How to build mental toughness in your life?

How to build mental toughness in your life? Are you frustrated with back-to-back challenges in your life? Are you frustrated about your upcoming exam? Hopeless about the challenges? You think like everything, that only I am in difficulty and all the miseries are gifted by god in my life.


How to build mental toughness in your life?


But your thought is wrong. You are like a frog which only does torture in his well. And think that the well is the whole world. This is an indication of a weak mentality.


The weak mentality when observing that. He is in danger or his beliefs are in danger. It created an illusion that he is a victim. And others want to punish him, even God. 


And I am not responsible for all the miseries in my life. If you’re at that point in life. Building mental toughness is essential in your life. Which puts you out of the illusion.


What is mental toughness?


Mental toughness for an individual is his/her ability to deal with pressure, stress and challenges of life. And to deliver the best possible results irrespective of the circumstances. In which the individual finds himself/herself.


Some define it as the ability to rise after setbacks, and the resolve to recognize and occupy opportunities to come.


However, for you to remember, here is a more straightforward definition coined by the great Vince Lombardi who played and coached NFL football.  


He said that mental toughness is the only character in action. This definition may be short, but it captures all mental fortitude. It is the internal drive to pursue. what you want, driven by your intelligence or character.


Mental toughness is essential as it compensates for lack of skill, natural ability and strength. You must have often heard the saying that the people at the top in any field are not the most talented. 

They are the ones who persevered despite the challenges they faced.  Mental toughness prevents you from becoming a renouncer.  


In Pumping Iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger says you should go back and forth regardless of what happens. That’s what an athlete gets through competition in a marathon—they must keep running until they reach the end.


So, whatever you call it: guts, intelligence or will, that’s what we call mental toughness. Now the question is how do you become mentally strong?


If you ask around, many coaches, athletes and corporate leaders will tell you that mental toughness is born or develops in the early stages of life. depending on the environment in which a child grows up.  


But it is partially right. In this world, you can learn anything at any time but all will depend on your toughness. 


We can assume that anyone is capable of improving their patience, tolerance and concentration, and that’s what mental toughness is all about.


10 Mental toughness skills.


Mentally tough people easily rise to high positions. They easily influence others. They always emerge as great influencers in business, leadership, sports and even in life.  Observing them, experts have outlined some common skills in all of them. These skills include:


1. A hyper-focus.


It is the ability to perform at extreme levels without distraction with ease and clarity of mind. 


Mentally toughness accelerates your upbringing of mind and includes perseverance in your attitude. Which motivates us to fight with all of our miseries.


 2. A winning mindset.


A winning mindset is an attitude by people. That he must win or at least operate at the maximum possible efficiency level with consistency.  


For a person to do this, he/she must have a strong faith and belief in his/her field expertise, and skills, and above all believe in himself. Irrespective of the challenges presented to him/her.


3. A Will-Power.


As mentioned earlier, willpower combines effort, intention, and courage.  The intention is ‘will’ in the will.  

There is a stubbornness to stick to one task until all the work is done. The effort you put into doing something is power.  


It motivates you to achieve what is required of you despite the challenges you face. Courage is the readiness to bear all those fears and other emotions that you need to accomplish the task.


4. A quiet.


A mentally tough person has to remain calm under pressure. As the situation escalates and everyone else panics. 


The mentally tough person stays calm, takes the time to assess the situation and then takes the best possible action.  


No matter how much pressure builds up. He should not make any decisions under pressure. He should be engaged in the matter. Whenever he does not get success.


5. Lose nice.


A mentally tough person with a winning mindset. He can accept his failure.  Sometimes, even with the highest focus and rich investment of skills and resources, a person may fail to accomplish the intended objective.


However, the trick to continued success lies in the ability to extract lessons and values ​​from experience and channel them to the next test.


6. Admit.


To develop mental toughness, you need to adapt yourself to both good and bad situations.  A mentally strong person is ready to take on that responsibility and pressure. 


He believes that whatever the challenges and obstacles, he will face them and every challenge must come up with solutions.  


In case of failure, the person will take stock, evaluate his steps to see where he did wrong, gather lessons from him, and then move on.  This person knows how to effectively overcome negative feelings and thoughts.


7. A preparation.


Preparation involves a lot of planning. A person plans to prepare for any unplanned event, during and at the end of the event.  


He then creates a backup plan that can be pulled out. If the primary plan experiences significant challenges or it will not work.  


Planning and preparation of this nature allow the person to live comfortably regardless of the situation. In addition, the task can be fully recovered and completed without returning to the starting point.  


What’s more, the team or people spirit doesn’t come crashing down, and the rhythm of the performance isn’t affected much by perceived loss and failure.


8. A ready to take on the challenge.


A mentally tough person does not whisper.  He doesn’t moan. He readily welcomes whatever comes his way.  Whether it’s staying up late to work on a project task, getting more people in for training, or even if it’s walking many extra miles.  Whatever it is, this person has a ‘give it up’ attitude, and that creates risk, experience, and success.


9. A stress adaptation.


It is the ability to manage pressure and stress in any event without worry, fear or doubt, or at least maintain performance by them.  


A person who has learned to adapt to stress will take advantage of the stressful environment and bring about results that others could not produce in similar situations.


10. A stretch out of bounds.


It is the ability to exert maximum physical effort even in conditions of mental and physical stress. 

A person can be in pain or physical discomfort and yet commit himself to giving the best performance. He is a mentally tough person. 


For example, a man from one of the races broke his knee once while running on the last lap. He would have become one of the top runners, but his painful knee pushed him far back.  


Instead of giving up, and still living in excruciating pain, the man began to work his way out.  


His father, sitting on the platform in the stadium, ran to him and, ignoring the security officers, ran to his son and supported him.  The entire stadium cheered him until the athlete reached the finishing line.


The athlete blew everyone’s mind with his mental toughness and determination to finish what he had accomplished.  


Undoubtedly, he was admired and recognized better than those who won the race. This is what makes resilience and toughness. It increases your potential more than a talented man.


How do you develop mental toughness?


Walter Mitchell, a Stanford professor, conducted a study examining the benefits of mental fortitude using marshmallows and a group of children as test subjects.  


They gave the kids the option of either getting one marshmallow right away or waiting a while and getting two.


The children who chose to wait received two marshmallows, and a comprehensive search of their lives indicated that they maintained this ‘success’ in their later years as well.  


Their ability to delay gratification led them to enjoy higher scores, reduced their chances of getting diabetes, lowered their rate of substance abuse, and they generally experienced other measures of success in life. 


This study goes to show that a combination of perseverance, patience, and self-control, all components of mental fortitude, can guarantee success in life.  So, if you want to experience this success in life, you will need it.


Epictetus said that things do not annoy people, but they are disturbed by the opinion they have about them. 


No matter the challenge you face during your life, what matters is your reaction to it. To develop the right attitude towards failure. You need to know that failure does not condemn your abilities.  


It is simply a reaction or response to the effort made. It is not personal in any way. Just like the process of production leaves some mistakes and hiccups. So do expect in your life. Expect many of these bumps because such is the road to perfection.


The more effort you put in, the more mistakes you make, and the more skills you develop.  You don’t develop the skill because you did it once and excel at it. Skill is acquired by trying different things until you find the one that suits you.


I liken the process of overcoming challenges to the process of falling in love. Love is born out of mistakes and failures.  


If someone has done something great for you, you won’t tell if you love them in the end. They will not be like a machine that works effectively, meeting your needs at all times.  


However, when you are in love, you can forgive your partner’s mistakes and overcome those mistakes.  


This is when you realize the depth of your love for him. With each obstacle you both overcome, you grow deeper in love. Similarly, strength in life arises from overcoming one challenge after another.


Please note the need to recharge and recover.  Although the idea of ​​mental toughness paints a picture of a person working continuously all the time.


The primary reason for this is that the individual finds time for rest. It turns out that we are not machines, and there are biological limits to what we can do at one time.


A tired mind is fruitless.  Experts call this decision fatigue. This comes because every mental act takes some amount of strength.  


Perhaps you can try reducing the number of decisions. You make each day reserve energy for the more important decisions you make.  


Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and other greats often dress or wear the same clothes every day to maintain their willpower.


The secret to maintaining your willpower is also how you heal? It means You need to stop, recover and then start the process.  


You will perform at the peak of your performance. Only when you have sufficient rest and recovery.  


Don’t let the worries of life or work overwhelm you, even in moments of rest.  Without involving yourself in social media chats. Allow your body to be completely immersed in rest. And give your whole body a chance to regain vitality.


Finally, mental toughness is a muscle that needs occasional flexing.  This muscle cannot develop when subjected to repetition.  


Get out of your comfort zone from time to time to increase your endurance. Expose yourself to cruel situations and sometimes take a step forward.  Even if you’re going through hell, just keep going.


Once you start self-training, you will realize that nothing on earth is above you.  For you, no river is too wide or a mountain too high.



In answer to how to build mental toughness in your life. You have to develop 10 mental toughness skills. And for this, you have to include love in your life.


Get out of your comfort zone. Do not be defeated by your loss. This is part of life. It is not you who defeats. It is your act that defeats. Which you use to do that work. 


So out the word, give up from your mind. And include a combination of perseverance, patience, and self-control.

Best of luck.

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