Bitter truth is the reality of life.

The bitter truth is the reality of life, which we accept as much as quickly. We can make our life happier and more satisfactory. Our life is a combination of sweetness and bitterness. The bitter truth of life is that lesson. If we can understand it. It makes us great men. Or if we evanescence the bitter truth or ignore it even after seeing it. Then no one is a greater fool than us. The fool man is like an ostrich. Whenever an ostrich suspects that a hunter is chasing it. He puts his head in the sand and thinks that the hunter is gone. He thinks that if I haven’t seen the hunter, then the hunter doesn’t see me. And because of that, he loses their life.


Bitter truth is the reality of life.


So acceptance of Bitter truth is benevolence. Which we will do over ourselves. Yes, it is right the taste of bitterness is different for every person. Some have more and some have less.  But we are all engulfed with bitterness in our life. Like, the life of a beggar and a rich person. We all agree on one thing: poverty itself is bitterness. But when we start to talk about rich people. We think that a rich person has all the basic amenities for life. So what is the bitterness in their life? Yes, no doubt he has no money problem. And from that, he can buy anything. But unfortunately, he can not buy peace with that money. Because he will lose it, because of his greed, reckless running behind success, and earning money.


Why is there bitterness in our life?


The same answer is asked by many clients of mine. I also think that why doesn’t God give me that life, which is always sweet? After much deliberation, I came to this conclusion. That God made this world like this. That the answer to this question is hidden in the creation of nature by God. The theory of completion is the answer to this question. Such as, night completes the day, Moon completes the sun, cold completes the hot, and black complete the white. 


For example, Like if only the sun would rise all around or if only the moon would rise all around. Then the biological clock of our body will not be able to understand. When it has to rest and when it has to work. Then slowly all the flora and fauna of the world will be destroyed. The same will happen in the case of human life. If there is only sweetness in our life. Our life goes through various complications. Which I want to discuss in points.


First, we lose our fighting spirit. Because only sweet situations make us lazy. Our mind thinks about why we should struggle. If all will be gone normal in our life. But sweetness after bitterness and bitterness after sweetness makes us engage in life. It helps to gain our fighting spirit.


Second, we lose interest. The same type of life makes our life boring for us. Because it is human nature that new things excite us. 


Thirds, we lose connection with our God. How many people do you meet who remember God in their good days? So when bad days come. At least we remember god.


Fourth, it makes us like machines. If our life is in the same situation. And there is no possibility of changes. So if there are no changes in life. It makes us robots. We will have neither pain nor happiness. We will go through emotional numbness.


Fifth, it creates emotional numbness. Sometimes sorrows and sometimes happiness create new types of emotions in us. If only sweets remain in our life. Then only sweet types of emotion will be born. And if only bitter will remain. Then only bitter types of emotion will be born. And because we go through the same emotion for many days. So the evanescence of the bitter truth creates emotional numbness.


So, God did not give us life to spend our whole life in one way. Because God does not want humans to suffer from emotional numbness. Because our emotions bind us into unity. And our emotions are the thing that separates us from animals. That’s why you should keep two or three things notice in your mind.


First, Anyone who has come into this world has to go one day.


Second, Nothing is permanent here, neither happiness nor sorrow.


Third, Just as sweet and bitter complete each other, in the same way, happiness, and sorrow complete life. It is the reality of life. So never try to evanescence the bitter truth.


Whatever you are getting in life, accept it with both hands. Try to change yourself according to the situation. Tomorrow you will see life better.


11 bitter truths of life.


Everyone should know about the 11 types of bitter truth. And accept it as a reality of life. Do not try to evanescence the bitter truth of life. Because acceptance is better than rejection. Acceptance makes our minds strong to face the bitterness of life. Because whether you want it or not. You have to go through pain, suffering, and happiness. Which is written in your destiny. After this, you have to leave the world. This is the bitter truth of life.


11 bitter truths are like this.


1. Success without praise and failure without loved ones only hurt us. 


When a man is successful, he wants people to praise his success. If no one praises him, then that success is of no use to him. Her condition is such as that of a beautiful woman without a dress and ornament. Just like when people lose. He needs the support of loved ones. so that he can share his emotion, Share their pain, and on whose shoulder they can take support. So we need people in our sorrow and happiness both. Do not try to evanescence the bitter truth of life.


2. If we don’t curse happiness, then we should not curse sorrow. 


Know one thing better, when happiness comes into our life, it comes with the things which force us toward sorrow. Like loneliness, greediness, selfishness, restlessness, and fear. These are the things that force us to invite sorrow into our life. So do not curse sorrow because we are responsible for that.


3. Often when we stumble in the journey of life, we stop our journey.


Life is like a road on which we start the journey of life. And there may be stumbling blocks while traveling. Because we are on the road. So, there is no guarantee that there will be a smooth road everywhere. It will be broken in many places and rough. So, the basic mantra for the journey of life. Never halt your journey for any stumble. Stumbling comes our way and our work is to cross it and continue. 


4. Guarantee does not work in the case of life.


I have heard from many people that some people guarantee that. If you do this work then you will be successful, your life will be so long, and no difficulty will come in your life. Let me tell you to stay away from such hypocritical people. Because every turn of life is like a blind turn. No one can tell when calamity will come in front of you. So strengthen your moral values. Because it will protect you.


5. Time is very valuable.


Learn to value time otherwise time is not appreciating you. Time is valuable, so it should be spent wisely. Because when time passes it never comes back. So it is better to be a miser. when you spend your time.


6. Do not try to make everyone happy, you can not do it. 


If God does not make everyone happy. Why do we think that we make everyone happy? So do not try to make everyone happy. Because in the pursuit of making others happy, you will make yourself unhappy. The best solution is to do what is morally right. Because that can keep more and more people happy.


7. Lying is wrong.


Of course, it is generally true that lying is wrong. But it is also a very difficult task in this world that we can live without lying. Both these things are true in their place. Then what is the best solution? That if we have no option and we tell lies. We should pay attention that we lie but do not fall from our morality. This means it should not be told to satisfy our greed. Like, If a lie is told to help(not in unethical work) someone, then that lie is not a lie. We should also at least try to minimize lying. 


8. Life is hard and sometimes also unjustified.


As long as we do not go through a difficult phase in life. Then we start to feel that everything is fine and everything will be good in our life. And when difficulties arise, we gradually start to crumble down. So if we just assume that there will be troubles in life. we have to face them firmly. And we will be ready to face every situation confidently.


9. People don’t salute you. While they salute your post and situation.


When people salute us. We think that they salute us because we deserve it or they like us. So it increases our ego. But we have to understand that. We sit on that position or post. Which can deliver them something or punishes them. So they salute us because of their greed and fear. But one thing, we should have to understand is that. Today you are sitting on the post, they will salute you. Tomorrow if someone else sits, they will salute him. And when you move away from that post. They will stop saluting you. That’s why there is a famous proverb that.


if time is strong, even if you touch the soil, it turns into gold.


10. Your talent means nothing.


Your talent means nothing if you do not sharpen your talent. Without consistent sharpening, a sharp knife can be blunt. So always sharpen your skills and be consistent.


11. Bad company always cheats.


Bad company is like coal. If it keeps burning, it will burn the hand. If it is extinguished, it will darken the hand. Because bad is always bad they make your brain confused, push you from positivity to negativity and make you a victim.


So, these are some bitter truths of life that you have to accept. If you want to make your life happy and easy. 


Bitter truth quotes.


1. Life appreciates the one, who values ​​time.


2. Never put your armour down in life. Because life is full of unexpected calamities.


3. Acceptance is better than rejection.


4. The more distance you keep from trouble in life, the worse it will be. So the best solution is to face it.


5. The spots of life are also good because they advise us not to repeat that painful mistake.


6. Nothing in life lasts forever. Whether it is happiness or sorrow. When happiness comes, enjoy it, and when there is sorrow, then fight.


7. The biggest truth in life is you and everything else is a hoax. Because you know that you are with yourself. But someone else will or will not be with you. You don’t know this.


8. Disappointment today and hope of victory tomorrow is life.


9. Everyone crawls, but the one who gets up and stands is the winner.


10. Everyone makes mistakes in this world, but the one who corrects them and does not repeat them is the sign of a great person.


11. Evanescence the bitter truth of life is like becoming blind.


So these are the 10 bitter truth quotes that help you to know about the reality of life. And help you to accept the bitter truth of life. Which everyone should accept it. To make their life easy and successful.


Best of luck.


I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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