• How to trigger your man's hero instinct?

    How to trigger your man’s hero instinct?

    How to trigger your man’s hero instinct? Are you afraid that your partner does not take interest in you or take care of you? There’s no heat of love in your relationship. On a small matter, you and your partner are having a dog fight. You must be thinking  Earlier it was not like this. How much we give respect to each other. He did not pass a moment without praising me. But what happened now? If these are all questions ruminating in your mind. And making your life uncomfortable. Then this article is right for you.      In this article, I will tell you what your man’s secret…

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    What does a man want from a woman?

    Disclaimer: In this article, there is an affiliated link. If you buy I get some commission but it does not add on you some cost. So if you want to buy this product the link is given below. What does a man want from a woman? This question is like a maze for many women. How much time do you waste in transforming into the woman, that a man wants? How much do you find yourself wandering into that maze?       If you’re thinking man like most women, who is independent, attractive, and intelligent. So, you spend all this time in makeup yourself. That you look sexy and…

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    How to trigger your man’s secret obsession?

      How to trigger your man’s secret obsession? This question is remunerating in many women’s minds. They have always been in the fear that their life partner does not cheat them, if he does not reply to their calls and text message they get frustrated in suspicious.        That their partner will not leave them or they lose interest in them. They always complain about coldness in their relationship. This thinking of mine is not fabricated. It is based on some data. A survey conducted by gleeden found that 55 % of married people have extramarital affairs. According to the survey published by the general social survey(GSS), 2010-16, %…