Understand your strengths and start fighting with challenges.

 Understand your strengths and start fighting with challenges. It is not so easy to work with restraint and calm the mind at the time of disaster.  Most of us make decisions only after being influenced by situations.

Understand your strengths and start fighting with challenges.


  So what to do so that the dilemmas going on in the mind and the problems standing in front do not dominate us.  

 Ups and downs are a part of every person’s life. But sometimes some changes trouble us. where the challenges start turning into trouble.  

How will the life of any person come, it depends on how he is facing those crises. Or what kind of decisions he takes according to the circumstances of his life.  

Those who know how to deal with these crises go ahead. However, people who give themselves up to the situation often get entangled in the mess. 


How to deal with the problem


 The human tendency is such that often we start blaming our problems or problems on others and start thinking, so honestly that the mind becomes disturbed. 

 Instead, it would be better to ask yourself this question – is the solution to this problem in my hands?  Or should I give up on everything? 


 If you do not have the answer to this question then surely you are in the shadow of fear and dilemma because that problem is scaring you, but you are not able to do anything.  

This problem is not as easy as it looks. Because the fear of yours is to hide behind your egos. We never understand that it is our ego or our fear.

Mary and John were a couple. But in their married life not everything was going well. They always quarrelled with each other. 


The problem was with Mary. She wanted her domination of the house. This means, in every decision she wanted, his decision was accepted by all family members, especially by John.


She was an independent lady and financially well off. But she had a past, she and her mother were always abused by her father. 


So her childhood trauma always pinches her. She believed that men were nasty and horses without rein. So full control of them is essential.


So she fears! That I would be harassed by my husband in the same way as I would be harassed by my father. That’s why she hid her fear behind her ego and claimed to be strong in front of her husband. She thought “I am independent and financially well off. Why do I listen to anyone’s order or advice? I am the boss and I have the right to give orders.”


Therefore it is necessary to eliminate this dilemma. If you want, you can talk to someone close to you or try to find out the possible reasons yourself. Like first evaluate the problems and know your resource to solve the problems. You can also evaluate your experiences of life and can make decisions.


Inculcate restraint


 It is natural to get distracted at the time of calamity, but those who do not leave the side of restraint even in crisis, eventually win.

  So learn calmly what it is that has put you in this trouble. Are the conditions just bad or is there a paucity of money and resources?  


When you understand the reason, you will be able to accept reality more easily. This does not mean that you should leave yourself to the situation once the reason is clear, but it will be easier to make decisions for the future.


For example, you are a perfectionist, and you do not complete any work, whenever you are not sure that work is perfectly done.

One day you find work, which is essential to complete in a few hours. You know that if you do that work perfectly it takes a day.

Now you will be in a dilemma. Because you are a perfectionist, do you feel that I will complete the day’s work in hours? But the work is important not only for you but your office or house.


Now the question arises how will you finish the work? If you will calmly learn the condition, you will first evaluate the situation, you will check that you have all the resources to finish the work.  

You will think that, If some new resources are added, the work will be completed in a few hours.

And the main thing, when you do the work your approach should not be a perfectionist. But it will be selective and to the point.


This means it met the purpose of your work. Like during the preparation of exams. If you prepare for an exam as a perfectionist. The vast syllabus could not be completed. 

So you have to prepare to the point and be selective. 


Man is an effigy of mistake, mistake can happen to anyone. But a better person learns from his mistake without repeating it. And continue his work.


  Courage and maturity


 Sometimes two words of courage spoken by someone in trouble give a lot of strength, and hope arises in the mind of a troubled person that with a little more effort everything will be fine.  

For example, when we fall our parents put a hand on our shoulder. On touching our shoulders by our parents and loved ones a strange force sparked in our body. We feel energetic.

But, then on the second day, he once again falls into the circle of negative thinking and started feeling himself a victim then, by the third day, he completely gives up his courage. This is because he took different paths on all three days. 

For solving our issue both courage and maturity both have to work. Courage gives us the power to handle adverse situations firmly. But only courage is not sufficient to handle the situation. 

It can also be seen that sometimes courage makes people overconfident or egoistic. 

They think that we are sufficient to handle the situation, why should I take help from others?

We know that we can not solve issues but our ego protects us from taking the help. 


Here maturity is essential to better understand the situation and make decisions according to the situation. If essential, take help from others and choose the best resources for the accomplishment of the task.

 Maturity and courage help to opt for one path. Because opting for different means on every step creates confusion. So it’s better to follow one path firmly, some solutions may come out.  


Understand your strengths and start fighting with challenges.


The experience of others


As I mentioned above, if anyone is in trouble then he should take help from others. For this, I don’t mean that someone does your work on your behalf.

From the help, I intend that you can take advantage of someone’s experience. And support from you near ones.


 Because bad times are the best. To judge who is of your and who is extrinsic.


It is not such that no one else would have been in trouble like yours before. It is important here that such a victim should be talked to and understood what decisions he took in the time of calamity.


  For this it is not that someone should be kind to you because to get out of your crisis, you do not need sympathy, but strength.  

Your loved ones can give you sympathy and love, but you have to solve your problem yourself and that can be understood only from the experiences of others.


  Let’s face the truth


 You have to accept that you cannot avoid your crisis by just relying on the circumstances and there is no permanent solution for it.

  Whether you like it or not, the truth is that no one can stand by you forever. It’s your life and like you, other people live their own lives.


  If one problem has occurred today, then other big problems may also arise in the future. So learn to make your way.  

Yes, it is natural to feel nervous or scared at the thought of living alone, but the sooner you accept the truth, the easier things will be. 


 Be your strength


 God has given all the abilities equally to all of us, but often we are not able to use them or remain ignorant of them.

  Don’t let this happen to you. Even in times of crisis, the universe gives us some pointers, which show us the way forward.  

Learn to recognize those signs. It means to say that make yourself strong enough that your feet do not falter when you are in trouble.


  Bad times never come by saying, but by preparing yourself mentally about them, you become easier to bear them.

  Although wrong should not happen to anyone, the truth is that what we want is not always what we want. 

Yes, this much can be done so that instead of throwing ourselves in the darkness of dilemmas, doubts and sorrows, we can firmly become the truth. 




We are not the first ones who face crises and trouble in our life. Everyone in this world faces it. Because if there’s life there’s trouble. And there’s trouble. There is a challenge. If there is a challenge, there is a solution. 


Only we have to Understand our strengths and start fighting with challenges. By resolving the dilemma, we know about the real cause of the miseries and resources we have. By inculcating restraint and courage in our nature, and acting maturely. We resolve our problem.


Do not hesitate to take help from others. We should benefit from the experience of the other. Face the truth, the others do not do your task. You have the only solution for your problems. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and start planning to resolve your problems.


To solve your problem, you should take the first step then others come to help you. Because it is a natural phenomenon that Help or support comes only to the powerful or those who are progressive in their work. And no one gets the help or support. Who is weak or standing in one place?

Understand your strengths and start fighting with challenges.

Best of luck.


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