in your happiness and sadness because you are with them when they go through the above conditions.

Your secret with your friend will be safe as long as you have his secret with you. I am personally an admirer of this psychological trick.


Emotion generates weakness, but mutual understanding generates strength. Emotions are failures but mutual understanding is never a failure.


9. Positive body language.


Your body language plays a vital role when you go to negotiate, date, or simply talk whit anyone.

Maintaining eye contact is very much important. For example, when you start a conversation with another. If you steal your eye from your opponent again and again.
There is a negative impact on our talk. The meaning of this body language is that. You are not straightforward, you steal something, and you do not know about the matter.
So, the best approach is while doing conversation always maintain eye contact with your opponents. While you know that you do not know about the matter. But your eye contact gives your opponent a positive signal.
Here a question is arise. what is the best body language during a conversation? Which body language feel people or opponents comfortable and helps you to win the conversation?
For this tick, your motive of talking in your brain, maintain eye contact, if not necessary do not speak, and reply to your answer by nodding your head.
If you attend a date. Following body language helps you to feel comfortable with your partner.
First, maintain eye contact regularly with her/his. Second, always sit close to your partner. Third, always give him/her warm hand touch, not a cold hand. Because warm hands give the sign of positivity and cold hand gives the sign of negativity.

10. Treat yourself as a king.


I am not telling you to transform yourself into a billionaire overnight. But I tell you to change your attitude as King. King from the heart, not from the purse. 


I give you a simple example of my and my brother’s attitude. In our house, everybody orders me from morning to night. Everybody questions me why their work has not been done. Every responsibility is mine.


On the other hand, my brother lives without any responsibility, whether he does any work or not. Nobody cares about it, if he wants to do something, he does, otherwise, he says no. 


But when I evaluated the earning of love and respect from my family. I found me and my brother on the same level.


So I evaluated my character and wanted to know what I did wrong. So, after doing the evaluation, One thing I found was that I undermined myself. I did not love myself.


I put others before myself. This means others’ priority is more important to me than my priorities. But it is different for my brother. His priority is first for him than for others. Like a king.


One thing I notice is that people will treat you the way you want them to treat you. So why not treat yourself as King?

So I change my attitude and utilize this psychological trick on me. It changes others’ behaviour or not, I am not pretty sure. But now I feel happy from the inside. 


11. Win over your anger.


Keeping ourselves calm is very hard work. when someone hurts you, especially when the person is near you.

You feel angry. Your brain is storming. At that time you are not able to make decisions about yourself you think what do I do? You want to bite that guy, you start to punish him.


But by doing all these you make yourself hollow from the inside. Because one day is enough for all these activities, but if the situation continues.


You will get mad, about how much violence you will do and for what time. Your family members even do not want to come near you. Because they are fearful of you. 


Generally, people abuse you because they want you to do some mad action and they use your weak mind against you.

So winning over your anger, is to win over your weakness. It needs some practice and patience. And you completely calm yourself.


So these are the 11 psychological tricks that turn you from loser to winner. Your success and defeat are in your hand. 


When you read some topics of this article. You feel that these are not ethical, but my friend, life is very cruel. The antidote to poison is poison. So to deal with the unethical or immoral situation you have to use unethical or immoral psychological tricks.


But I guarantee you that these psychological tricks are not unethical and immoral. When you use it you will find that these tricks help you in your practical life. And help you to change from losses to winners.


Best of luck.

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