How did visualization become your path to success?

How did visualization become your path to success? Thinking and visualizing any want and goal is a common thing and we all do it. We visualize it with an open eye and a closed eye. 


How did visualization become your path to success?


From close eyes, I mean what we see in our dreams. There are many hypotheses related to dreams. But one common hypothesis is that. Our dream is a screening of what we think and what we want on a full day or in our life.


A picture is worth more than a thousand words


With open eyes I mean, many times you observe that. While sitting in a lonely place or laying on our bed. We started thinking about our future or new proposals. 


When we start thinking we go so deep. We do not even care. Where we are, we feel like all are running live. Like Metaverse (The metaverse represents a nirvana: a place to immerse yourself in any digital world, and to participate in any physical reality at any time – and to be able to see and feel anything, even if you  be thousands of miles away)


So visualization is not a new thing for us. But we never emphasize the power of visualization. 

Thinking or imagining every day what you want to do or achieve can lead you to your goal.  Know what the Law of Attraction has to say about this. 


Take an example of Natan Sharansky’s testimonial. Who was a Russian jew, who was put behind the bar by the Russian authority on suspicion of being an American spy. They kept them in a Siberian jail. Which is one of the most dangerous jails in Russia.


His jail cell was 3×5 Ft. Where it was very difficult to live. As he was spending his life there, he used to do some exercise for fitness.


But after a few days, all this started affecting his mind. He thought that he would start doing some mindful exercises to keep his mind right.

So he started to play chess. Because chess was his obsession. But the problem was that he had no chess board.


So he started visualising chess boards and pons. The next problem was to select an opponent.

So he selected that time world chess champion, Gary Kasparov. And he started playing chess daily in his mind.


When Bill Clinton became the president of America he requested Russian authority to release Natan from jail. Russian authorities accepted that. After coming out of jail. He went to Israel and settled there.


After a few years, Gary was on a visit to Israel. Where he played demonstration matches. In one of the demonstration matches.

He plays with five players. In which he defeated four players. But he was defeated by one player. That payer was Natan?


When a news reporter asked him the question, how did he do it? He says 12× 365 days. I was defeating him every day in chess games. Which I was playing in my mind.


So I programmed myself to defeat him. So this is the power of visualization. Which made a common man defeat the Grand Master.

What is the law of attraction?


The Law of attraction is a philosophy that suggests that our thoughts attract our success. We get what we want in life.


If we think positive, we get positivity from the universe. Your positive vibes connect to the positive vibes of the universe. 


If you want something from the heart, the whole universe is trying to fulfil your wants. On the other hand, if you think negatively, you get negativity from the universe.


So, according to the law of attraction, whatever you focus on gets stronger in life. So when you see something better occurring in your mind. You feel more optimistic, motivated and devoted.  


Principle of the law of attraction.


1. Positivity attracts positivity- 


The common principle of the law of attraction is what you think, that you get. This means if you think positively, you get a positive response from the world. 

And if you think negatively, you will find a negative response from the world.


2. It is better to live today than yesterday and tomorrow-


The law of attraction works on the principle of living in persent. Because you never attract yourself from the past. And if you attract yourself from the past. Then you only attract negativity.


Something like that is from the future. Because you do not know about it. You only predict it.

And the prediction is most probably wrong. So why not live in persent and think about it from your heart to attract to the power of the universe.


3. Nature punishes vacuum- 


Our mind is a conveyor belt of thoughts. On which different types of thoughts come and go. The conveyor belt never stops. And there is no vacuum on it. If you do not fill the vacuum. 


Your mind automatically fills it. It may be negative thoughts. So why not pay some attention to it and fill the vacuum with positive thoughts.


4. Law of reciprocity- 


It means what you give the world or anyone, he will return you that much or even sometimes more. So it is a simple law of giving and taking. 


The law of attraction is to work on it. And attract positivity if you will think positive. And attract negative if you will think negative.


How did visualization become your path to success?


Visualizing is important for two reasons.


First, Your mind thinks only of pictures and images. Pictures and images make more impact on our minds. Images can strongly stimulate the way we act.  


Since we process visual impetuses at lightning speed. Images are likely to generate powerful emotion. Which, in turn, can lead to action.


Second, Your subconscious has given you some powerful rules. The mind governs your behaviour. And visuals are fit for that. From a study, it was proven that.


People remember more images and pictures than text. Because it easily fits into their subconscious mind. And by applying less pressure. We can easily recall it.


7 visualization techniques help you to become your path to success.


1. Visualize your goal-


It is the easiest technique of visualization. In this, you have to imagine your goal. From a to z means from the starting point of the goal to the finishing point of the goal. 


In India, there is a new craze occurring among youth to become an officer. Before 10 to 15 years there was not that much craze. The reason which I understand is that. 


The reach of social media. On YouTube, many motivational videos are floating. The power, facility, and perk an IAS officer gets after passing the exam are easily seen by youth. Which helps to inspire youth to become IAS officers. 


2. Establish the trigger picture-


As I explained above. The inspirational story, facility, and powerful video of IAS officers help aspirants to visualize their goals. But in real life, it is not that much easy.


When you go for the preparation and face various difficulties. At that time the inspiring story of the IAS officer video works. 


You start imagining that, what he will say about it and what he did in this situation. And if he does, why can’t I do that? This is your trigger point. Which helps you to visualize your goal.


3. Make a notice board-


You have to make a notice board on which you write down your goal in big and bold. Try to fix the place in your bedroom. Where your site will first go after wake-up. This will always trigger your mind about your goal.

You can fix it on your sealing or above your bathroom mirror. By this, you will see it at least two times before bed and after bed.


4. Make a pocket card-


This is just like the revised card made by the student. To revise their syllabus at the time of the exam. In this card, they note the top heading of the syllabus or the heading which always leaks from their mind.


We think of several things in a whole day. So many of them leak from our minds. In leak items, some are valuable things also. So to remember our valuable items. We make pocket cards. And keep it in our pocket. Which will help us to remember the valuable things.


5. Meditation-


This is one of the best tools for visualization. When you start doing meditation. Your concentration level is slowly-slowly increasing day by day. So when your concentration level increases. You apply it to visualization.


What you have to do. You fix 10 minutes for this after meditation. When your concentration level is high. You sit in yog mudra and start imaging your goal and its trigger point. Especially ones which fill you with courage and motivation.


6. Faith in your thinking


The main condition with the fulfilment of your wish is. You should have full faith in your thoughts and wishes. If you have no faith. Your wishes will never fulfil.

So keep full faith in your wish and see the magic. your wish will be fulfilled.


7. Make a happy plugin-


Like, to run a website smoothly. You insert many types of plugins. Our life is just like a website. Insert your memorable and happiest memory of your life as a plugin in the vacuum of your life. 

This will blow your negativity and include positivity in your life. 


How to use the visualisation technique?


Follow the three following steps to use the visualisation technique.


1. To visualize, always start by visualizing your biggest goal first.  This will keep your energy high. When this one big goal is achieved, you will be able to focus enthusiastically making way for other goals in your life as well.  


2. According to studies done on the subconscious mind during your visualization exercise, if we imagine for more than a minute, the brain starts giving us thoughts that may be contrary to our desire and goal. 


Remember, visualization is only effective if you stay focused during practice. So whenever you close your eyes try to imagine.  If you want to do it, take a few deep breaths.  Then see yourself with your goal 


3. Just before you end your visualization exercise and open your eyes, repeat these words, ‘I am qualified for this goal. 

This will leave a very strong positive effect on your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind will start working quickly to bring this goal into your life.  

Do this exercise at least 2 times a day, whether you are sipping tea, coffee or taking a short break from work. 

On the way or travelling.  Staying at the same time helps to build a stronger connection inside the brain.




In the answer to the question, how did visualization become your path to success? Visualization is not a new concept for human beings.


For many years people take the advantage of it. Now it’s come in a new form in front of us name metaverse. This proves how effective the visualization technique is.


So to use the visualization you can use 7 techniques. First, visualize your goal, Second, establish your trigger picture, Third, make a notice board, Fourth, make a pocket card, Fifth, meditation, Sixth, faith in your thinking, Seventh, ma happy plugins.


Best of luck.

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