20 questions you should know about your partner.

20 questions you should know about your partner. Are you confident that you both know each other very well? These question clears your confusion and opens your mind about each other. 

I prepared a 20 question set quiz. Which you both have answered. And check how many points you earn. Without doing any manipulation in your answer.


20 questions you should know about your partner.



 So, these are questions you should know about your partner to find out if you are made for each other or not?


20 questions you should know about your partner.


1. How would you like to spend your Sunday evening? 


  • A. Will watch my favourite movie, eat food ordered from outside and go to sleep. 

  • B. Will cook good food, invite friends home and spend the evening with the people of your choice.  

  • C. Will complete the incompletely read book. 


2. Your best friend is coming to your city after many years. What will you do? This meeting has to be made memorable.  


  • A. Will talk to a friend on the phone.  

  • B. Why change your schedule for someone else’s?  

  • C. Talk with the friend on the phone.


3. You are facing some problems in the family.  What behaviour would you expect/want from your life partner in this situation?  


  • A. You would like him to come to you and control the situation.

  • B. You will take advice from your partner, but the final call will be yours.  

  • C. They should not interfere in any way in this matter.  


4. You see your old boyfriend or girlfriend at a party. What will be your attitude?  


  • A. Will leave the party immediately with your partner.  

  • B. Won’t feel uncomfortable. With your partner, you will also have a little conversation with your old boyfriend or girlfriend.  

  • C. Will behave like a stranger.  


5. Your favourite program comes on TV at the same time. Who will have the remote? 


  • A. It’s always mine.  

  • B. We will watch both the programs little by little.  

  • C. It doesn’t matter that I can’t watch my favourite show. At least we will sit together. 


6. Did not like each other’s birthday presents.  How would you tell this to your partner?  


  • A. You will be asked to bring a gift of your choice.  

  • B. You will pretend that you have liked the gift very much. 

  •  D.You will say that you did not like the gift but very comfortably.  


7. You both want to go out somewhere on vacation.  Who will choose the place?  


  • A. He will decide / She will decide.  

  • B. Will make a list. Then decide where to go.  

  • C. Last time he/she decided, so this time it’s my turn.  


8. You forgot your wedding anniversary, how will you make up for this mistake?   


  • A. Until the partner forgives, I will apologize/ask for it. 

  • B. Will try to explain the reason.  

  • C. Love is important, not the date. 


9. What is your favourite memory of your first date?


  • A. Remembering that day, you tell the whole story and tell it very eagerly.

  • B. Remembering that day, you tell the whole story but answer in a very apathetic and withered style.

  • C. I do not remember.


10.  What are your favourite memories?


  • A. You tell me about different memories. In brief.

  • B. You tell me about one or two memories. But there is no happiness on your face. Like, you want to only complete the quiz.

  • C. Pass the question or do not answer.


11. Do you trust me?


  • A. Yes, I do.

  • B. Your answer is yes, but you are not sure.

  • C. No, I do not.


12. When you think about me. Which type of feeling comes into your mind.


  • A. My mind is full of happiness, love, and pleasure.

  • B. I have no feelings for you.

  • C. My mind is full of irritation, sadness, and anger.


13. Who is most important to you, your family or your partner?


  • A. Your family.

  • B. Your partner.

  • C. Both are equally important.

14. What do you both like about each other?


  • A. Uncountable

  • B. Hard to count.

  • C. Do not know.


15. Sexually you are satisfied with each other.


  • A.Yes, and discuss what you like most about each other in bed.

  • B. No

  • C. Between yes and no.


16. Suddenly you got a message that your partner’s parents are coming. Your budget is tight. Because of the end of the month.


  • A.Manage your expenses. Without put pressure on excess demand on your partner.

  • B.Do does not understand your partner’s position. And start demand.

  • C.This leads to confrontation between you both.


17. Whom would you choose if you had to be on a desert island with just one?


  • A. Your partner.

  • B. Your father and mother.

  • C. Other people.


18. Who would choose money or a partner? While choosing only one of the two.


  • A. Money

  • B. Partner

  • C. I leave both.


19. If you get a chance to change what you want to change in your past relationship life, what would you change?


  • A. First night mistake.

  • B. First date mistake.

  • C. Change your partner.


20. Whom do you like to be in life?


  • A. With your partner.

  • B. With your friends.

  • C. With your boss.


21. What are your secret thoughts for each other? When you see each other at the end of the day.


  • A. The heart was drowning in love.
  • B. The pulse rate drops.

  • C. The eyes of both never meet.


How to Know your result.


When you both solve the question. The more answers you both have the same, the better your mutual harmony will be.  


•7-9 points


There is a good harmony between you two.  The behaviour of both of you is the same in the situation of trouble or even in a normal situation.  However, make sure that your decisions are not heavily influenced by each other.


•4-6 points.  


There is harmony between the two of you, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in you. You both have many similar habits, but sometimes differences arise between you people. If there is only one thing going on in your relationship, then it is not an equal relationship.  


•0-3 points.


You both need a lot of hard work to improve your relationship. 


So, if you have fewer points in 20 minutes questions you should know about your partner quiz. You don’t have to worry. This is simply a question man-made by his conscience. There is every possibility that it may be different from what others think.


So, fewer points do not mean that. Your relationship is over. It means that you have to put lots of effort into your relationship. To make it better. So take the questionnaire as indicated to check the level of relationship.


Best of luck.


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