How to wake up early in the morning? Use my method ARISE.

How to wake up early in the morning? Use my method ARISE. Are you from them who want a remedy for wake-up early sickness? Are you who hit the snoozing button and go to sleep?


How to wake up early in the morning? Use my method ARISE.


I am one of you. Every morning I put my fingertip on the wake-up alarm button to stop it. And go to sleep.


Every night I decide that the next day I will wake up early in the morning. But every day I put my fingertip on the wake-up call alarm button.


I feel fatigued by this behaviour. Because due to late wake-ups, I miss various opportunities and my body is get bulky. On a full day, I feel lazy due to the procrastination included in my habits.


So my mission to keep my fingertips off the ake-up alarm button started when I decided to lose weight.

First I only did an exercise in the evening. I got the result. But after some time my weight did not decrease because I touched a weight loss plateau.


So to come out from the plateau. I made some changes in my diet and exercise routine. So for that my early morning wake-up was essential for changing my routine.


Now I had a dilemma. What can I do? How I put off my fingertip from the wake-up call snoozing button.


If I do not do so all my hard work and what I achieved will vanish. 

On the other hand, my sweet morning sleep pushes my emotional brain to not accept the request of the reasoning brain.


For me, the real problem was how I manage to put off my fingertips on the wake-up call alarm button.

One thing that struck my mind was how I put my finger on the wake-up call button.  So, I concluded that, when I put my fingertip on the alarm button, I have to wake up for a while.


This means at that time I am not in deep sleep. So what I had to do, is push my body from the bed. But it was quite a very hard task.

So I invented a new formula for myself: ARISE. But before we know how we wake up early in the reddish sky. We first know what is the reason why we do not wake up early.


How to wake up early in the morning? Use my method ARISE.


Why we do not wake up early in the morning?


1. Bedtime revenge-



Because of our hunger for success. We do not think about our health. Our main priority is wealth. But have you ever thought that Where is our hunger for success taking us?


We do not eat or sleep properly. What is the condition of our health? We have no time to think about that. Bedtime revenge is one of the sleeping syndromes. In which people give their bedtime to other work. Like watching movies, surfing the internet, and doing official work.


So when our time of sleeping is given to other work. How our sleep will be completed? And the consequences of less sleep directly on our performance. Our concentration power will be below. We change into victims of forgetfulness, and no matter how many methods we use, we do not wake up early.


So avoid giving bedtime to other work and give it to your sleep. Sleep at least five to six hours.

2. Stress


Stress is one of the factors which protects us from deep sleep. You observed that when your mind thinks about anything essential for your life.

Like, you night before the exam. And when the exam will decide our future the stress level is more. But it will be common and everyone in life goes through this.

But when the stress continues and bothers your daily sleep. Then it indicates some mental problems.

And if you go through mental problems you never sleep. And not wake up early.

So if the problem of sleeping sickness is continuous then please visit a doctor.

3. Wake up procrastination-


Mainly procrastination is the common problem behind waking up early. Because of that, we hit our snoozing button in the morning and slept.

4. Measures we use for sleep.


Generally, people search for how I sleep quickly after going to the bed.  And for this, they apply different measures. Like surfing the internet or studying something on the mobile. To strain your eyes.

But it does not work. After some time our eyes start hurting. And affects badly on our eyes. Our number of glasses increase.

So for this be a reader. Use a book instead of a mobile. It is not harmful to your eyes and increases your knowledge. And help you to wake up early.

5. Coffee and tea-


Mainly people do not care about the time to take coffee and tea. They take tea at late night, even though I know some of them.

Who takes the tea after dinner? Some are so health-conscious that they drink green tea for losing weight at the night.

But these all pour a bad impact on your sleep. Because coffee and tea have caffeine that activates your brain.

And disturbed your sleeping qualities.

So, if you want to sleep better. You take coffee and tea at least 3 or 4 hours before your bedtime.

6. Age- 


The age factor is one of the major factors behind sleeping disorders. Mainly old age people always complain that they do not sleep at the night for more than one hour or two hours. These are common problems.

7. Late exercise-

I do not know exactly how this factor is valid for bad sleeping quality. Because I do not know any person who exercises late at night.

The simple reasons behind this are, that due to exercise our hormone level is high which affects our sleep quality. Our brain and body are super active at that time.

What is the benefit of waking up early in the morning?


To understand the benefit of waking up early. we can use a holistic approach, we can divide the benefit of wake-up into three parts: mental, spiritual, and physical.

1. Mental-


Waking up early helps us to increase our mental power. To wake up early the first and primary condition is to take a deep sleep of 5 or 6 hours.


In a newspaper, a study was published in which scientists found that. Those people who take a deep sleep can remember more than the people whose sleep is unripe.

For example, old people face Alzheimer’s and they are not able to remember their past. The main reason is their unripe sleep or not sleeping the whole night.

What does sleep do?

If you take a deep sleep, your mind will recharge for the next day. Your memory power will increase. Your concentration level will increase. You can wake up early in the morning.

Now we come to the topic. How waking up early improves our mental state.

1. Increase your cognitive power. A study found that those people who wake up early have the morning are proactive, efficient in problem-solving skills, the concentration level is of high levels, and found success in their fields.

2. It protects you from mental disorders. A study found that those people who wake up early are away from anxiety, depression, overthinking, and other mental disorders.

3. It improves your sleeping quality. As I explained above.


4. It helps to reduce stress levels. It added more time to your daily schedule. This allows you to do your work perfectly or if you always cry for less time then it helps you to wipe your tears by adding more time.

2. Spiritually-


Waking up early in the morning help you spiritually. It gives your time to do your spiritual work and solidify your connection with God.

1. Waking up early in the morning gives you a peaceful morning. Mostly if you reside in town. You are looking for a place that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

But you never find it. You try to wake up early. You see the magic by sitting on your balcony. The cold and peace in the environment fill you with positive vibes and peace.

So the morning time is best, the golden hour, if you miss it, you miss your peace.

2. It improves the binding between God and humans. The morning time is the best time for establishing a connection between you and God.

Because in the early morning your mind is blank and eager to learn. Second, if we talk about all religions, then all religions insist that we should wake up in the morning to do religious work.

3. Wake up early and give yourself time to do mindfulness practice or meditation. Because at that time your concentration level is on the pick.

3. Physically-


You observe that when you wake up late you feel lethargic the whole day. Your body and mind push you back when you want to do work.

Second, if you wake up late, you are in a hurry, how do you can manage time for physical exercise? 

Third, for the integrated growth of personality, you have to be strong physically and mentally. Because it is like your two hands or legs.


If anyone does not work properly. It affects your speed and performance. So waking up early help you to improve physically.

1. Waking up early gives you the time to do physical exercise, like walking, running, and other physical activities.

2. Gives you extra time for all activities. Feel energetic the whole day.

3. Gives you a healthy and wealthy life.



Use the A-R-I-S-E method to wake up early in the morning.


1. Affirmation-


Every night when I am in my bed I recall in my brain that I have to wake up at 5 am. I repeat m Sarwar Khan wakes me up at 5 am morning”

I repeat it two or three-time.

You believe that it works whenever I do it, it works as an alarm clock for me.  According to me, the reason behind this is that.


By repeating this affirmation we set an alarm time in our body clock, which rang at that time. We set the alarm clock to wake up early morning.


When we repeat anything it sets in our subconscious mind. And slowly-slowly our actions change according to it.

I have used this method since my childhood. My mother tells me about it. I do not know how she knows this. But I am satisfied with this method because it never cheats on me.


2. Sunlight-


Yes sunlight, we all know very well that India is a country with a larger rural area. If you go in summer to villages. 

You found that most people sleep outside their houses or in their courtyards. Because of the coolness of night. 

But one thing also good for a healthy life is that they wake up early in the morning because the sun’s rays and the movement of people open their eyes.


This is a proven and testified formula. Companies make billions from it like Philips Wake up light with sound.

The sound gradually increases and the light moves from yellow to bright yellow like the sunlight in the morning.


You may use the bulb or not, it’s on you. What I did. I shifted to that room where the first ray of sun will come. It helps me when they wake up early or my affirmation alarm opens my eyes. 


I see a yellowish light come on my curtain. Which gives me the alarm that the time has come to wake up. And second, it protects me from procrastination.


3. Remoteness-



It is a proven and tested method. Generally, we place the alarming device next to us. Because when it’s ringing, we put it off. But if we are procrastinating or we have morning wake-up sickness. 

This place appears as a haven for the lover of sweet morning sleep.


So avoid putting your fingers off the wake-up call alarm button. You have to place your alarming device away from you.


So when it will ringing, You do not put it off with your fingertip. So, to get off your wake-up call the snoozer button. You have to go outside of your bed.


But some people are so procrastinating that they go to bed again. Then a question arises here, How will you get rid of this procrastination? For this, I designed the next step.


You also use this psychological trick.  When everybody starts their wake-up journey they make a big mistake in fixing the alarm. They make a huge gap between the time they want to wake up and the time at which they wake up in the present day. 


This means usually they wake up at 8.00 Am but they want to wake up at 5.00 Am. There is a huge gap. If they want to change their routine in one day it is not possible. And due to the huge gap, they go through huge mental pressure. And after some time they skip the wake-up plan.


So set a trick for one week 15 minutes reduce. This means in one month you can reduce by 1 hour. The main benefit of this trick is you do it easily and without going through mental pressure.


4. Exercise



I will not go to tell you to come out of your bed and start running. If you can, then start a mindfulness exercise on your bed. When you hear your wake-up call alarm. 
You come out from a deep sleep. Now you have so much consciousness that you feel what is happening nearby you.


At that time you start thinking of some rubbish. Like any regret or any future planning. So eliminate that rubbish and include mindfulness exercises.


You have to take a deep breath. Concentration will be on your breath. Invite the positive vibes from the world and establish a connection with the positive vibes. After some time you will feel refreshed.


You will also do a trick when you go to put off your alarm. For that, you come out of bed.

When you come out first do some stretchable exercise then go to put off the alarm. This will help you to vanish your eagerness to sleep.


5. Importance-


This is the first step and the foundation pillar of my or any method or work. Instead of this, I was included in passion, willpower, and determination in the place of importance.

But I think these all come into the picture when we set a goal and accept that it is important for us. So, if any work is not important to us we are never passionate and determined about that work.


So the first step is to generate the importance of any work in our minds. You see automatically your body and mind help you in achieving the task which is important to you.


Your brain is alert about that work. Which is important for your task. Your brain circulates the order to other parts of your body. How to find benefits from that task.


So If you know how important it is to wake up in the morning for yourself? Your brain selfly senses the wake-up call snoozer and pushes your body to wake up in the early morning.


I will give you an example to better explain my point. You notice whenever you have to catch a train in the early morning.

You wake up when you hear the wake-up call’s alarm. Because you know about the importance of your journey and train availability.


If you will miss your train, you will lose the opportunity. So, importance and pressure play a great role in the achievement of any plan.


So one thing which I know after execution of this method is that the first and the last point of your success in this method is to give importance to your goals. 





So according to me on the answer to the question. How to wake up early in the morning? Please use the method ARISE.


In this method first, you have to know why waking up early is essential for you and what you get from that. Once you know the importance, apply these different steps.


Use the affirmation method, in this method when you are going to sleep, repeat your name and tell you that please wake me up at the time your wake-up call alarm ringing. Repeat it two or three times.


In the sunlight method, in this, you can take the help of different kinds of wake-up lights but sound alarm. Or fix your bed in the room where the sun rays first come on your window.


In the remoteness method, in this method, we put the wake-up call device away from ourselves. Because when it rings, you come out of your bed and stop it. And because of that your eagerness to sleep vanishes.


In the exercise method, in this method, somebody is so procrastinated that they come out of bed and switch off the wake-up alarm and then go to bed and sleep again.


This method is for them. In this method, when you wake up, before switching off the wake-up alarm. You do stretchable exercises. Or when you wake up to hear the wake-up call alarm, do a mindfulness exercise. It refreshes your mind.

Best of luck.

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