7 ways to strengthen your willpower.

7 ways to strengthen your willpower. Willpower is the starting point or beginner point of any task. It is the fuel, which helps to start the engine. And it is necessary to strengthen your willpower.
It is creative power, which fulfils all our needs. Maybe it’s money, personal relationships, and spiritual enlightenment. In short, willpower is the key to changing your life.
7 ways to strengthen your willpower.
Willpower is just like the blueprint of your plan. Because without making a blueprint. You can not make a plan or if you make a plan. Then you can not properly execute it. You may understand it like our daily to-do list. Which we prepare every day in the morning or yesterday night. 


This is the task which we will do the next day or present day. It guided us, about the task. Which one do we have to do first? How much time do we give to a particular task? And if time will be saved from our to-do list then. What we do in that spare time.


As I say above, willpower is the beginner of any task. Maybe the work is small or big. We need willpower for all. Our willpower has the power which changes our destiny. It gives us the wisdom to change the impossible into the possible.


So we must establish coordination with our willpower physically, mentally and spiritually. The coordination gives us chance to think and act integrally. To combat our life problems. What do you do to establish coordination? Or how do you strengthen your willpower?


7 ways to strengthen your willpower.


First, practice making notes of your willpower.


As I explained above, that will is the start point of any task. I met with various people who feel wandering in the middle of a task because they are not clear about their will. So the best thing is that you start writing your will in a notebook or excel spreadsheets. Hardly it takes 15 to 20 minutes. 


When you make a note then start analyzing your notes. Then close your eyes and take a deep breath. It is clear that what you think in your mind and what you write down in the note match or not. And if you establish a match then write it down in the present.


By noting down your willpower, you find various types of profit. Like, it reminds you about your willpower, when you wander. By repeating willpower, you can set it in your conscious mind. By noting your willpower you can make an archive of your will. Which helps you to analyze your progress.


Second, Awaken your willpower.


Once you write down your will in the notebook. Then connect your mind with your willpower and establish coordination between your mind and heart. This means what your mind thinks is understood by your cognition.


When both work together. Invite your energy of willpower in your life. Here a question arises how do invite your willpower’s energy or awaken your willpower in your life. For this, you use a simple trick. Take a chart paper and note down your all willpower on it.


Fix the chart paper on the ceiling or of the place where you first see it after the wake-up. When you see it, repeat it two or three times. When you do so, you notice that your attitude and behaviour will change according to your will.


Third, purify your energy.


It is very important to see which type of energy prevails in our minds. Is it negative or positive? If it is negative it spoils your whole willpower and we cannot fulfil our goals. If it is positive then it’s ok. So it is essential to purify our energy for fulfilling our will.


For purification, you should do meditation. Only you have to inhale and exhale your breath deeply. When you exhale your breath, out all your negativity. And when you inhale, inhale all the energy which you want to attract in your life. 


Keep your eyes close and imagine a tiny ray of light coming and filling you with new energy.


End your season of meditation by repeating these words ” this light purifies my mind, body, and soul and by the universal guidance and grace present my desire.” To modify your will, you have to repeat this session daily. After a few days, you will feel its impact on you.


Fourth, Willpower + hard work + Passion = success.


Willpower not only crosses your boat from the river but passion and hard work are also needed. If willpower is the boat, hard work gives the power to sail your boat and passion is its oar. For example, if we have the willpower to pass an exam.


So for that, you have to do hard work. But in the accomplishments of the task, many times you feel that I can not do it.

At that time your passion gives you the energy to restart your journey. So when the three of your will, passion, and hard work are combined. You taste the success.


Fifth, Give rest to your mind and body.

Our youth is so ambitious. That they must want to find success at any price. For this, they do work without including a rest period.
Which gives them instant success. But in long run. Their ambition for their success makes them hollow inside. They lose their health, mental stress always bothers them, and their stress affects their sleeping habits also.
Which adversely affect their mind and brain. Like Rockefeller, who was an American businessman. He was the all-time richest American in American history.
He founded the Sandford oil refinery. And ran it until 1897. His career was on a hike. When he announced his retirement.
In his 50s, Rockefeller suffered from depression and digestive problems. He developed alopecia during a stressful period in the 1890s. His doctor warned him that. He is a guest for a few days on earth.
Now he had to decide. He wanted to live or leave. So he took retirement from this job but died at the age of 97 in 1937. What miracle happened that the person who had died at age 50 died at age of 97?
You know that Rockefeller had money and all luxury. But had no willpower to survive. He could not buy his life with his money. His willpower comes.
When he took off from his job. And started thinking that how much life give him till. Which he never cared about it. So he started living every moment of life.
After retirement, he had establish the University of Chicago, Rockefeller University, Central Philippine University, the Board of General Education and the Rockefeller Foundation. And work done as a great philanthropist in American history.
Of course, if you want to live in this world, then you have to follow the rules here and also have to face the competition. But we should not be much engrossed in these activities.
That we do not emphasize the health of the mind and body. So please include a rest period between your activities. That your body and mind could regenerate energy and strengthen your willpower.

Sixth, Remember your purpose.

If you meet any unsuccessful people. A common mistake they all are doing. That they do not know about their purpose in life.
Or if you ask why you do the following work. They reply I don’t know. Or will answer after a lot of thinking.
But to know the purpose of work is the first step. Before starting any task. If you do not know your purposes. How will you build your willpower?
For example. Suppose you stand under a hill. And someone tells you that. you have to climb the hill. But you have no clear purpose. Why do I have to climb the hill?
You will not put your step on the hill. Because your willpower is less. But if you will know, if I will climb the hill. I will find treasure on the top. Which will make me rich.
So for that treasure. You will start climbing on a hill. Your purpose strengthens your willpower and your willpower motivated you to do so. While the condition is not proper for climbing.
Seventh, Be grateful


To feel the difference Make it a daily ritual to place your palms at the centre of your heart. And take some time to express your gratitude for your intention, for your talents, for your abilities, and for working on your intentions.  


And for the opportunities that you are getting every day to make your dreams come true.  When you spend a few minutes in gratitude. Smile and remind yourself that only good things will happen to you and that you deserve to live a happy, healthy and successful life.  


So these 7 help you establish coordination with your will physically, mentally and spiritually. And strengthen your willpower. How to use your energy to strengthen your willpower

As I discuss above when you do meditation you feel yourself with the light of energy.

It will purify you from inside and outside. Purification opens your heart and mind. Keep including rest in your work. Which helps to recharge your mind and body and strengthen youyourllpower


Now awaken your energy and remember your purpose to establish coordination between your mind and heart.


When the energy is awakened, you use this energy to add willpower, hard work, and passion to find success.

But one thing which we always kept in our mind is being grateful for all. Because being grateful makes you humble and protects you from ego.


So will is the foundation stone of any building. As much stronger as you are, as much strong and big your building will be.


Best of luck.

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