When life gets harsh and hope starts to waver, what can we do?

When life gets harsh and hope starts to waver, what can we do? We all know that life is uncertain and unpredictable. Life is not always what we think it is. 

When life gets harsh and hope starts to waver, what can we do?


But the problem comes when we face back to back challenges in life. Our calm, positive, and restrained attitude is demolished.

We are in the maze. We are not able to find a way, our hope starts to waver, life gets hard and unfair. In one word we accept, we are finished.

It does not take long to become a thing, not even to deteriorate. As soon as the talk is made, every hope starts raising its head and as soon as the slightest disturbance comes, one by one the hopes start disintegrating. 

 When it becomes difficult to stand up in difficult times, it is extremely important to keep your hopes alive.

Hope is the boon of God to humans. To use as a weapon against miseries. Hope is the light of the polar star. Which helps the wandering ship on the way to the coast. 

When life gets harsh and hope starts to waver, we can do the following things.


Understand the philosophy of life.


There is a lot in life, which is beyond our understanding. In a particular situation, the way things appear to be happening, it is not necessary that they should be the same. 


 We look at situations not with equanimity, but with our limited thinking and biased attitude.  Somehow our missteps rest on our understandings and intentions.

  Then, to the troubled mind, even a small problem becomes a big one. When the spirit starts to weaken, then there is no need for any superstition, but to keep our faith strong. 


When we look at creation from a wider perspective, then the purpose of our being also becomes visible.  

Believing in the same great cause increases our ability to bear suffering. Philosophy of life is different according to person, religion, and region.

What we think mostly depends on the condition of our nurturing. Means our parents nature, in which school we study. From which type of people we met and lived.

The way to solve the problem will be different. But the ultimate goal will be the same. Like if you want to calm in a frantic situation.

You use different types of tips, like meditation, take deep breaths, doing brisk walking, and divert your attention. That will suit you.

But your ultimate purpose is to be calm in the worst situation.

Two things which we have to consider in our life. One, we come alone in the world and go alone from the world. Nothing we can borrow with us.

So, why are we becoming in the trap of delusion like this? that we are losing ourselves.

Everyone in this world has their purpose. 

Which we have to fulfil. And for this, we have to live in this world and use all the resources in the world. 

But not to be obsessed and not halt our life. If you do not fulfil the purpose or the situation is not according to you.

 Second, try to understand your purpose in life. Because without the purpose of life. You are like a wandering ship in the storm.

Your purpose gives direction to your life. And motivate you to work hard to accomplish your purpose.

These are the two philosophies, which everyone should take in their mind. Life has to be easy.


Accept the truth.


 If everything is not right, then accept the meaning, only by thinking about bad fears, we are not able to see the happiness of today. 

 We put a lot of our energy into what is happening that is wrong, nothing will change for us now.


“Accepting doesn’t mean we’ve given up,” says Leo Bobetta, founder of Zen Habit.


 It is not that we are unaware that we are on the wrong track, that we are spending our energy on the wrong thing at the wrong time.


But our pride comes between the acceptance of our weakness, fear and capability.

But by not accepting these. Somewhere we put ourselves into trouble. Which direct impact is on our life.

  It is just that we have to use our understanding, our energy, on the things which are within our control. 

 Accepting the situation is to give a new direction to your efforts. It is not a small thing to understand what can happen next and how it will happen. That’s not over yet.


By accepting the truth, we have to save ourselves from guilt or regrets. It opens our minds to explore new possibilities. It gives satisfaction.


 Minimizing your needs.


The needs are less, then tomorrow is less troubling and it becomes easier to befriend the uncertainties.  

The less our needs are, the more easily we can break out of our safe circles. Giving too much attention to our facilities weakens our immune system to fight challenges. 

 In times of sorrow, remembering the past pleasures, we are stuck worrying about our facilities. Living adds to our restlessness. 


Mahavir Swami has said that we should learn from whirlpools. They continue their journey with ease, taking little by little juice without bothering the flowers.  Moving ahead by giving pain to others, connecting everyone, keeps hope alive even in difficult situations.


Why don’t we also make our life like whirlpools, and use as many resources as we need? To minimise our needs, we can reduce our pain. Because we can not fulfil all our wants.


By minimizing our needs, we can make our life simple without greed, lust, and guile. We can also reduce the risk of stress, anxiety and other diseases.


Choose Happiness.


Optimistic people find something good in them even when the situation is not the way they want.

  Whereas pessimists keep on cursing themselves or others and remain unhappy.  May your pain be great and some of your experiences with others may be bitter.  


Yes, but in the end, you have to get out of them. Sometimes more than proving right and wrong, choosing your happiness right is more important. 


 Psychologist Mendy Copler says, ‘Learn to challenge the thoughts that make you feel intimidated and undervalued. Convince yourself that this is just the work of internal chemicals, it has nothing to do with the truth.


 Helping others without selfishness, associating with good people and doing good deeds gives us happiness. Courage is not always in shouting without thinking. Sometimes we achieve only in equipping for the next day by lovingly understanding ourselves.


When life gets harsh and hope starts to waver, we can do following thing..



No doubt When life gets harsh and hope starts to wave. We feel we lost our life, nothing is to be left in my life. We think about giving up.


But when these types of thoughts come into your mind and before giving up. Your first thought was that you were not the only one on the earth. Who is engulfed in miseries?

Everyone in this world has a problem. There is more in someone’s life than in someone’s life. But how we tackle the problem depends on us by calmness or frustration.


So, when we are engulfed in these situations, What can we do? First, we understand the philosophy of life, know about our purpose of life and treat ourselves as travellers on the earth where we come to fulfil our purpose of life and after completing the purpose. We leave the world.

Second, accept the truth, accept yourself as what you are, accept your weakness. It will help to give new direction and shine your personality.

Third, minimize your needs, it helps to reduce your pain, because of higher expectations from life. And protect you from greed, lust and guile.

Fourth, choose happiness, choose you to welcome all the problems of life with a smile on your face. That your fear and undervalue come out from you. Spread the happiness in others. Your level of satisfaction also increases.

Best of luck.


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