How to overcome self-doubt? 11 remedial measures.

How to overcome self-doubt? 11 remedial measures. Self-doubt is like a termite that licks our brain and heart slowly. Which consequences we see in our future life. Slowly-slowly it affects our decision-making power, increases our anxiety and sometimes leads to mental problems. 
How to overcome self-doubt? 11 remedial measures.


So, it is important to overcome your doubt in time. For this, we have to first know what self-doubt is? How does it affect our heart and brain? And what are the causes of self-doubt? How to overcome self-doubt? Then after we know about 11 remedial measures to overcome self-doubt.


How to overcome self-doubt? 11 remedial measures.


What is self-doubt?


In layman’s terms, self-doubt is the psychology in which a person feels uncertainty about himself in any situation. That I can do it or how I do it. For example, in the situation when you go to purpose your girl. 


At that time you are full of uncertainty and doubt. Many questions will be remunerated in your brain. Whether she will accept it or not? What will she feel about you? And after listening to your feelings. What will be her reaction?


These all thought-full you with uncertainty and doubt. Although these doubts are useless. Because, whatever has to happen, will happen. By doing self-doubt, you do not do anything. Only discourage yourself. 


Therefore, when you go in front of your girl. There is much possibility that you could not purpose her, and go to say something but say something else.


But it is a common phenomenon, everyone in his life will go through this phase. Maybe in the exam hall, in the office, and in his personal life. Do not be afraid of that.


So, when we face new and challenging situations. It is common that us to feel doubt and uncertainty. But when the doubt makes his house in our hearts and brain. Then it is an alarming situation. That the time has come to think about how to overcome self-doubt. And what type of remedial measure we can take.


How does self-doubt affect our hearts and brain?


I start my article with a sentence. Self-doubt is like a termite, which licks our brain and heart. Our brain works in two parts. One run by our brain itself. 


And the second is run by our heart. The part run by our brain is called the reasoning brain, and another part that runs by our heart is called the emotional or feeling brain.


For better decisions and finding success. Both brain coordination and communication are essential. Because if we think only with our reasoning brain. 

Then we do not understand others’ pain, sorrow, and happiness. Because we do any work after evaluating its loss and profits. 


On the other hand, when we think only with our emotional brain. No doubt, we will do our loss. The better decision is taken by us. When our reasoning and emotional brain work in an integrated manner. 


So, the self-doubt termite licks the communication path between reasoning and the emotional brain. And if the communication will brake, automatically our coordination will also brake.


For example, above we take the example of purpose, now we take the example of a man who faces many break-ups in his life. We give a name to that man Jack.


Self-doubt is not raised in our minds after one or two rejections or breakups. But it is raised when it is continuously. It gives a challenge to our personality. 


Jack is like that man. Who goes through several breakups. Now he decides that he will never be in a relationship. 

But man will be a man. After a few days, he meets with a girl in his office. When they met, they found that there are various similarities between them. 


So in a few days, they became good friends. Both care about each other, both have the same vote on any decision, and both like each other. So they want to continue their relationship.


But the situation is now being critical to Jack. Because he had a long list of breaks up. So his reasoning mind gives him, again and again, an alarm that if he starts a relationship it will turn into a breakup. So he should be firm on his decision.


His reasoning brain puts him in self-doubt that he is not capable of being in a relationship. The break-up is because of him. He felt doubt in himself. So it is more probability that he will quit the relationship or not start a relationship.


Because his emotional brain is not able to send him a signal of love. Which he does with that lady. Or the love of the lady. Which influenced him to go into the relationship. And help him how to overcome self-doubt.

This is because self-doubt breaks the communication path between two brains. So, we make the wrong decisions because of self-doubt. 


Causes for self-doubt.


1. Destroy the path of communication between mind and heart- 


I think on this topic we have done much discussion. So in short, the break in the communication path causes doubt in us.


And because of the barrier, the coordination between our reasoning brain (operated by the brain)  and emotional brain (operated by the heart) is destroyed. 


So because of a lack of signal between our mind and heart. We do not make the right decision. 

We lose our self-confidence and always face uncertainty and doubt. When an unexpected and unprecedented situation arises. We think that ” we are not capable of handling the situation or how can I handle it”.


2. Comparison-


Comparison is the devil. Which destroys many houses and people’s lives. But we do not understand it. We think that by comparing the others. We rectify our wrongs and make ourselves superior.

But it is not right. Because when we start comparing. We try to copy others’ skills. But never find success in it. Because every person is unique. So it is better to sharpen your uniqueness. 

Nothing will be changed in your life by doing a comparison. It fills you with doubts and fear and causes self-doubt in you. And down your confidence level.


3. Past trauma-


Past trauma is one of the main causes of self-doubt. As I explain above Jack goes through various breakups. When he wants to start a new relationship.


His doubt flok him around with suspicion of if and but. And there is much possibility that his previous relationship is also broken. Because he doubts himself. 


When anyone doubts himself. He takes every step carefully. Because he felt suspicious and his level of confidence also decreased. And a suspicious mind is a house of misconception. And misconception is capable of destroying any relationship.


4. Fear-


Our fear is the main cause of self-doubt. We think, “Can we do it? How can we do it? What do others think about me? If he gets angry with me? What are the consequences?


So, slowly-slowly this type of fear changes into self-doubt and we lose self-confidence. But we never care about it. Whenever it does not create problems for us. But in the long run, we will see the effect.


5. Over-confident-


Confidence is always right and my objective to write this article is to generate self-confidence in you. 

But yes, self-confidence is also a psychological error. Dye to which our boat got drowned in the middle of the river. When you are overconfident, you think in this world nothing is impossible for me. 


And here, they are wrong because making any work possible and impossible is dependent on your hard work. And overconfidence makes you careless.

So because of your overconfidence, many times you do not perform well in that work which is easy for you. And when it continues our overconfidence changes into self-doubt. In this manner, it causes doubts.


11 remedial measures to overcome self-doubt.


1. Generate love for yourself- 


Love yourself and belief in yourself are common words. Which is used by all the life coaches. And it is right. In the matter of self-doubt, it is more important.


Self-love opens your mind and brain. It gives you the feeling that nothing is more important than you. You are capable of doing anything you want. In any circumstances.which increases your confidence.


It gives you a chance to know yourself. Because If you do not know yourself, then how do you know others? If you do not help yourself, how do you help others? 


So by knowing yourself, you know your weakness, pain, and happiness. So, you clear your mind from self-doubt and fill yourself with self-confidence. By loving yourself. You can overcome doubts.


2. Do not engulf in a maze ” what does other think about you”-


Mainly we surround ourselves with doubt and uncertainty because of others. We give much weightage to the others in our life. It may be our relatives, family members, and friends.


I am also one of them who gives weightage to my relatives and family members. But I did not get anything from them. I think what I expected from them was a little love and respect. Which was less in comparison to what I did for them. 


Instead of giving respect, they only blame me “you are wrong”. It fills me with self-doubt. Am I wrong? I think that. In 100 times I will be 80 times wrong. But all the time, I have not digested it.


So I think I should leave them with their blame. And come out from my doubt and move forward confidently on the path of success.

They are like the tail of a dog, which will never be straight. So if your want to overcome self-doubt, then try to avoid these people.


3. Do not compare yourself with others-


If you want to overcome self-doubt. Then stop comparing yourself with your colleagues, friends, and even brother and sister. Because God makes everyone unique. You have done things that others do not have.


Like some know the art of persuasion, some are good at writing, some are good at technical skills, and some are good at management. So, make your uniqueness, your tool for success.


Comparison only fills you with doubt and uncertainty. I also want to suggest those parents. That parents always compare their children with other children. 


So stop comparing, and before comparing, check your children’s uniqueness, and make an effort to sharpen it. And give them confidence, when they are demoralized.

Because from the comparison you only fill your children with self-doubt from their childhood.


4. Come out from your past-


 Past guilt and trauma in the measure cause self-doubt. So to overcome it, you will have to come out of your past. One thing you have to pin in your mind. Time and life went and never come back. 


So, because of your past losses and fall. If you do not want to move forward. You are wrong. So never stop yourself. Always live in the present and come out from the maze of doubt and uncertainty. 


Raise your self-confidence, tight your belt, and move forward. To assume every day will be a new day. 


5. Do not be obsessed with the future-


Some time in our life. Due to being over-confident. We are too optimistic about our future. That we do not consider our present. And the reason is that we fall. When we try to jump.


It is like that. A man was every day cross a river. So he was habituated to it. One day, when he came to cross the river. There was heavy rain. 

But he was so confident that he would cross the river. After being alerted by other people. He was diving into the river. But unfortunately, he lost his life.


Because he did not notice that the river was much wider than the river which he crossed every day. 

The second reason is that he wants to be famous. So, He wanted to cross the river in difficult situations. But his future fame takes his life.

So it’s better to strengthen your present, your future self will be bright. So it helps you to overcome your self-doubt.


6. Try to live in present-


Those who live in the present. Never be engulfed in self-doubt. Because you can’t capable to change your past and know about our future. You have only the capability to change your present. 


 So, why not put all the effort into changing your present. And live in the present.


7. Link building between your brain and heart-


For link building between your heart and brain. And overcome self-doubt. You have to do a lot of measures. Like doing meditation, affirmation, and mindfulness practice. 

For meditation, you do breathing exercises. It helps to build your concentration level. By doing meditation. You will understand your real capability.


In affirmation, you repeat some mantra, which increases your strengths, confidence and energy and deletes your doubts and uncertainty from your mind. Like,


Yes, I have some past guilt,

But I do not live in the past.

I am confident, but not overconfident, 

I am optimistic, but not living in the future.

I live in the present.

I love myself more than anyone,

I know myself more than anyone,

I do not fit anyone,

I do not live in doubt,

I live in confidence.

Because every day is a new day for me.


8. Overcome your fear-


To avoid self-doubt you have to overcome your fear. We go through many types of fear in our life. Which leads to doubt and uncertainty. They demonize you.


You are not the only one who fears. But everyone in this world faces fear. The difference between a doubtful and confident person is that. 


They keep aside their fear and move forward. And when he passes one time through his fear. His fear will vanish. Because your fear has only one lifeline. If you cross, you overcome it. 


9. Build your self-esteem-


Self-esteem is one of the main reasons behind self-doubt. When we lose our self-esteem, we lose our character. And that person who has no character is always lacking confidence. He is full of doubt. They depend on others for any work.


So, build your self-stand em, and you automatically see that all your doubts will be overcome. And you found that you are filled with confidence.


10. Company with positive people-


You meet some people. Who is so negative in their life? That they always blame others for their miseries, they do not initiate any work, they never take responsibility.


They cross the limit. When they force people to not do any work in the doubt of failure in a task. If you sit with them they fill you with negativity.


To avoid these people and always be alert in friendship and choosing a company. Whether he is a positive minded person or not. help help you to overcome self-doubt.


11. Be social-


You think about how being social builds self-confidence in you. But there is direct contact between these two. 

Because when there is some disparity in our life. We usually cut ourselves from society, friends and family.


So because of that, we engulf ourselves in the maze of doubts and uncertainty. We do not want to face them. 

Because we think, How will I face them? If they question me about my weakness? What should I do?


But I think, why do we fear? If you are wrong then accept it. Once you accept it. You will overcome your fear. Because people blame you when you do not accept it. 


And if you are not wrong. Why are you afraid? Be social, do not self. Because to hide is the work of a robber.


And when you are being social then you notice your confidence will be increasing and all the doubt will vanish.


So these are 11 remedial measures. Which helps you in how to overcome self-doubt? One thing you have to notice is that, may it be self-doubt, or may it be self-confidence.

Both are built by us. So we are the facilitator of our life. What we want to select is in our hands. Then why not select self-confidence. 

Best of luck.

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