How to trigger your man’s hero instinct?

How to trigger your man’s hero instinct? Are you afraid that your partner does not take interest in you or take care of you? There’s no heat of love in your relationship. On a small matter, you and your partner are having a dog fight. You must be thinking  Earlier it was not like this. How much we give respect to each other. He did not pass a moment without praising me. But what happened now? If these are all questions ruminating in your mind. And making your life uncomfortable. Then this article is right for you. 


How to trigger your man's hero instinct?


In this article, I will tell you what your man’s secret obsession is. And tell you about 11 tips or tricks to trigger your man’s hero instinct. So let’s start. 


What is your man’s secret obsession? 


For being a secret obsession of your man, you have nothing to do any hard task like climbing on a mountain or fasting for 10 days or 30 days. It is as simple as solving a mathematical problem.


Until then, if you do not know the formula, it is very hard to solve the mathematical problem. But when you know the formula, you easily solve it. So for being the obsession of man. Women have to first know about the secret obsession of the man.


Lots of things obsessed a man. It may be money, sex, and lust. But I guarantee that there is more that attracts them and is obsessed with them. The man is more concerned about their manhood and wants to be a role model or hero for his woman.


He wants to act like a superhero for his partner. And want that his woman also thinks like that as he thinks about himself. In another word, it is called the hero instinct of a man. This word was first coined by James Bauer in his book his secret obsession.


His book is about awakening a man’s most secret and powerful desire to earn your love. Prove his devotion to you and give you romance that lasts a lifetime. This is one of the bestseller books. The 11 bullets or tricks which I am going to tell you. To fire or use on your loved one. Is inspired by this book. So if you want to purchase this book. The link is given in the description. Now we come to the topic. 


How to trigger your man’s hero instinct?


1. Do not hesitate to say to him “Please help me”.


In today’s world, most women are independent. So they do not want to call for help. Even to his husband or partner. She thinks they can manage it.


But when this situation is increasing day by day. You found a gap between you and your partner. Because your behaviour hurts your partner’s manhood.


He thinks she does not need me. What is my need in her life? Or Why do I care for her? So do not hesitate to ask him for help. Sometimes ask for help even when you do not need it.


Seeking help doesn’t mean you are weak. But it is a call of trust, which you have on your partner. 


2. Celebrate his win and Mourn his loss.


Maybe it’s your win or loss. If you do not share it. You never get satisfaction. Because it is human psychology. When someone admires your win and mourns your loss. You feel great.


This is a heart-touching moment for your man. Especially when your man is in the sorrow of his loss. Your mourning gives him the signal that. You are available for him at any moment. So always be the special person for your man. It triggers his hero instinct.


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3. Always show him that you can’t do any work without his advice.


Yes, I am right. You always show your man that you need his advice and opinion. You show him that his advice is valuable to you. Whether you need his advice or not. 


Love is not known by keeping it in the heart, it has to be told.


Especially when the problem is tricky and challenging. It satisfied her manhood. And trigger his hero instinct. Because man loves to take the challenge.


4. Do not impose your opinion on him.


Do undermine yourself in front of your man. It gives him the feeling of his value in your eyes. Everyone wants that his word is always accepted in the family or the office.


Especially if your man wants you to accept his words. Accept it, do not argue with him. And do not try to impose your opinion on him. Wait for the right moment and then tell him about his mistake. Because an argument only creates a misconception. 


Love means freedom. 


5. Encourage him in the achievement of his goal.


You have made them realize that you are the biggest source of his encouragement. Always give him the energy of sentiment and emotion. Because it is our psychological behaviour. When we fall, we seek our loved ones to support us.


And at that time if you are with your partner. Your bond will strengthen day by day. Do not let him emotionally down. This triggers his hero instinct and helps you to be his secret obsession.


A helping hand is always warm, Which will bring warmth to your relationship.


6. Realize him that he is the only king of your heart.


A man always expects his woman to tell him three secret words. No, it is not I LOVE YOU, it is “ONE IN ALL”. This means you are the special one in all for her. 


This triggers the hero instinct of your man. Because every man wants that, he is only being the king of his women’s hearts. And want you to always tell him those three secret words. It builds trust in them and makes you his secret obsession.


“One in all” is the message, which keeps your man on his knees in front of you. 


7. Thank you.


This is a magical word. You notice that if anyone says thank you. How much it encourages us to do more work for him or others.


But if we do not hear this word from others or even from our near ones. It discourages us from doing anything for them. Like, for the survival of life, we need food. Just like our mind and heart need the tonic of thank you. For the encouragement to help anyone.


It also plays a vital role in triggering the hero instinct. When you say thank you to your partner for everything he gives to you. It encourages him to do more. And you will be your man’s secret obsession.


Thank you is an inspirational word, which inspires you to keep doing work for others. 


8. Encourage his masculine power.


Like women lug on their beauty, men also lug on their fitness and masculine power. When you open the way to the flow of his masculine power. You touch your man’s secret obsession. Men are always happy to hear. If his women admire his masculine power in front of her friends.


For example, if your boyfriend is with you, try to get something. Which is out of your reach. Tell your boyfriend to get that thing for you. Or encourage him to uplift you to get that thing. So, if you admire his masculine power, you easily trigger his hero instinct.


Women are known for their beauty, and men are for their manhood. 


9. Do not argue with him.


The argument factor is behind many breakups. And if men and women do not break up. They do not want to see each other. They live in one house but do not want to talk.


I do not restrict you to interrupt your partner. When he is wrong. But I only want to request you to avoid arguing with them. Arguments make things messier. By avoiding arguments you will be the secret obsession of your man by triggering his hero instinct.


Argument causes separation. 


10. Do not interrupt him during all work.


Do not be the mother of your man. He already has one. By interrupting every work of your boyfriend, you bother him.


Basically when you interrupt him. He starts avoiding you. No man wants his women to interrupt him in every task. So to trigger his hero instinct you have to avoid this habit of yours.


Interruption leads to frustration and freedom leads to relaxation. 


11. Protect your identity.


All persuasion is in its place. But if you lose your existence, you will have left nothing. One thing that is also common in men is that they are attracted to that thing which gives them challenges.


Instead of putting all your weapons on his feet. Use all your weapons shrewdly on your man to trigger his hero instinct 


It is your personality that forces others to bow down before you.


So these are the 11 bullets you have to fire on your man to trigger his hero instinct. You have beauty, you have attraction, and you have a fragrance. Which is enough to make someone spell-free. So use it to pull your man toward you.

Best of luck.


I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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