The power of positive thinking.

The power of positive thinking: A practical guide to mastering the problem of everyday living.

The power of positive thinking is one of my favourite books in my reader collection. When I read this book. I understood the power of positivity. The role of positivity is the key to the success of our life.


The power of positive thinking.


It gives an exposure to rethink our lives. The best of this book is to gives guidance to tackling the problem of the day to day life.

Let us ask you a question. When was the last day you felt relaxed? In today’s hectic life. Such opportunities are rarely found. When we try to connect with ourselves. We do not do it. Because today’s busy life has ruined our peace.


There is a great lack of self-confidence in us. There is a lack of energy in us. The biggest thing is that we are not happy with our life at all. 

About the Author-


 Norman Vincent Peale is a motivational speaker and psychologist.  Along with this, he is also a well-known author, who has written more than 40 books now. 

Norman is the founder of the positive thinking concept, and his book “The Power of Positive Thinking” has sold over a million copies and been translated into more than 40 languages.



It is a clear thing that to bring change in life, you have to change your thinking. Nothing can change in your life until you change the way you think.  

If you dream of a happy life. Where happiness and success kiss your feet. Then you have to adapt and know about the power of positive thinking today and now.

In this book, the power of positive thinking. You will read how we can handle the problems that come in the way of our happiness through the power of positive thinking. 


First of all, you have to learn a simple trick. Which will increase your self-confidence. And help you to get out of your inferiority complex which is feeling inferior to others.


Second thing, if you will want to learn, how to live a peaceful life? it is very important to have a peaceful mind.

You will have to learn a new strategy that will help you. To achieve peace of mind and will be able to enjoy its innumerable benefits. 


The third thing you will learn is how to boost your energy. So that you can work the whole day without getting tired and without any stress. You will know what those three things are. That you have to include in your daily life.


So that your energy level remains full all the time. With this, you will start to understand that the secret of our happiness lies within us. 


If you were also trying to find your happiness in external things till now, then by reading this book. You will understand what real happiness is, how it works and how you can achieve it in your life.  


And lastly, because you work so hard to stay energized. You deserve to know how to stop your energy from leaking. We will focus on the cause of energy loss.

Which is your anger and tell you how to handle the problem of your anger and mood swings. This book is a practical guide that will change the way you think, feel and behave.  

Topics wise discussion of the power of positive thinking.

Believe In Yourself 

Do you know that there is such a magical thing that if you include it in your life, then you will get more happiness and success? Want to know what this magical thing is and how it works? 


This is your self-confidence. If a person does not have a strong sense of superiority and a feeling of self-worth.

Then he can never be successful in life. Because he will never be able to know his self-respect and real identity. What he wants from life. 


You may lack self-confidence. But you can learn. How to increase courage and confidence in yourself. Often, the reason behind our Inferiority Complex i.e. considering ourselves less than others is our childhood.  


For example, if someone has had a bad experience or some kind of violence in childhood. Then it has a deep effect on his heart and mind and even after growing up. His self-confidence is not developed.  


For example, some people live their whole life like a shadow behind their elder siblings. Maybe in childhood, your elder brother or sister kept getting good marks and you have been passing in average marks.  

So the same thing happens every time. Your parents scold you, always with your elder brother or sister.


Once you learn to live life with the power of positive thinking. Then you can handle any situation. 

But if you look at things from a negative attitude, then even a small problem can have a bad effect on your life.

A Peaceful Mind Generates Power


It is everyone’s dream to live a peaceful and stress-free life. But it is also true that. We have to make a lot of efforts to get peace of mind in life. But whatever is to be done to live a calm and peaceful life is less. 

To live with a peaceful mind, you have to change your thinking. So practice it today and from now on. Keep your mind empty twice a day. 


Try to remove your fears, insecurities and all your negative thoughts and feelings. When you finish this exercise, believe me, you will feel very relaxed and peaceful.  


Once all the negative thought is gone from your mind, you start filling the power of positive thought. Think about what you have got and achieved in your life.


Imagine you are living a creative and healthy life. Imagine yourself as a strong and capable person. This way negative thoughts will never enter your mind. Because your mind will already be full of positive thoughts.


Then gradually with time. These positive thoughts will get so firmly fixed in your mind. That negative thought will keep on weakening on their own. 

And one day will also come that. There will be no place for these negative thoughts in your life after that. Your every moment will pass through peace.  


If this technique does not suit your lifestyle. Then you can practice silence. Every day you have to practice being silent for 15 minutes.  Choose a quiet room in your home. Where you have to sit in complete silence for 15 minutes or more.


During this you do not have to do anything, just feel the silence inside you and enjoy that moment. Silence has a healing effect that makes us stronger from within. 


You can learn something from this story.  Author Norman Vincent Peele and two of his friends were having breakfast at a hotel.  


The three of them were discussing among themselves how they got to sleep last night.  A friend named Andy was repeatedly complaining of sleeplessness.

He said that he spends the whole night turning on the bed. And he feels very tired in the morning. Andy told me that he had seen the news before going to sleep at night.


He was so disturbed after hearing the news. That negative and stressful thoughts were coming to his mind in this condition. He went to sleep.  


Whereas another friend whom we will call Buddy told us that he had a very good night. He slept well and woke up very fresh in the morning. Although he was also listening to the news on the radio. And reading the newspaper before going to sleep.


Buddy said that he follows a secret routine every night before sleeping. Norman and Andy were getting excited to learn his secret plan.  


Buddy told me that he had learned this routine from his father. And it was a secret that every night the whole family should go to sleep together after praying.

Because when we pray, we feel peace and relaxation in the mind and there is harmony inside the human being.  


Confidence awakens which fills him with positive feelings. Buddy used to do it every day before sleeping. So he was a small child.


 If you also want to achieve this level of peaceful mind, then you have to practice all the tricks mentioned in this chapter. This will help you stay more positive and lead a peaceful life.

How To Have Constant Energy


Sometimes we forget how powerful our mind is. We forget that if we constantly think that we are tired, then we start feeling tired, even if we have not done anything.


The secret of an endless source of energy is to take full care of our bodies. When we eat healthy things, work out daily get enough sleep and stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking or overeating. 


Then we feel that. We will have enough energy inside and outside us. That we will not get exhausted. Even after working hard for the whole day. 


Another way to increase your energy level is to live a balanced emotional life. If your body, mind and spirit are running in harmony with the same rhythm. Then you will always be strong. And you will have the power to work for hours without getting tired.  


Your energy is not dependent on your age or circumstances. Because our physical state is directly affected by our emotional state. And our emotional state is directly affected by our mental state. 


Let us go back to the thought of how it can break or add to our life. Once a businessman Sam was in big trouble. He had an affair with a woman for several months. Therefore, He was now feeling guilty because that woman was married.


So, He wanted to end this relationship. But the woman did not want this. He threatened Sam that she would tell him everything about her wife.


Sam was very concerned about his public image. And did not want him to be embarrassed in front of his family, so he remained silent. 


He was feeling down and could not understand how to get out of this trouble.  Sam’s condition was deteriorating due to tension and stress. He started living very upset and unhappy.  


He could not even sleep properly at night.  So to solve this matter, Sam thought of taking the help of psychotherapy.

He asked the therapist to give him such medicine. That would make him sleepy at night. But the problem was that even after taking the medicine, there was no effect.  


Then his therapist changed the medicine and started taking other medicine, but it did not help anything. The problem of his lack of sleep was increasing day by day.  

 For two or three months, Sam was a victim of a dangerous type of insomnia i.e. sleeplessness. Then soon this disease started affecting his life. The psychotherapist advised Sam that he should meet with author Norman. 


In the beginning, Sam was not sure that this idea would work. Because he thought that when medicines did not work. what would anyone do now?

But a few days later Sam went to Norman one day and told him the whole story. Norman asked how he could sleep. When two other guests always slept with him in his bed.


Sam was very surprised to hear this and he replied that he sleeps alone. So, Norman said that the two guests.

He is talking about Fear and Guilt. Who is sitting in Sam’s mind? 

Sam was afraid of slander and regretted his actions. Slowly Norman helps Sam realize that he has done wrong, for which he had forgiveness of his sins. 


And then after a few days. With the help of the power of positive thinking, life became completely normal to Sam. Now he started sleeping properly at night and he used to remain energetic throughout the day. 


 As we discussed at the beginning of this chapter. To stay energized throughout the day. We have to take care of our body, mind and spirit.

Try Prayer Power 

Some people believe that if they have any physical problem then it means that there is something wrong with their body. 


But they never think that mental health and spiritual health are equally important. You have to understand that. Even physical health experts rely on the power of prayer during their healing process. 


Many times when there is a disability in someone. There is a lack of comfort and peace in them. If you want to be physically fit. Then you have to strengthen, your spiritual and mental health as well.


Just as scientific methods are used to release all kinds of power in the world. In the same way, positive energy is released in us by praying.


This energy protects you from getting old naturally i.e. from premature ageing. Keeps you away from many types of health problems.


The purpose of any prayer practise is to open our minds and soul so that we can feel the power of God which is the greatest power in this world.  

When you get this power. You feel unlimited energy flowing inside your veins. 


A few years ago a man named Bill. Started a small business in New York. He used to have only one employee. The place where he had his business was like a hole in the wall.   


That is, he was running his business from such a small place. Then after a few years, he shifted to a bigger place. His small business had become quite successful now.


When he was asked the secret of this success, Bill always said that the secret is his hard work, power of positive attitude and prayer.

Of course, this man was very creative and special, but apart from relying on these qualities, he always believed in the power of prayer and the power of positive thinking.  


Bill described the formula for a successful business, which has three steps: Prayer, Picture and Actualize.  

 First of all, if Bill ever had a problem, he would have shared it with God. Whatever he wanted in life, he would talk to the one above, because he trusted in God more than anyone else.  


Second, when he got a solution to his problem or asked for something. Then after that, he would picture whatever you want. When you make a mental image of it or print it on paper. Then you can see that picture every day.  


And in this way, you start working hard day and night to fulfil that dream. Its effect is such that one day your dream turns into reality.  


Third, after picturing your wish, you unconsciously see your dream coming true.  This is called Bill Actualize.


You can achieve better results by practising this method or by following any prayer routine that fits into your daily routine.

It is guaranteed that with this method you can get a good job and good mental, physical and spiritual health.

How To Create Your Happiness

It is a matter of great sorrow that people are seen looking for happiness in their surroundings or the world. 

But we will get true happiness only. When we feel happy from the inside. Because we are the only ones. who can keep ourselves happy? 


Otherwise, if we are unhappy inside. Then all the money and popularity of the world cannot make us happy. Being happy is not as hard as we assume. This is the simplest thing in the world.


Wake up every morning and decide that today you will be happy. Then see how your whole day passes with joy and pleasure.  


The same thing is also with sadness if you are sad from the inside. And tell yourself the same thing repeatedly. No matter what happens, you will always be unhappy. 

Now whether you want to be happy or sorrowful your choice will be yours. Sometimes the situation in our life is indeed out of our control.  


Some things in life make us feel sorrow. But even without such events. People often stay unhappy because of their thinking or attitude.


C.Mattern is a jovial person who loves to travel. Often takes his wife Mary Mattern out for a walk. 

Wherever these people go, they always keep a card with them. This card is the reason for all their happiness. Their happiness also spreads to those people who meet this couple. 


If you read this card, then something like this is written in it “If you want to be happy, let go of hate and worry. Live a simple life. Always give more than you receive. About yourself think less and more about others” 


This means if you want to be happy, give up hate and worry. Live a simple life. Give more to others than you get. About yourself think less and more about others. 


Try to apply this thing in your life and see the result yourself. You might be thinking that this card is very typical and old. Yes, it shows a very old idea. But try it for a week or two. You will know for yourself the difference in your life.


You will see that it is more powerful than you think. It has the power to change your life completely. When you change your thinking, the way you feel also changes. 

The power of positive thinking is happy you from the inside, you see happiness everywhere in the world. Once you achieve your inner happiness, you will feel as if you live in a different world.  

 Of course, you will live in this world, but you must have changed from the inside, that is, you will have become a better version of yourself.

Stop Fuming and Fretting

Did you know that when you are angry, you are most vulnerable? If you follow the steps, we discussed in the chapter to get more energy.


Then maybe you would also like to know how we lose our energy so quickly. First of all, give some rein to live running at speed. Maybe you will not realize but in today’s modern life we ​​are not living but running like crazy. 


Now take a look at our lifestyle, for example, we walk at speed, eat at speed, and drive at speed because we are all running after something.  


We are all engaged in a race to achieve something in life. Today’s running life is ruining the lives of many people.

People are harming their minds and spirit. This fast running life is becoming very toxic and giving us many diseases like stress, anger and mental disturbance. 


The only solution for this is is positive thinking. We should keep the speed under control. And try to silence this noise arising in the mind.

Try to live a natural and normal life. The most important thing in life is our mental and spiritual health.


An easy way to reduce anger is to first sit on a chair. Relax body and mind completely, be as calm as if there is a calm, deep lake. Now for the next three minutes remember a scene. 


Which you find very beautiful and relaxing.  Listen, what does your inner silence tell you, feel the peace and silence inside you deeply.  


This is a very effective exercise but Keep practising it regularly to take advantage. Let us try to understand with a story. Once a businessman who used to get angry over talk went to a doctor. 


This businessman was very hyperactive and he started telling the doctor about his busy work life. The businessman told the doctor that. He always takes his office work home. Because he has a lot of work to do.  


Then till late at night. He first finishes his work and then goes to sleep. So the doctor asked him why he does this? why not take the help of someone else or why does not entrust some of his work to someone else?  


The businessman got very angry after listening to the doctor. He felt that the doctor was following him. Then he replied to the doctor with great anger. 


He told the doctor that he cannot take anyone’s help. Because no one else can complete this work as well and quickly in his place. 

His company depends on him only.  On this the doctor said ok, “I will write you a prescription which you have to follow.”


The prescription was that. The businessman would have to take a two-hour break from work every day. Go for a walk and take one day off a week. Will go to a graveyard.


Shocked to hear about going to the graveyard. So, the doctor explained that the businessman. That he should go and see the graves of those people.

Who are no longer in this world and should consider that? Sometimes these people also have the same misunderstanding. 


It was that no work can be done without them. But how peacefully these people are sleeping in their graves today. While the world is still going on with great fun without them.


That is, businessmen have to understand that people. Those who used to be very important are not in this world today. But without them, no one’s work has stopped.  


Whether we live or not, no work in the world ever stops and this is a bitter truth. The businessman understood. What the doctor wanted to explain to him. 


He decided that he would now live life with a relaxed mind. He had understood how to appraise himself more. That’s where his anger went on decreasing. 

Today he is living more peaceably and his work is also going well than before. We think that we will achieve a lot by running away. But it is not so. 

The running race is taking away both our health and our peace of mind. There is a lack of patience in us and we get angry. When we talk because our energy level is zero.  


In fact, in today’s fast-paced life, the competition has increased a lot and people are competing to move ahead of each other. 

There is a lot of attachment in today’s person. About money and things and this is the reason. Why people are sad and upset from the inside.  


We cannot get rid of all our troubles immediately. But yes we can try to live a relaxed and healthy life. By giving rein to this fast-paced life and the power of positive thinking. Because this is the secret to a calm and happy life.


A life full of happiness and prosperity is the biggest desire of every human being. We want to find happiness in our relationships and our desires.  

But we get true happiness only when we are happy from the inside. To be happy from the inside. It is necessary to change our thinking. And introduce the power of positive thinking in our life.


By changing the way we think. we can completely change our life. In this book, you learned that man should believe in himself above all. You have to come out of your old and painful experience.  


You might not know this. But the bad experiences in childhood have a profound effect on us today.  

If you have the problem of low self-confidence. Then to deal with it, you should try to practice self-talk. Build a positive mental image of yourself. 

If you want to be strong, then always consider yourself to be a strong person. Never consider yourself weak. You also learned that a peaceful mind leads to a peaceful life.  


You read about two new types of practices that are the secret to living a peaceful life. There is an example of this: Using the Empty Your Mind Technique.  Try it out, it is so effective that you will be surprised. 


And since our energy is what helps us in carrying out our daily routine. This book teaches us, how to stay energized throughout the day with a healthy body. A healthy mind and healthy spirits.

Even if you increase your energy level. You still have to stop it from leaking. There is one thing that causes our energy loss. And that is our anger. 

But you know that. You can control your anger by reducing the hustle and bustle of your life.  It is a fact that today’s hectic life is increasing our anger and stress levels.

So if you ever get angry then go for a walk or do breathing exercises. So that you can get some time and your mind feels relaxed. 


Every person wants to bring more positivity to his life. Should read this book in which he has been given both theory and practical things. 


So follow the things given in this book and set the goal of living with a healthy, peaceful, more positive mind, heart and spirit from today itself.


But this book the power of positive thinking will teach you. How by training ourselves. We can get back our happiness, peace of mind and energy. 

Who should read the power of positive thinking? 

This book will be of great use to those people who want to increase their self-confidence and want to live with a peaceful mind. 

Those who want to regain energy and power in life. If and are looking for true happiness in life must read this book once. So that they can live a relaxed life with a more positive attitude.


So this is the review of The power of positive thinking: A practical guide to mastering the problem of everyday living. Will give you a transparent understanding of this book. Will help you to decide if this book is good for you.

Best of luck.

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