Is law of attraction is useless?

What is the Law of Attraction after all?  Is this the lamp of Aladdin?  Can we achieve anything in life just by thinking?  And if this had happened. Then the thing called problem or trouble would have ended from this world.  Because just we think from the heart and all our troubles end. And if by visualizing something, it can actually happen in our life.  And if it were so, we would have dreams every day.  


Is law of attraction is useless?


So it means that all our dreams will start coming true. Therefore what work will be left for us to do? For this reason, many such questions keep arising in our minds regarding the Law of Attraction. Whether it really works or is just a false hypothesis. So I will try to clear the fog of your dilemma regarding the Law of Attraction. So let’s first know what is the Law of Attraction?


What is the law of attraction?


The Law of Attraction emphasizes that our thoughts affect our reality. It tells us that positive thoughts bring positive results in our life. The same negative thoughts bring negative results in our life. This law believes that our positive energy attracts success in our life.  Whether it is our personal success or our professional success. So if we understood in simple words, the Law of Attraction is a manifestation that paves the way for us to attract positive things in our life. So now it comes to knowing how the Law of Attraction works.


How does the law of attraction work?


We all know that our actions are what we think.  It means our thinking becomes our action. If we only think of positive things in our life, then our actions and reactions will be positive. The law of Attraction is the inclusion of 3 universal laws.


1. Like attracts like- 


This theory believes that. Similar things attract each other. As positivity attracts positivity, and negativity attracts negativity. As you must have seen that when our thoughts, way of working, or behaviour matches with any person. We like being with him. And somewhere this is the reason for our friendship.


2. Nature abhors a vacuum- 


This theory believes that nature abhors empty space. And this is what our mind also does, whenever our mind feels empty.  He tries to fill the space. If we are positive-thinking people. Then that space is filled with positive thinking. On the other hand, if we are a person of negative thinking. Then the same space is filled with negative thoughts.


3. Present is always good- 


This theory believes that. Today is always better than yesterday and tomorrow.  And we can always do something to make the present moment better.  Even if we are feeling sad. Because our present is like a cricket field. On which when we bat we have to face the next ball by previous experience and bat well to hit the ball over the boundary for six. So always try to make your present beautiful. It makes your future benevolent. And gives a reason to clean the bad spots of the past. 


So by combining these three rules, the concept of the Law of Attraction has been formulated.  So after understanding the Law of Attraction, now it is our turn. To know how we can use the Law of Attraction in the right way.


How to use the law of attraction?


1. Practicing acceptance- 


Be grateful, for what you have got and what you are getting. Try to accept it with an open heart. Don’t regret what you didn’t get. Because what we have got is reality. And what was not found in our pure imagination. And imagination is always the reason for the pain. So try to live in reality. 


2. Visualize your goal – 


What you want to do or become. Try to imagine that. But not through dreams, with open eyes.  Writing your goal or target on a cardboard or on a chart paper in big letters. Either hang it on your ceiling or on your deck board. Where it can be visualized by your eyes. This will help you to memorize your goal. And your memory will keep indicating to your brain. That you have to achieve that target.


 3. Notify or journalize your thoughts- 


This is the best aspect of this principle. Take a notebook and note down your triggering point of thought in it. Like, what thoughts come to your mind in any situation? And what is your thinking process in that particular situation? Which type of ideas comes to mind? And your thinking is negative or positive. When you slowly start noting your thoughts. Then you will know whether you are of a negative mindset or a positive mindset.


4. Use the rational mind and the emotional mind- 


Our mind is divided into two parts, one is our logical mind, and one is our emotional mind.  One takes a decision logically in a given situation. While others take it emotionally.  That’s why both our brains must work in equal proportion. Otherwise, our decisions will start going wrong. If our decision will be taken by our emotional or logical mind. Then somewhere negativity will start dominating us more. 


That’s why it is more important to work both of them in equal proportion. And when you start noticing your thoughts. Then you can easily find out these things. Which of your mind was more effective in your decision and in which situation? And you can fix that.


5. Meditation- 


Do meditation, this will concentrate your mind.  And your focused mind will help you to give more attention to anything. You make your every decision after proper evaluation. It executes positive energy in you. Or will you get help in disciplining your mind?  Due to this your attention will increase.


6. Use positive affirmation- 


You can use any affirmation, it is just a way to recall your mind.  So that your mind can know what you want to do in your life, and what is your purpose. Some affirmation is like that. 


1. I love myself.


2. I can do whatever I want.


3. I live in the present.


This is some simple affirmation, which you can repeat daily while meditating. You can do it for at least 2 minutes. Or repeat it at least three times. 


7. Positive self-talk-


This is a very easy way, in this, you have to talk to yourself. You have to beat yourself in this. In this, you have to convert your negative thinking into positive thinking. And for this, whenever some negative thoughts come into your mind. Then you start saying positive things loudly to yourself. You will see that negative thoughts will go away from your mind in a pinch.


So till now, we have come to know about the Law of Attraction and how to use it. But one question still remains. Whether the Law of Attraction fulfills all our wishes. Or do we get what we want after doing this?


Is the law of attraction giving all that we want?


The Law of Attraction is not new to us. We use this principle every day in our lives. The Law of Attraction says that you will get what you think about. But your thinking should have that perfection or it should have depth. And this is what our intention also does. We first have the intention to do some work. But tell yourself, does any work get accomplished just by having an intention?  no no,


For any desired success, as important as our intention is, equally important is our action, and along with all these things, our luck also plays some role.  Only then do we get the desired success? The same Law of Attraction gives our desire to succeed or not. It is not yet scientifically proven. There is a doubt whether by using this all the people get the desired success or not.  So is the Law of Attraction of no use?


Is the law of attraction of no use?


No, no one can not say that the law of Attraction is just pure imagination. Although we do not have any scientific results for its authenticity. And there is no appropriate data on its success rate. But one thinks which is very clear. LawThe law attraction added positive vibes in us. That attracts positive vibes from the universe. And because of that, we are full of positive energy.


So I can claim that. Even if it does not get you your desired life partner, but your life partner will always appreciate you. It may not get you the job you want, but it will take you to great heights in whatever profession you choose.  Whether you become a millionaire or not, it will make you one in a million.  So you must do this especially if you are restless, do not understand what to do, or do not see any option ahead. And you’re filled with negativity. The Law of Attraction might be a better option for you.

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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