How to get rid of pron addiction?

How to get rid of pron addiction? Are you among those who want to get rid of this addiction? This is a common and dangerous addiction taking us into the grip of a new mental disorder.


How to get rid of pron addiction?


A study was conducted in 2019, to measure the effect of pornography. The study suggests that the prevalence of this disorder is 3-6%.


It is very difficult for the study team to give an exact figure. Because people never accept that they are addicted. Because they think of it as a social stigma. 

So they do not want to talk about it. In this article, we are going to discuss. What is addiction? What is pron addiction? The sign and scientific treatment of it? Causes of it, and How to get rid of pron addiction?


What is addiction?


Addiction is more than taking interest in any activity or continually performing any activity. It is a medical situation that changes our body and brain. It forces our body to make use of any substance and do any activity. While it can cause harm.


Studies on addiction suggest that it enhances our pleasure and rewards part of the brain. It flooded our brains with dopamine.


Dopamine is the chemical that causes feelings of pleasure or reward. When the brain releases less dopamine. We feel stress and sorrow. 


So for motivation and pleasure, we use some substance and activity. Which fills our brain with dopamine. While it can hurt us or give us happiness.


Until the effect of the substance and activity is on our brain.  It gives us pleasure. But when the effect is over. We go into our stressful situations again. Because it is not a remedial measure.


So continuity is not a measurement unit for addiction. With continuity, if any activity and substance give a sense of pleasure or rewards. Or if we do not do that. It gives a sense of sadness and restlessness, it is an addiction.


So continue doing the same work or in the same pattern, not an addiction. Like going to the office every day. 


But it does not mean that we are addicted to that. Because doing the same work in the same pattern bores us and does not give us pleasure. 

If we don’t go to the office, our brain does not get blocked. We do not feel sorrowful, sad and restless.


The difference between continuity and addiction.


Continuity means doing the same work or different work daily. Addiction means doing the same work daily.


Continuity of work gives you pleasure as well as sadness or boredom. But addiction always gives you pleasure.


Continuity is a natural process. But addiction is a medical condition.


Continuity does not harm you, But in most cases of addiction, it harms us.


What is pron addiction?


Pron addition means a person is too emotionally dependent on pornography. That it affects his daily life schedule, relationships, ability to do work, and get-together with the opposite sex.


Some doctors believe that it is a common disorder and some consider it a hypersexual disorder. They use the common term excessive masturbation.


Pornography is not a thing that is very difficult to access. It is very easy to access and people get pleasure from it. Which is equally difficult and expensive to do in reality.


So people use to watch it for getting sexual pleasure. If you leave 1%percent of the world’s population, everyone including me has watched pornography sometimes. Mostly the population between 18 to 25 and above 50 are more involved in it. 


The problem is not how much you watch pornography? The problem is what effect does it have on your mind? Some use it for their entertainment. And some use it for sexual pleasure. But when it fills you with negativity. It affects you. 


The signs or symptoms of pron addiction.


There are also some signs or symptoms which give you the indication that you are in the grip of pron addition. You have to give your attention to it.


1. When a person feels unsatisfied with her sexual life.


2. When a person engages in watching a video that he does not consider. Where he is or what does he do?


3. When a person feels restless. If he is not watching pron videos.


4. When a person ignores other responsibilities while watching pornography.


5. When a person feels frustrated and ashamed. After watching the pros video.


6. When a person uses pornography to cope with sadness, anxiety, depression and other mental issues.


7. When a person does not wants to do physical sex or make distance from his partner. 


Treatment of pron addiction.


There is no clear method that helps you to acknowledge and treat your pron addiction. Most doctors or therapists will not acknowledge it as a disease. Generally, two methods are used by many therapists. 


One is cognitive behaviour therapy. This is commonly used method for the person to know the level of his addiction. Pushes his cognitive thinking from positive to negative.


This method helps to know about the negative behavioural changes in people. Cognitive behavioural therapy emphasises on negative thoughts. Which automatically 

generated in our brain. 


That can contribute to and worsen emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety. These spontaneous negative thoughts have a detrimental effect on mood.


The second method is acceptance and commitment therapy. Acceptance and commitment therapy is used by therapists to emphasize acceptance as a way of dealing with negative thoughts, feelings, symptoms, or situations.  


It also encourages an increased commitment to health. Creative activities that uphold your values ​​or goals. So these are two scientific and medical treatments to control your addiction.


Causes of pron addiction.


Before knowing how to get rid of pron addiction. It is necessary to know. What are the causes of pron addiction?


1. Easily access of internet- 


I always say that the Internet is like a book. It depends on us, and what we want to learn from the book. The lesson of destruction or the lesson of evolution.


The easy access at a cheap rate makes us addicted to the internet. People bear all types of difficulties, but do not bear the unavailability of the internet.


So pornography is one of the devil cousins of the internet. Which makes us addicted to it. Even small children also see erotic photos. Which makes a bad impression on their mind.


2. Impractical sexual desire- 


Many people are so excited about sex. That they always want some new kick in their sexual life. Which is sometimes impractical in real life.

I think sex is a version of communication of emotion between the partner. 


When both agree with each other. They find satisfaction. But if they are not. It is very difficult to satisfy your bed’s relationship. Impractical sexual desire is one of the reasons behind discontent between partners.


So to extinguish the fire of impractical desire. We take the support of pornography. So our desire slowly makes us addicted to it.


3. To cope with anxiety, sadness, and depression-


People think that if we watch something which diverts our mind from our thoughts. Which causes anxiety, sadness, and depression.


So they try to do some entertainment. Which helps him to cope with the situation. No doubt sex gives us pleasure and relaxation.


But pornography does not. It gives only that much satisfaction. Until we watch it. After that, we fill with more discomfort than before. This means the solver became the cause of trouble.


4. Loneliness-


Loneliness is one of the conditions. Which pushes us towards different types of addiction. It may be drugs, pornography, and other addiction or wrong habits.


To satisfy our sexual desire. We use to watch pornography. This is common, every person does it. With time as we get older and loneliness increases in our life.


Our pornography addiction will increase more and more. This causes social isolation and we hesitate to start a new relationship.

Because we feel comfortable watching a movie and fulfilling our sexual desire. 


5. Do not accept that you are addicted-


The problematic phases come when we know that we are in the grip of addiction. But we do not admit that I have some mental issues. 


We always protect ourselves from visiting a therapist. We feel that we are ok. But after watching the pornography. We feel ashamed and guilty. But we still watch pornography.

Because our mind does not accept that it is an addiction.


How to get rid of pron addiction.


1. First you admit that you are addicted-


This is the first step to overcoming any addiction. Because most people live in the illusion that. They are not addicted or going through some mental sickness.


If you feel negative after watching pornography. It is the alarm that pornography adversely affects your mind. And you need medical attention. How quickly do you visit a doctor’s clinic? The more likely you are to recover as soon as possible.


2. Take help-


The second step is to take the help of a doctor, therapist, family and friends. Once you admit that you are addicted. Then you automatically want to overcome the addiction to pornography.


For this, you take the help of a therapist, which tests your level of addiction and starts a counselling session.


Or you can take the help of family and friends. How much time do you spend with them? That much you will be away from the Internet. Their love and affection change your negativity into positivity.


3. Check on internet usage-


The Third Step is to check on internet usage. It is not an easy task. Because we are dependent on the internet. For every work. Maybe it is shopping, banking and our other work of the day to day life. So we can not cut ourselves from the Internet.


Then what do we do?


  • Many browsers give the facility to block the website which you want to avoid. So set a block on these websites.


  • Use a timer to watch the internet. Note down how much time you give to those sites. Which is unproductive. Slowly reduce the time you give to sites.


  • Use social media and entertainment websites in public places. That builds pressure on you. 


  • Be a social person. Spend more time with your friends and family. Which fills you with positivity. And decrease your internet usage.


  • Throw your mobile and laptop from your bedroom and fill your room with books.


4. Understand the meaning of sex-


Some people take it lightly or very personally. That they do not want to talk about sex in public. Some people are so excited about sex, that they are always in the mood to try different moves and positions. But their partner does not want to.


Which slowly makes them frustrated from inside. Because of that, they search for sexual relaxation in pornography. Which leads to addiction.


So focus on building emotional intimacy with your partner and focus on trust. When having sex, focus on being in the moment and enjoying your sexuality and your partner’s sexuality.


5. Deal with loneliness-


Mainly it is one other leading cause of pron addiction. So to avoid loneliness, you have to join a support group.  Which helps to pull you out of this addiction. 


Try to learn skills of making new friends and being the obsession of your boyfriend and girlfriend. 


6. Do it step by step- 


Never try to take all corrective measures in one jump. Take one by one step. Because you are going to deal with or change the most difficult people in the world. Which are you, yourself?


Because it is very easy to change others. But to change yourself is very hard. Because you know your weakness and strength. So you manipulate it easily.


So by doing the step to step. You give yourself the chance to adopt the changes easily.




These are the 6 steps which solve the problem of how to get rid of pron addiction. In the answer of how to get rid of pron addiction?


If you want to get rid of any addiction. You have to first admit that you are addicted, then take the help of the therapist, family, and friends. 


Check on the usage of the internet and social media, and try to do satisfying sex rather than impractical sex for more excitement. Take the help of a support group to lift your loneliness and lastly take a step to defeat yourself in the battle of addiction.


The battle of addiction is your battle with you.

Best of luck.


I am a common man, with the common purpose of life, defeat many times like everyone. But one thing which keeps me in the race of life. Never give up, continue, be patient, and be passionate. I believe in sharing. So, I start this blog with the purpose to thrive your mind and thrive your future. By giving motivational, personal development, mental and financial well being, relationship, habits and thoughts tips. Which I experienced in my life. Experience is the best teacher you can trust.

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