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3 thoughts that harm mental health.

3 thoughts that harm mental health. The real food of the mind is thoughts. What we keep thinking affects our body, mind and our whole life. 


3 thoughts which harm our mental health.


Over time, our thinking patterns are formed. Means according to change in the phase of life. The thinking pattern will be changed according to it. 

Like, in childhood our main focus is to think about our studies and play. When we are adults, we think about marriage, livelihood, and other pleasures.

 when we are in a phase of quadragenarian (40 to 49 age group). We think about our children’s future and other family complications that come into our life.

 In the last phase of life which means, when we retire, we have motivated toward spirituality. and end our life in devotion to god. 

But the problem comes when we overthink, do not think according to changing phases of life, are obsessed with thinking about anything, and give more emphasis on aspects of life to leave other aspects behind.

 On which we do not realize how much harm we are doing to ourselves.


We hesitate to share our problems with loved ones.


  Know some things, which are harming our mental health. Our mental health does not like to be burdened by work. It wants peace and pleasure. 

It is good to take care of our time and convenience for our loved ones. But this does not mean that we should feel hesitant in sharing, our sorrow, with our loved ones. 


 Many times we keep struggling with our problems by thinking that our loved ones should not suffer. 


 Some of your experiences may be bitter or beset with problems of your own. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. By sharing problems both helped each other.


If you help your loved ones, it gives you satisfaction or if your loved ones help you. It gives him or her satisfaction.


Writer Holly Rydon says, ‘If you avoid taking help from loved ones, ask yourself some questions.

 How would you feel if you continued to struggle with your problem and didn’t tell you anything or kept avoiding getting your help?  


Helping loved ones, do you feel stressed?  If the answer is no, then they will also like you to open up with your loved ones, talk about your problems, and be honest.

Or if your answer is yes, then you have no feeling for your loved ones and time will become that, you should take a breakup.


Close your eyes to the reality of life.


   We’ll see later. We sometimes put off our little problems by saying that we’ll see later.  We keep postponing the work thinking ‘you will do it, ‘and all will be done.

    Do not work, but thinking like this does not make everything right. You keep accumulating the burden of half-finished work.  

Small problems become big. It is just keeping your eyes closed and not wanting to see the reality. But it does not solve the problem. 


 How many times do you leave your work and keep busy solving the work of others? You can’t run off from your difficulties all the time.  


We have to work systematically, with focus, otherwise, the tension builds up or we have to compromise on the happiness that was part of us. 

 Our Work, Our Problems, and Our tackle process of problems. Our monopoly on all these things.

Why do we hesitate in taking action on the problems of life? No buddy will come and solve our problems.

 We are social animals, who live in groups, so we are interlinked with each other in any form. It may be a community, country, family, and type of work.

 If we stop, then other work also stops, which in a way affects the work of the whole house or office. This affects relationships, causing even more damage to mental health. 

So keep going in your life. Life itself makes its way, like the flow of the rivers. 


The thought is wrong: we have no right to be happy


Some past bitter experiences, the ups and downs of life fill us with bitterness about ourselves, about our future life.  

We start feeling that nothing will happen to us now, that we will never get happiness or that nothing good will happen to us anymore. 


 By thinking like this, you stop taking care of yourself. Not caring about your deteriorating health, you don’t make choices that make your life better. 

 Many times, thinking about our mistakes, we assume that there must be something wrong with us. You shouldn’t be happy.


  WARS SUELA Spiritual Guru Eckhart Toll says, ‘Our mind tells us many different stories about ourselves, about our future. Not all of those stories are necessarily true.

 When we say that we do not have the right to be happy, then we are only accepting the turmoil happening in the mind as the truth.


 You may have made many mistakes, and you are not very expert, but you can also become a master and all the mistakes can be corrected in the future. Then you deserve love, happiness and peace as you are. 

The need is so much that you have to start taking care of your good mental health.  Recognize that your happiness matters too.  




To know 3 thoughts that harm mental health. And how to avoid it. We first work on our thinking process. We have to understand that our life is divided into four different phases.

So we have to think about our life according to different phases. Do not ruminate on the past. Give equal emphasis on every aspect of life.


The second one is our mentality to not share our problems with our loved ones. All decisions we make on our own. This attitude creates a rift in our relationship.

So take the help of your loved ones. This gives you new exposure. To thicken your relationship, apply both minds to solve the problem, sharing the problem keeps your mind at peace.


The third one is to close our eyes to the reality of life. Our life, Our Work, Our Problems, and Our tackle process of problems. Our monopoly on all these things.

Why do we hesitate in taking action on the problems of life? No buddy will come and solve our problems.

So take the initiative that solves your problem yourself. Even if you want to take someone’s help, then the first step is to take it by yourself.


The fourth one is wrong though, that we have no right to be happy. You may have made many faults, and you are not relatively proficient, but you can also become a master and all the mistakes can be rectified in the future. Then you deserve love, happiness and peace as you are. So by the use four measures, you avoid 3 thoughts that harm mental health.

Best of luck.

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