9 things to overhaul our supercomputer( brain).

9 things to overhaul our supercomputer( brain). I have been hearing since my childhood that our mind is a supercomputer. I do accept that because I saw many incidents which prove to me that our mind is a supercomputer. There is simple logic, the supercomputer is made by humans. So the human brain is more powerful than a supercomputer.

9 things to overhaul our supercomputer( brain).


An article by CNBC NEWS wrote that The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons with about 1 quadrillion — 1 million billion — connections known as synapses that link these cells together.


Neurons each act as a relay station for electrical signals. The heart of each neuron is called the soma – a thin cable-like fiber known as an axon that exits the soma, carrying nerve signals away from the neuron, while several smaller branches called dendrites  Nerves that project from the other end of the soma carry signals to the neuron.


Still, scientists continually do studies on the brain to solve unsolved questions. This article is not to do discuss brain composition and mechanism.

My emphasis is on how to overhaul our supercomputer(brain). This is the best gift God has given to us. But we do not care about our mental health.

So when our worst day starts we crumble down like the house of cards. Because at that time our mental endurance is checked. So according to me if we follow 9 things to overhaul our supercomputer(brain). We will increase our mental endurance and power.


9 things to overhaul our supercomputer(brain).


I divide the 9 things into three parts. To better understand it.


The first, part is to clean the supercomputer (brain) from the bugs-


The overhauling starts with cleaning the parts of the software. Because our brain is full of scrap memory and disgusting thoughts. Which we have to first clean. Sometimes our mind fills with sludge thoughts because of viruses or bugs. So we have to first clean the software from the sludge. For this, we have to do three things.


1. Meditation-


Meditation is the best cleaning tool. Meditation is a breathing exercise, in which you exhale and inhale your breath deeply. Your main focus is on your breath. It is the best exercise for concentration. 

Your focus should be on your breath. The Positive vibes released from you. Attract the positive Viber existing in the universe.


So when the positive vibes of you connect with universal positive vibes, a new energetic infusion starts in you. And your brain feels a new brightness and power. What does meditation do?


  • It cleans our brains.

  • It connects the brain and heart.

  • It establishes better communication between our thinking brain and emotional brain.

  • It fills you with positivity.

  • It helps you to know yourself.


2. Self-talk-


It is an old trick if you want to prepare yourself for the interview. Take a mirror and start answering. Why is mirroring still useful? This is because mirroring establishes compatibility between you and your interviewer, mirroring enhances your best performance to come out, establishes better connections, and creates a relaxed environment.

One thing which I always emphasize is that. We are the best evaluator of ourselves. No one knows us more than ourselves. So self-talk or mirroring is the best tool for better knowing our weaknesses and strengths. What does self-talk do?


  • It helps to evaluate us internally and externally.

  • It helps to search for new solutions.

  • Now you better know about your pain and joy.

  • Now you better know about your emotions and how to control them.

  • It helps you to clean up your past regrets.


3. Forgive and apologize-


This is one of the best tools to clean up your past regrets and revenge thoughts. One thing you have to understand is that the past is the past. So, what did you do and what did you not do in the past? What did others do to you and what did you do to others?

These thoughts are not going to give you anything. Because the past never comes back. So why do we live in the present with guilt or revenge?

If you do wrong, then without any condition and without spending time say apologies for your doing. And if anyone does wrong to you then forgive them.

So throw this thought in the recycle bin and live your life in the present. What do forgiveness and apology do?


  • It cleans your heart and mind.

  • It protects you from being guilty and revenge.

  • It makes your life easy and helps you to move forward.

  • It makes your present prosper.

  • It raises your height in public, in your eyes, and in the eyes of opponents.

The second, reassemble and recharge the supercomputer and its battery-


When you cleaned the hard drive and other parts of your brain or software. Now, it’s time to recharge and reassemble it accurately to properly function at full speed. For this, we have to do three things.


1. Deep sleep-


Recently I read an article published in a newspaper, that in a study conducted by a British university, the conclusion is that a person who takes a deep sleep retains and remembers more than a person who does not take a deep sleep.


The reason behind this is our brains are also a machine. The regular use of the machine exhausts it. Like our mobile or laptop if we overuse it. It discharges and hangs.


So the same will happen with our brain. When we overuse it. It gets hung and discharged. This means all which listen, learn and see cross over your brain. You do not concentrate on your work. So deep sleep is necessary. What does deep sleep do?


  • It helps to improve your concentration levels.

  • It helps to improve your retention and remember power.

  • It increases your performance.

  • It makes your morning tremendous.

  • It helps to keep you calm and silent.


2. Physical exercises-


With mental fitness, it is essential to make your body fit. For mental fitness, we do meditation and mindfulness practice. But what we will do to make ourselves mentally fit? Because our mind only makes a plan.


But the execution is done by our body parts. So when both work properly then a task will be completed properly. If anyone does not work properly. We face various types of difficulty in doing a simple task. That’s why ” health is wealth”. What do physical exercises do?


  • It makes your body fit.

  • It increases your blood circulation. Which helps the brain to work properly.

  • It helps to detox your body.

  • It keeps your body and brain young.

  • It helps to complete your task properly.


3. Screen addiction detox-


We must protect ourselves from screen addiction. Two types of the syndrome come out as the aftermath of lockdown due to covid-19. And both are due to screen addiction. First, is screen time and the second is bedtime revenge procrastination.


Scene time is the time we are on the screen. Which is increasing day by day, especially among younger people who grip themselves in the trap of screen addiction. They change the whole cycle made by nature. The night is for sleep and the day is for labor.


But they reverse it. So this causes bedtime revenge procrastination. We procrastinate due to increasing our time on screen and decreasing our sleeping time. So it is a must to detox screen addiction. How will we do it?


  • Replace your mobile with a book on your bed.

  • Increase more time with family and less on your screen.

  • Fix a time for the screen. Or fixed a time cap.

  • Control your emotions. Be emotionally intelligent.

  • Take interest in outdoor games.

The third, part is to upgrade the software-


After cleaning and reassembling the last work which is lapse is upgrading the software. Because without these we will not be compatible with the new world. Not be a conservative, be an explorer, always eager to know new things and technology and upgrade yourself. For this, we have to do three things.


1. Make a book your best friend-


You will hear and notice that in our life, we would have met with only a few people. That does not cheat us and sometimes the whole life passes but there is no such man found.


But I guarantee you that the book will never cheat on you. It only adds value to your life but does not subtract anything. It never leaves you. Maybe you leave books. How does the book help us?


  • It helps us to increase our knowledge.

  • It protects us from bedtime procrastination or sleeping sickness.

  • It gives you a new dimension and a new way to think and act.

  • It protects you from screen addiction and false news.

  • It works as a mentor in life.


2. Make your experience as your teacher-


Experience is the best teacher in our life. Its teaching and lessons are never false. It always makes you wise and opens a path to success, If you study it efficiently. How does experience teach us?


  • If we find failure from taking any steps. We avoid it, if we find success then continue. This means it makes our analyzers.

  • It protects us from making mistakes.

  • It shows the right path.

  • It always gives us the right information which we trust.

  • It is the best tool to update our brain


3. Travel-


Traveling is the best tool to update our brains.  When you start to travel you meet with various people belonging to different cultures, traditions, and religions.

We know about the different cultural norms and rules. Traditionally and regionally we updated with different types of rituals.


So in short, we know about the world and our country. And especially in my country INDIA. Incredible India. What would I say about India if I completed INDIA in one sentence “India is a bouquet of different types of flowers, with different types of colors and fragrances.” Which makes it unique.


I have a passion for traveling. But due to compulsion and the busy schedule of life. I do not carry on my passion. But one day I hope I complete my passion for traveling. What does traveling teach us?


  • It gives our life a new dimension.

  • It changes our thinking process.

  • It changes our attitude.

  • It meets to us our new version.

  • It upgrades socially, culturally, and traditionally.


So, these are the 9 things that overhaul our supercomputer( brain). We carelessly use our brains and body because of our addiction to success.

Without thinking that everything has some limitations. So we crumble down when we cross our limit. So it is necessary that we take care of it and always overhaul our supercomputer (brain)on a regular interval by using these 9 things.

Best of luck.

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