Positive affirmations: For positive attitude.

If troubles have started knocking in your life. You can’t understand what to do next in your life. Darkness is visible all around in life. Your negativity is dominating you. Anxiety and depression victimize you. So read these positive affirmations for 21 days, whenever you get time, morning or evening. These positive affirmations for anxiety or motivation help you decrease your anxiety and boost your motivation level. 


Positive affirmations: For positive attitude.


But here two questions must be arising in your mind: why should we read this affirmation only for 21 days?  And the second question is what is going to happen with the affirmation? So in this article let us first learn about affirmations. Then about the 21/90 rule. And in the end, we know about positive affirmations.


Affirmation is not new to us, it is just like the lessons that we used to remember in our childhood. So that we can write the solution to the questions coming in the exam.  Similarly when trouble starts coming into our life. So many types of negative thoughts keep flying in front of us in the form of questions. And our positive affirmations give its answer. Because repeating many positive things again and again through positive affirmations, sits in our subconscious mind. 


So whenever any negative thought or question arises in our mind, our mind answers it. In simple words, positive affirmations empty your mind of negative thoughts and fill them with positive thoughts. 


Second, I told you to repeat this affirmation again and again for 21 days because. The 21/90 rule is scientifically proven. This means, it only takes 21 days to form a new habit and 90 days to make it a part of your lifestyle.


In fact, the 21/90 formula was born in the 1960s. When a cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote a self-help book called Psycho-Cybernetic: A New Way To Get More Living Out of life. In his book, he suggested that it only takes 21 days of practice for one of our old mental images to dissolve and a new one to form. It has also been confirmed in a study conducted by the University of London. That any habit becomes a part of our lifestyle in 90 days.


So let’s start with positive affirmations.


If you want a positive attitude or positive thinking. So first make up your mind about that.  Learn to find joy in the simple things. Make the best of your circumstances. Not everyone has everything, but everyone has some miseries. Which is mixed with the happiness in our life. The solution is to make laughter more than tears. Never try to avoid risk in life. Don’t think that someone will save you from your misfortune. Because it is not going to happen.  And you will be very sad when you know this.  Because the future is always uncertain.


When God can’t keep everyone happy.  So how can you make everyone happy?  Do not let criticisms dominate you. Don’t let your close friends or ‘conventional wisdom’ decide for you.  Be yourself. It will work better in the long run.  Do things that you enjoy doing. Don’t invite trouble. Because fantasy is often tougher than reality.


Stevenson said, “Hatred poisons the soul,”. So Don’t be jealous of others, and don’t hold a grudge. Stay away from those people who make you sad. You have a lot to do. Don’t regret what you wanted to do, or what you didn’t do. Do not do a post-mortem. Don’t spend your life thinking about sorrows and mistakes.


Don’t be the one who never knows how to recover from things. Stop and think about the people in your life. Who has been in your past, or who may be with you now? Consider their attitude, whether it’s positive or negative, and whether you want to be like them. And if negativity and malice come from them, then leave them.


Do what you can for those less fortunate than you. And above all, be busy with something, or several things. A busy person never has time to be sad.


When you reach that point in life. Where you are filled with many self-messages to move forward. So remember, life is a journey, not a destination. We are always in the process of arriving at conclusions. Because we always have the fear of change. We are battling between failure and success. Yes, there is no doubt that we will face some problems in the way of success. And we will also have some discussion. So adjustments are always needed.


First-time experiences are often risky. You should adjust to the new circumstances. And you may have to adjust to different people. You have to decide how much emotion you should show, especially at work. You may worry about whether an old habit of yours persists. And if so, how to get out of it. To face new experiences, a positive self-image and a positive attitude are invaluable.


There is powerful evidence of how self-image affects outcomes. The way you view yourself affects your attitude. Which in turn affects your actions. That determines your achievements.  Then, lies the key to gaining confidence, earning respect, and developing positive change with better results.


Interpreting your world and maintaining a good self-image. Most of us are not able to because of this. Because we do nothing to maintain it.  Our problem is that, instead of acting on it, we either fall into its arms, or it just reacts and sits silently. So if we want to fix it. So think of it like planting a crop. If we want a better crop of self-worth, confidence, and opportunities. So we have to change and regain our control over what can be done. And those who cannot do it will not have to worry. Just like a farmer who sows his crop without worrying much about the weather.


Our lives are worth more than wasting time and energy blaming others, indulging in self-pity, seeking revenge, or focusing on past mistakes.  We have to understand our doubts and apprehensions. But change doesn’t come from analysis alone. For this, it is also necessary to take action. It is never easy. It requires determination and discipline. So in life, it is better to keep moving forward. And keep forwarding the positive change in your values.  


Because locking yourself in one place is not the solution to any issue. Do not keep living life on the old pattern.  Because if kept, even iron gets rusted. So it is better, why not to test yourself on some new criterion every day. There is no doubt about it, sometimes you will get failure and sometimes you will get success.  But it is guaranteed that he will teach us something or the other.


A positive attitude determines your failure or success. 


The idea is taken from the book Creed For Positive Living by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Best of luck.

I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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